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HEaT By Rad Man

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     A.A.A. - Aces of ANSi Art
       AMEX - AMerican EXpress
        ANI - Automatic Number Identification [security type ph. co. uses]
       ANSI - American National Standard Institute
       APHA - American Phreak/Hack Association
        API - American Pirate Industries
      ASCII - American Standard Code of Information Institute
       AT&T - American Telephone and Telegraph
      BASIC - Beginner's All-Purpose Intruction Code
        BBS - Bulletin Board System
        BCC - 1. Boys from Company C
              2. Bilbo's Cracking Club
       BIOS - Basic Input Output System
        BPS - Bits per second
        BSP - Bently Sidwell Productions
       CCIS - Common Channel (InterOffice) Signalling
        CGA - Color Graphics Adapter
      CHiNA - Communist Hackers in North America
        CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
      CLASS - Custom Local Area Signalling System
        CNA - Customer Name and Address
     Cosmos - 1. A CAD program
              2. AT&T's main computer system
        CPI - Canadian Pirates Incorporated
        CPS - Characters Per Second
        CPU - Central Processing Unit
      DEPBA - Digital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
        DMA - Direct Memory Access
        DOS - Disk Operating System
       DTMF - Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
       DUNE - Dallas Underground Network Exchange (Part of Union)
        ECA - Elite Crackers Association
       ECHO - Elite Crackers / Hackers Orginization
        EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adapter
       EPAH - Ethical Phreakers and Hackers
        ESS - Electronic Switching System
        FCP - Fone ConsPiracy
       FiRM - First in Releasing Most
      Gfile - General file
      GUiLD - Part of Union
       HACK - Hacking And Computer Krashing
       HEaT - Hackers Enterprising across Telecommunications
        HST - High Speed Transfer
        IBM - Internation Business Machines
        ICE - International Cracking Elite
        INC - International Network of Crackers
        IRS - fIles Reviewing Society
        ITT - International Telephone & Telegraph

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   K.A.O.S. - Krackers Association of Sweden
        LAN - Local Area Network
       LMOS - Loop Maintenance Operating System
      LOD/H - Legions of Doom/Legions of Hackers
       MCGA - Multi-Color Graphics Array
        MCI - MicroWave Communications Incorporated
        MCM - Miami Cracking Machine (Part of INC)
        MNP - Microcom Networking Protocol
      NAPPA - North American Pirate Phreak Association
   N.A.R.C. - Nuclear Hackers Phreakers Carders
       NASA - 1. North American Society Anarchists
              2. North American SysOp Alliance
        NCC - Norwegian Cracking Company
        NPA - 1. Northern Phreakers Alliance
              2. Numeral Prefix Allocation
       NSoC - National Society of Crackers
        NUP - New User Password
        ONI - Operator Number Identification
        PAD - 1. Public Access Device
              2. Packet Assembler/Dissasembler
        PBX - Private Branch eXchange
        PCP - 1. Personal Computer Pursuit
              2. Pacific Coast Pirates
        PCR - Post Call Ratio
  Phreaking - Phone Company Hacking to make longdistance calls.
        PPP - Phucking Phield Phreakers
        PSI - Pirates Sick of Initials
        PSN - Packet Switching Network
        PTL - Pirates That Live
       RAiD - Rebel Anarchists Incur Destruction
        RAM - Random Access Memory
   RawCrack - Piracy/Cracking Group
        RLL - Run Length Limited
        ROM - Read Only Memory
   S.C.P.G. - Southern California Pirate Guild
       SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface
        SIG - Special Interest Group
       SIMM - Single Inline Memory Module
    Spectra - Part of GUiLD
        SPI - Software Pirates Incorporated
     $print - $ for the money you save. Protection Removed In No Time. (Triad)

StOC Xchange - STraight Outta California eXchanges

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