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A Bibliography of Lord Dunsany's works

            (Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett,
                  18th Baron of Dunsany)

Electronic bibliography compiled by Jim Henry III.

Later I may release revised editions with contents lists for
more of the collections.  If you notice any inaccuracy or
incompleteness in this list, please let me know.

I have given the ISBN numbers for all those still in print
(as of the 1992-93 _Books-in-Print_).

_The Gods of Pegana_ (Elkin Mathews, 1905) -- short stories.

_Time and the Gods_ (Heinemann, 1906) -- short stories.
(Reprinted by Books for Libraries Press; ISBN 0-8369-3388-5)
    Part I:
  Time and the Gods
  The Coming of the Sea
  A Legend of the Dawn
  The Vengeance of Men
  When the Gods Slept
  The King That Was Not
  The Cave of Kai
  The Sorrow of Search
  The Men of Yarnith
  For the Honour of the Gods
  Night and Morning
  The Secret of the Gods
  The South Wind
  In the Land of Time
  The Relenting of Sarnidac
  The Jest of the Gods
  The Dreams of the Prophet
    Part II:
  The Journey of the King
_The Sword of Welleran_ (George Allen, 1908) -- short

_A Dreamer's Tales_ (George Allen, 1910) -- short stories.
(Reprinted by Books for Libraries Press; ISBN 0-8369-3191-2)
  "Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean"
  "The Madness of Andelsprutz"
  "Where the Tides Ebb and Flow"
  "Idle Days on the Yann"
  "The Sword and the Idol"
  "The Idle City"
  "The Hashish Man"
  "Poor Old Bill"
  "The Beggars"
  "In Zaccarath"
  "The Field"
  "The Day of the Poll"
  "The Unhappy Body"

_The Book of Wonder_ (Heinemann, 1912) -- short stories.
(Reprinted by Books for Libraries Press; ISBN 0-8369-4213-2)

_Five Plays_ (Grant Richards, 1914) -- plays.
  "The Gods of the Mountain"
  "The Golden Doom"
  "King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior"
  "The Glittering Gate"
  "The Lost Silk Hat"

_Fifty-One Tales_ (Elkin Mathews, 1915) -- short stories.
(Reprinted as _The Food of Death: Fifty-one Tales_ by Borgo
Press, 1974; ISBN 0-89370-502-0).
  "The Assignation"
  "The Death of Pan"
  "The Sphinx at Giza"
  "The Hen"
  "Wind and Fog"
  "The Raft-Builders"
  "The Workman"
  "The Guest"
  "Death and Odysseus"
  "Death and the Orange"
  "The Prayer of the Flower"
  "Time and the Tradesman"
  "The Little City"
  "The Unpasturable Fields"
  "The Worm and the Angel"
  "The Songless Country"
  "The Latest Thing"
  "The Demagogue and the Demi-monde"
  "The Giant Poppy"
  "The Man With the Golden Ear-rings"
  "The Dream of King Karna-Vootra"
  "The Storm"
  "A Mistaken Identity"
  "The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise"
  "Alone the Immortals"
  "A Moral Little Tale
  "The Return of Song"
  "Spring In Town"
  "How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana"
  "A Losing Game"
  "Taking Up Picadilly"
  "After the Fire"
  "The City"
  "The Food of Death"
  "The Lonely Idol"
  "The Sphinx in Thebes (Massachusetts)"
  "The Reward"
  "The Trouble in Leafy Green Street"
  "The Mist"
  "Lobster Salad"
  "The Return of the Exiles"
  "Nature and Time"
  "The Song of the Blackbird"
  "The Messengers"
  "The Three Tall Sons"
  "What We Have Come To"
  "The Tomb of Pan"

_Tales of Wonder_ (Elkin Mathews, 1916) -- short stories.
Also reprinted as _The Last Book of Wonder_ (Books for
Libraries Press, 1969; ISBN 0-8369-3219-6).
  "A Tale of London"
  "Thirteen at Table"
  "The City on Mallington Moor"
  "Why the Milkman Shudders When He Perceives the Dawn"
  "The Bad Old Woman in Black"
  "The Bird of the Difficult Eye"
  "The Long Porter's Tale"
  "The Loot of Loma"
  "The Secret of the Sea"
  "How Ali Came to the Black Country"
  "The Bureau d'Exchange De Maux"
  "A Story of Land and Sea"
  "A Tale of the Equator"
  "A Narrow Escape"
  "The Watch-Tower"
  "How Plash-Goo Came to the Land of None's Desire"
  "The Three Sailors' Gambit"
  "The Exiles Club"
  "The Three Infernal Jokes"
_Plays of Gods and Men_ (Talbot Press, Dublin, 1917)
(Reprinted 1977 by Roth Publishing; ISBN 0-8486-2051-1.)
  "The Tents of the Arabs"
  "The Laughter of the Gods"
  "The Queen's Enemies"
  "A Night at an Inn"

_Tales of War_ (Putnam, 1918) -- short stories and essays
about World War I.

