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                       MILES KINGTON

               One hundres ways to say hello
Hi there
How're you doing?
What's up, then?
How's tricks?
How's yourself?
How do you do?
Pleased to meet you
I've heard a lot about you
I've heard _all_ about you...
Hello there
Good morning, campers
Rise and shine
Let's be having you
Wakey wakey
Up and doing
Hi there and welcome to wonderful Radio One it's seven thirty three in the
morning and here's a golden oldie a great classic from Arthur Askey
Hello, playmates
Hello, hello, who's your lady friend?
Hello, young lovers
Hello, handsome
Hello, chief
Greetings, white man
Top of the morning to you
And a very good morning to you, too
What's so good about it?
Which side of the bed did you get out of this morning, then?
Be like that, then
See if I care
And here's a man with a deep, urgent, important voice to tell us what's on
"The World At One" today
Hello, stranger
Hail fellow, well met
All hail
Fraternal greetings from the people's republic
Ciao, baby
Hey, man
Of whom do I have the honour?
You have the advantage of me
We haven't been introduced
You don't know me from Adam
Haven't we met somewhere before?
I know the face, but...
There's no earthly reason why you should remember me, but I was introduced
to you at the Annual Dinner of the society in 1988 in Basingstoke, and I was
just wondering if I could presume on our acquaintanceship to ask if you
could lend me $60,000?
I say
Steady on
Pardon me
Do you mind?
Is this seat taken?
Any chance you could squeeze up?
Room for one more?
Would you mind very much if I ...?
  ^ it seems to be an appropriate way to say hello to OOP lovers 8-)  - Y.E.
Excuse me
I'm so sorry
Allow me
I'm sure it will come off
What are the washing instructions?
I think you're meant to sprinkle salt on it
Don't be like that...
You would, would you?
En guarde
Have at you!
Take that!
Hello, what's a nice girl like you doing in...?
Look, do you remember someone called Rosemary who left you in 1969 to go to
Australia and you haven't heard from her since? Well, she's my mother and
I'm her daughter Carly and I've come to say hello, oh, and can you lend me
60 000 pounds?
I think this calls for a drink
Evening, landlord
What's your pleasure, squire?
How about your good self?
'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, what have we got here?
Some kind of a comedian, are we?
On our way to a fire, are we?
Thinking of driving in that condition, sir?
Excuse me, would you mind switching off your engine and pulling into the side
of the road?
Well well
Well well well
Well I never did!
Surprise surprise!
Would you believe it?
Lord save us
Lord love a duck
Holy Moses
Heavens above
Hell's bells
I'll be damned
Fancy seeng you here
Look who the cat dragged in!
Look who just crawled out from under a stone!
My sainted aunt Fanny!
Gordon Bennett!
There you go
It's been nice
Hello and good bye
Have a nice day
Be good
Take care
So long
               That's all folks!

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