Сборники Художественной, Технической, Справочной, Английской, Нормативной, Исторической, и др. литературы.

You will probably find the following fictional account very disgusting.
It is not intended as entertainment.  It takes place in the far future.
Permission is granted to reproduce this in electronic form, provided it is
left whole and unedited, including this header.  All other right reserved.

It is directed at those groups known for their tolerance or intolerance
and those who are traditionally victimized by the intolerant.

Be warned that the possession of the following is illegal in Canada and
several Moslem nations in the middle east and Asia.

                              The Pit

As the song came to its resounding conclusion, the congregation gave
praise to God, as was their custom.  The leader of the congregation
stepped to the podium and complimented the chorus and then continued
with his prepared text.  After a time, he called a family from the
pews and introduced the woman who stepped before the podium.

The woman said, "This is is my daughter Esmirelda and she would like
to tell you of an event that took place yesterday", and she stepped

Esmirelda, an eight year old girl, lowered a small platform attached
to the podium and stepped up onto it.  She smiled at the assemblage
of people and they, each and every one, smiled back.

She spoke quietly, but the sound system brought her voice to each
of the listeners, "I was at the park yesterday, playing with my
friends.  A thin old man walked into the park, pulling a large cart
with a box on it.  He pulled the cart over to the area by the trees
at the edge of the park.  He laid a large tarp down on the ground
and unfolded it.  Next he opened the box and lifted out a large dead
dog.  Several of my friends had been watching the man, but they looked
away then because they did not want to see the dead dog.  I'm not
sure why I kept watching."

She continued, "I watched as he laid the dog carefully on the
tarp.  He then took off all his clothes and folded them neatly
and laid them on the cart.  He laid down on the tarp and started
having anal sex with the dead male dog.  I decided to walk over
because I thought something must be wrong with the man and I thought
that maybe I could help him."

She wrinkled her nose in a memory of disgust, "When I got about
a meter from the man and the dog, I suddenly smelled this awful
smell and at the same time I started to hear the man making loud
noises.  I hadn't been able to hear him before.  I asked the man
if he would like me to call the mind-healers, but he said that he
did not need them.  He said that his dog had died of old age, 10
days ago and that he had buried him, but that morning, he had
woken up and known that he needed to dig his dog up and do what
he was doing now."

A bit more quietly, looking at her mother for encouragement, she
continued, "I asked him if the thought maybe he might spread
disease by what he was doing, but he said no.  He had had the
dog irradiated and no germs remained on or in the dog.  I mentioned
that that the dog still smelled awful and he told me that he had
a scent and sonic damper active and he pointed to a box on the tarp.
He said that if I hadn't moved that close that I would not have
smelled the dog or heard his noises."

"I still thought that there must be something wrong with the man,
even though he didn't want the mind-healers.  All I could think
to do was reach out an stroke his hair.  I knew that it makes
me feel better when my mom strokes my hair when I feel bad.
He continued to have sex with the dog as I stroked his hair.
He made a loud noise and he took out a large knife.  He stabbed
the dead dog in the head and belly and then he rubbed the guts
and filth from the dog on his naked body."

"He laid quietly for about a minute and then got up and used
a sonic cleaner to remove all the filth from his body.  He rolled
the dog up in the tarp and put the whole thing back in the box.
He put his clothes back on and started to pull the cart away.
I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him, because
I was still worried for him.  He smiled and told me no.  He
said he was happy."

The congregation was very surprised at hearing this story, but they
praised the child and congratulated her on her wisdom.  They continued
with their worship.

Just outside the door, sat a thin old man, listening to every
word.  He smiled.  It was over at last.  The fruit of the tree of
knowledge had at last been digested.  Even the last rock-hard pit
had been consumed.  Intolerance, the sin that comes from an
incomplete knowledge of good and evil, had finally been expunged
from the Soul of Man.

The man and his brother, the dog, ascended into the sky.  He
barely noticed the difference as he passed from this world
to the next.

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