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FUCK - Our most versatile word.  By it's stress and intonation it can describe many
emotions and no other word can be used in such varied categories.  It can be used as
a noun (I don't give a fuck) as an adjective (It's a fucking beauty) and as a verb in
it's transactive form (The game was fucked up by the weather) and intransitive (He
well and truly fucked it up) as well as in its normal form (I fucked her good and

Everyday expressions show it's true versatility:

Perplexity               - I'll do it my fucking self
Denial                   - I know fuck all about it
Apathy                   - Who gives a fuck
Admission                - I fucking did it
Greeting                 - How the fuck are you
Fraud                    - I got well fucked over that deal
Resignation              - Oh fuck it
Difficulty               - That's fucked it
Disdain                  - Fuck off
Bewilderment             - Who can fucking understand that?
Derision                 - He fucks everything up
Dismissal                - Up your fucking arse
Challenge                - Who do you think you fucking are?
Command                  - Do it your fucking self
Query                    - Who the fuck did that?

The word has of course, been used by some very famous personages, the most notable

Full steam ahead and fuck the icebergs    Captain of the Titanic
What a place to plant a fucking tree      Marc Bolan / Bucks Fizz
That's not a fucking real gun             John Lennon
The fucking throttles stuck               Donald Campbell
Who's going to fucking know               President Nixon
Who let the fucking woman drive           Space shuttle captain
We need a new fucking stand anyway        Chairman Bradford City
I'm fucking dreading our gas bill         Hitler
This isn't my fucking room                Mrs. Tebbit
Jesus?  Who the fuck is he?               Bishop of Durham
Of course I can fucking fly               Buddy Holly
I said I could smell fucking petrol       Nikki Lauda
What the fuck was that!                   Mayor of Hirosima
She's just a fucking secretary            Cecil Parkinson
I'm outside the fucking exclusion zone    Captain of Belgrano
Look at the fucking Indians               General Custer
You'll never get away with that fucker    Lord Lucan's Nanny
Is that fucking boat safe?                Lord Mountbatten
Who'd fucking shoot me?                   John F Kennedy
Wait 'till they hear this fucker          Guy Fawkes
That's another good cloak fucked          Sir Walter Raleigh
It'll be all fucking over by Xmas         Arthur Scargill
It is my best fucking coat                Michael foot
Watch him, He'll have some fuckers
                          eye out        King Harold
Who the fuck left the doors open?         Captain, Herald of free
Who's nicked my fucking bike?             Norman Tebbit
No fucker uses proper English these days  Prince of Wales.

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