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The Poetry Cranny

Political Poetry to Spark your Imagination:
by William Bailey

When Whitewater Burst

There once was a place in Arkansas
Whitewater was it's name

Siphoning from saving and loans
That was the name of the game

But things went sour and banks failed
And no one would take the blame

A few years later in Washington DC
That was the place they came

Then Whitewater burst and Bill cursed
And Washington was never the same . . . .

The Big 3 Ring

Welcome to the big three ring
The greatest show on earth

We have an awesome tax machine
See it's massive girth

There's the funny clown
That juggles with our life

Who's that there in the center ring
The ringmaster and his wife

The elephant and the donkey
They walk around the ring

They stop and look into the stands
How much money did you bring

The elephant steals a peanut
The donkey kicks you down

And both will fleece your pockets
While they have you down

Just remember now in 96
When the circus comes to town

Choose wisely then for who you vote
Or you may be the clown . . . .

Smoker Blues

Hey smoker trash'in our air
Smok'in them fags everywhere

Nicotine stains on your finger tips
Remove that thing from your lips

That terrible smell in your car
That film on your windows, must be tar

Your the reason for health care
And now you'll pay, your fair share

We'll need your money to foot the bill
And we'll tax them things and your will

But if your smokes will pay the price
The bureaucrats, had better think twice

We need more smokers it's plain to see
For a short while lets make them free

Lets get more hooked, then raise the cost
For each one that quits, is money lost . . . .


Hilery and Bill are stuck in Whitewater
By the looks of things it's going to get hotter

Vince Foster gone a shot to the head
And Hilery's health care is all but dead

Cabinet members are dropping like fly's
But that Bill Clinton, He really tries

Bill Clinton thinks, things must get better
While Hilery's working on the schreader

The Clintons are screaming it's not fair
But theres one thing, he really cares

Soap On A Rope

Gays in the military
Oh what a joy

Hit the showers
With all the new boys

When they come in
How will we cope

Better start using
Soap on a rope

Cause if your soap
Slips out of hand

Up from behind
May be a man . . . .

Moral Fabric

The moral fabric of our nation
Is tearing at the seams

With all the killing and the drugs
So many un met dreams

Parents worry everyday
They send there kids to school

Knowing now that schools have changed
Where gangs and hoodlums rule

The thugs are treated with kid gloves
All because we care

Another chance another try
Because it's only fair

In the days of old we took them on
In there battle zone
The IRS and FBI took on the mob
And captured Al Capone

But were understanding
and try to fill there pain

I think our liberal government
Will drive us all insane . . . .
The Immigrants

They cross our boarders everyday
All in search of a better way

The thought of freedom in there mind
They leave all else behind

Leaving behind family and friend
All in search of a better end

Do they know something we do not
Or is it something we just forgot

Ours is a freedom to pick and choose
And it's our choice to win or lose

Immigrants achieve great success
While we do so much less

Our only limits is in our minds
Break those chains and you'll be fine . . . .
Copyright 1994 William Bailey

Selected Works
by Karen Westerman

 by Karen Westerman

I asked my little girl one day
 What she wanted to be.
She thought about it a minute
 And then she looked at me.
"An Angel" she said softly
 "An Angel from above
So I can fly around the earth
 To spread my wings of love.
And then when I get tired
 I can rest upon a cloud
And keep vigil over everyone
 To make them very proud.
An Angel is so beautiful
 And she lives up in Heaven".
My little girl told me this
 When she was only seven.

And then one day an angel came
 And took my girl away
To live with GOD in Heaven
 Where she would always stay.
I missed my little girl
 And thought that I would die
Until one day I saw an angel
 Flying in the sky.

I saw her looking over me
 As she spread her wings.
And then she sat upon a cloud
 Below a shining ring.
Now everyday I go outside
 And look into the sky
And watch my little Angel
 As she goes flying by.


