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Law #1  All systems look good on paper

Law #2  Never assume a system has a particular feature just because it seems
        obvious that it would. Even if it does, it won't work the way you
        think it should.

Law #3  People who design CAD systems never use them to design anything.

Law #4  No CAD system is as good as the demo can make it look, and no system
        is as bad as an incompetent demonstrator can make it look.

Law #5  The vendor's statement "Our system is so easy to learn, all you need
        is our user's manual" assumes that you have a master's degree in
        computer science, ten years of experience using other systems, plenty
        of free time, membership in MENSA, an IQ of 175, and a natural flair
        for puzzles.

Law #6  The CAD system's user manual comes fully encrypted - free of charge.

Law #7  When you first start using a system, you'll think there are bugs in
        it, but they will be your mistakes. As soon as you become more
        proficient with the system you'll discover the real bugs, which will
        be described as unique features of the system.

Law #8  After you discover a legitimate bug and duplicate the conditions that
        caused it five different times, you report if to the vendor and they
        won't be able to duplicate it.

Law #9  As soon as you become proficient and familiar with the operation of
        the system and learn to work around the limitations, you'll receive a
        new release that operates significantly different from the old one
        and includes a new set of bugs.

Law #10  According to the vendor, bugs will be fixed in the next release. New
        software releases won't fix existing bugs and will include new ones.

Law #11  Hardware failures always happen when you haven't saved your data in
        six hours.

Law #12  New CAD systems are always installed two days prior to commencement
        of design of the most important project your company has ever had,
        which is already behind schedule. Your boss expects you and the CAD
        system to make up the lost time.

Law #13  No matter what system you purchase, you'll wish it was faster and
        more powerful.

 As told to Richard Nedbal of CAD Solutions, San Jose, CA. by Dick Cooper,
 an engineering coordinator for 3M's Test and Measurement Systems division,
 in the June 1989 issue of Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News -
 and typed here by Michael Lurie, Sysop - The Depot BBS (717)853-3599 data.

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