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  The following exerpts were taken from a book entitled "Guilt Without Sex", written by Gina Collens and published by Price/Stern/Sloan

  Publishers Inc., Los Angeles - 1985.

  What is guilt?  

  One out of four Americans feels guilty all the time.  Think of three of
  your closest friends.  If they seem OK, you're in trouble.

  The definitive example of guilt concerns the fellow who gets
  sick at the office.  Since the boss isn't around, a co-worker says, "Why
  don't you go home?"  So, he does.  He goes home, up to the bedroom, and
  finds the boss making love to his wife.  He sneaks out and rushes back to
  the office and grabs his friend, "Bad advice you gave me, I almost got

  You straighten up your apartment before the cleaning lady shows up.

  At a bullfight, you find yourself rooting for the bull.

  You help her look for her canary when you've accidently put it down
  the garbage disposal.

  Your girlfriend is pregnant by somebody else - and you still apologize.

  You're sitting in a plastic chair applying for a job and the chair makes
  a peculiar human noise, so you spend the rest of the interview squirming
  in the chair to make it do it again... and you can't.

  You park your car in a space reserved for the handicapped and then
  pretend a limp as you walk away from the car.

  You call the tv cable repairman to come fix your tv picture and the man who
  walks up four flights of stairs just pushes the plug in tighter.

  Deep down inside you hate Disneyland.

  You have a dog in a "no pets" building so every time you run into the
  manager, you bark.

  You don't enjoy the chocolate mousse for dessert because the person next to
  you is on a diet.

  Guilt is taking the last wooden hanger in the closet.

  Your portion of chocolate cake is twice as large as anybody else's.

  When you park next to a dinged up car, you leave a note saying, "It wasn't
  me that did it!"

  Having the service station attendant check the oil, water, battery, tire
  pressure, and ashtrays.. and then finding out your wife filled the gas tank
  just before she picked you up at work.

  Going to a wife swapping party when you're really a bachelor.

  In your heart you're glad that Robert Redford has moles.

  You have trouble starting your car when someone is waiting for your space.

  You forget the telephone number that Information just gave you and you're
  hesitant to call back for fear she'll recognize your voice.

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