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    Yesterday in The Shire
Morgot's shadow seemed so far away,
Now the nazguls came to Shire to stay...
Oh, I was glad in yesterday!

I bear ring and can't use it for me,
Winged nazgul hanging over me!
Oh, Sauron comes suddenly!

Why Ring came to me, I don't know,
                        It cannot say...
I dream for my hole,
               And I dream for Yesterday.

Ring was such a silly toy to play,
Now I need a sword to keep away!
Oh, I was fine in yesterday!
‚.”Ёаб®ў, ћ.ЃҐ¤аЁ­.
     Yellow Silmaril
In the Shire, where I was born,
Lived one elf, who sailed to Sea,
And he told us all his life,
And he brought the Silmarils.

ref.:So we live with the Yellow Silmaril...

So, we had a yellow one,
One of blue and one of green,
And we lived in Hobbittown
With our Yellow Silmaril!


And our friends are all abroad,
They don't need to have a Ring,
They don't want to have a Lord-
-They all have a Silmaril!