I saw him looking out, from behind a tree
His body slim and brown, His eyes so inquisitive

He didn't quite trust me, I could tell
But he stood his ground and watched me, Then gave a little smell

Then suddenly he turned and ran, And stopped and looked at me
As if to say you can watch all you want, But I was born to be free

And every day he came, He soon became my friend
Eating from my hand, And playing in the wind

He loved to make me chase him, Then let me give him a pat
Before he took off again, To take a little nap

And right before the sun went down, He would come for just a minute
To let me know he was still around, And I'd better not forget it

Then one day as I watied, For this little deer
I heard the shot ring out, And I knew my greatest fear

I found him lying on the ground, With a bullet in his head
I knew as I looked at those lovely eyes, That he would soon be dead

My heart was full of anger, My eyes were full of tears
I couldn't understand why man, Had killed this little deer

I'll never see that deer again, Standing by that tree
But in my heart he'll always be, Running wild and free

 by Karen Westerman

He was only five years old, already I could tell
his heart and mind were way beyond his years
He looked at me that day with eyes so innocent,
yet they could see so clear

He hadn't seen the hatred, the casualties of war,
so I didn't know how to answer when he asked
"Mom, what are we fighting for?"

How could I tell him what freedom meant, how could I make him see
so young, that answers weren't always found with a rifle or a gun
Yet I had to let him know sometimes we had to fight
for things that we believed in, things we knew were right

Freedom is a precious gift, so easily taken away
How could a five year old realize this, what was I going to say
I looked him right in the eyes that day and told him what I knew
was true "Son, we're fighting for the flag we love, the stars and
stripes of the red, white, and blue

Many years have come and gone since that son of mine was five
Now he's somewhere over the ocean fighting for our lives
I pray that he will come home safe from this horrible rendezvouz
and I pray that I will never forget that we're fighting for the
flag we love, the stars and stripes of the red, white, and blue

You gave me your hand, And I gave you mine
And we promised our love, Till the end of time.

We looked at each other, With love in our eyes
Standing so close, And feeling so shy.

We vowed to each other, To always be true
For better or worse, We'd see it through.

You sealed our promise, With a gold wedding band
That you placed on the finger, Of my left hand.

Then one day you left me, For somebody new.
You said it was over, And that we were through.

You got a divorce, And walked out of my life
To start over again, With a new wife.

You stood next to her, Like you stood next to me
And promised to love her, Through eternity.

You sealed your promise, With a gold wedding band
That you placed on the finger, Of her left hand.

 by Karen Westerman

He went to fight for his country
To protect the ones he loved
To hold up for his freedom
He was worthy of.

He was a brave and devoted boy
When he went and took his stand
And when he was through with all his hell
He came back a discouraged man.

He fought down in the ditches
And slept in the freezing cold
He asw his fellow companions
Die from being so bold.

He came back to his country
With a mangled leg from the war
He found that things were different
Not like they were before.

No one would let him have a job
Nobody seemed to care
This man who had fought so valiantly
To keep his country from despair.

He finally took his life one day
there was nothing left to live for
He had given his life for the country he loved
This brave and wonderful soldier.

 by Karen Westerman

The little boy sat
 In his wheelchair everyday
Never taking any notice of people
 Or what they had to say.
His eyes, they looked so vacant
 As if he wasn't there.
It seemed as though the boy
 Didn't even care.
He never got to run and play
 Like all the other boys.
He couldn't even raise his hand
 To hold on to a toy.
The children all would tease him
 He never had a fiend.
I knew that it would take a lot
 To make his poor heart mend.

And then one day I saw a puppy
 In a little town pet shop.
He looked so sad and helpless
 I knew I had to stop.
I carried him home, he was so afraid
 He layed in my arms and shook.
I layed him in the boy's lap
 And then I saw him look.
The eyes that once were vacant
 Were full of love and joy.
That little bundle of puppy
 Was meant for this very boy.
I know this boy's heart had mended
 And he had found a friend.
And with this puppy in his lap
 His life could truely begin.
Copyright 1994 Karen Westerman
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