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                 Brought to you by the Hexagon Suite
                                                  ...RULES TO LIVE BY

    1.  Real operators don't call themselves "SysOp" and don't have
        silly handles.
            Ever seen operators with handles such as "THE MASTER" or
        "TECHRAT" or some such other nonsense?  Have a little
        dignity.  And "SYSOP" is such a meaningless handle.
            This goes for users in general as well.  If you're going
        to be using a handle for the rest of your lifetime in the
        modem world, why not pick an appropriate and interesting one?

    2.  Real operators know how to spell, and have a moderate grasp
        of English grammar.
            How many systems have you called on which the operator
        couldn't spell to save his life?  If you're heading an
        organization designed for the distribution of free
        information (presumably that's why most people run a system
        in the first place), shouldn't you have enough of a grasp of
        the English language to get your point across at all?

    3.  Real operators can type faster than 20 words per minute.
            Every get into chat with a system operator only to find
        out he types slower than your grandmother?  It's a rather
        worrying experience.  This doesn't mean that an operator
        should be able to type 120 words per minute with 100%
        accuracy; merely that he should be able to get his point
        across in a minimal amount of time.  After all, if you're
        going to be communicating with all your users via this medium
        -- the typewriter -- you'd better be able to type.

    4.  Real operators don't pick silly names for their system.
            How many systems have you seen around the country called
        "THE TAVERN" or "FORTRESS"?  Again, if you're going to go
        through the trouble of putting up a system, why not give it
        an interesting title?  Different titles always attract more
        users than the same old same mold.

    5.  Real operators write their own system software.
            Most users are tired of calling systems with the same old
        software used by a hundred others -- Wildcat, QuickBBS, and
        the like grow old very quickly.  In addition, that
        "UNREGISTERED EVALUATION VERSION" message at each log on
        tends to get on the nerves as well.  If you're going to put
        up a system, why not do the original authors of it the
        courtesy of _registering_ their system software package?
            If you don't have the expertise necessary to write your
        own system, perhaps you shouldn't be running one at all.  
        Good systems are characterized by the computer literacy of
        the management.

    6.  Real operators run their systems 24 hours a day.
            Ever seen "Call this BBS -- from 9pm to 6am.  It's run on
        my own private line..."?  Why bother putting up a system if
        it's only going to be up on a partial time schedule?  All
        this does is complicate things for both the user and the
        operator.  The user is never sure of when are the exact times
        allowed to call the system, and because of this, the operator
        gets calls from modems all the time.  In addition, many BBS
        lists don't have a field for hours up, so new users getting
        the BBS number from there may not even _know_ that it's not
        24 hours.  And I'm almost embarrassed to say I've called a
        system that had call-waiting on the phone line!  Users would
        kick each other off trying to get on.

    7.  Real operators don't call other systems on their own system
            It's a little ridiculous to tie up the system that you've
        put all your time and effort (and perhaps money) to set up
        just to get onto a few other systems.  For God's sake, get
        another phone line!

    8.  Real operators have a separate, distinct phone line for their
            This follows a few of the other guidelines above.  If
        you're going to invest in system software, you might as well
        go the extra length and get a separate phone line for it.  
        Otherwise...why bother?

    9.  Real operators run their system off a hard drive of
        reasonable size.
            How many systems have you called and been shocked to find
        out that they're running off of two floppy disks?  Be
        serious.  You can't have any system worth calling on only a
        meg or so.

   10.  When real operators call other systems, they don't advertise
        their system at the end of their every post.
            It's annoying to see "CALL MY BBS -- 408-555-1212" at the
        end of someone's post every single time.  If anything, this
        would probably make other users _not_ want to call your


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