_Unhappy Far-off Things_ (Elkin Mathews, 1919) -- about the
desolation in France at the end of the first World War.
  "The Cathedral of Arras"
  "A Good War"
  "The House with Two Storeys"
  "Bermondsey versus Wurtemburg"
  "On an Old Battle-Field"
  "The Real Thing"
  "A Garden of Arras"
  "After Hell"
  "A Happy Valley"
  "In Bethune"
  "In an Old Drawing-Room"
  "The Homes of Arras"

_Tales of Three Hemispheres_ (Luce (Boston, U.S.A.), 1919)
-- short stories.  (Reprinted 1976 by Owlswick Press; ISBN

_If_ (Putnam, 1921) -- play.  Reprinted with _Plays of Near
and Far_.

_Plays of Near and Far_ (Putnam, 1922)
  "The Compromise of the King of the Golden Isles"
  "The Flight of the Queen"
  "A Good Bargain"
  "If Shakespeare Lived To-Day"
  "Fame and the Poet"

_The Chronicles of Rodrigues_ (Putnam, 1922) -- novel.
Reprinted 1971 by Ballantine.

_The King of Elfland's Daughter_ (Putnam, 1924) -- novel.
Reprinted 1969 by Ballantine.

_Alexander: three small plays_ (Putnam, 1925)

_The Charwoman's Shadow_ (Putnam, 1926) -- novel. Reprinted
1973 by Ballantine.

_The Blessing of Pan_ (Putnam, 1927) -- novel.

_Seven Modern Comedies_ (Putnam, 1928)
  "Atalanta in Wimbledon"
  "The Raffle"
  "The Journey of the Soul"
  "In Holy Russia"
  "His Sainted Grandmother"
  "The Hopeless Passion of Mr. Bunyon"
  "The Jest of Hahalaba"

_Fifty Poems_ (Putnam, 1929)

_The Old Folk of the Centuries_ (Elkin Mathews, 1930) --

_The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens_ (Putnam, 1931) --
short stories.

_Lord Adrian_ (Golden Cockerel Press, 1933) -- play.

_Jorkens Remembers Africa_ (Heinemann, 1934) -- short

_If I Were Dictator (The Pronouncement of the Fraud
Macaroni)_ (Menthuen, 1934)

_Mr. Faithful_ (Samuel Franck, 1935) -- play.

_The Curse of the Wise Woman_ (Heinemann, 1935) -- novel.
(Reprinted by Aeonian Press; ISBN 0-88411-650-6)

_Up in the Hills_ (Heinemann, 1935) -- novel.

_My Talks With Dean Spanley_ (Heinemann, 1936) -- novel.

_Rory and Bran_ (Heinemann, 1936) -- novel.

_My Ireland_ (Jarrolds, 1937)

_Plays for Earth and Air_ (Heinemann, 1937) -- stage plays
and radio plays.

_Patches of Sunlight_ (Heinemann, 1938) -- Autobiography.

_Mirage Water_ (Putnam, 1938) -- poems.

_The Story of Mona Sheehy_ (Heinemann, 1939) -- novel.

_Jorkens Has a Large Whiskey_ (Putnam, 1940) -- short

_War Poems (a muddle, printed while we were abroad)_
(Hutchinson, 1940)

_Wandering Songs_ (Hutchinson, 1943) -- poems.

_While the Sirens Slept_ (Hutchinson, 1944) --

_The Journey_ (Macdonald, 1944) -- poem.

_Guerilla_ (Heinemann, 1944) -- novel.

_The Sirens Wake_ (Jarrolds, 1945) -- Autobiography.

_The Donellan Lectures 1943_ (Heinemann, 1945)

_The Man Who Ate the Phoenix_ (Jarrolds, 1947) -- short

_The Year_ (Jarrolds, 1946) -- Poem.

_A Glimpse From a Watchtower_ (Jarrolds, 1946) -- Pamphlet

_The Odes of Horace, translated into English verse_
(Heinemann, 1947)

_The Fourth Book of Jorkens_ (Jarrolds, 1948) -- short

_To Awaken Pegasus_ (G. Ronald (Oxford), 1949) -- poems.

_The Strange Journeys of Colonel Polders_ (Jarrolds, 1950)
-- novel.

_The Last Revolution_ (Jarrolds, 1951) -- novel.

_His Fellow Men_ (Jarrolds, 1952) -- novel.

_The Little Tales of Smethers_ (Jarrolds, 1952) -- short

_Jorkens Borrows Another Whiskey_ (Michael Joseph, 1954) --
short stories.

_At the Edge of the World_ (Ballantine, 1970) -- short
stories, edited by Lin Carter.

_Beyond the Fields We Know_ (Ballantine, 1972) -- short
stories, edited by Lin Carter.

_Ghosts of the Heaviside Layer_ (Owlswick, 1980) -- short
stories.  (ISBN 0-913896-14-4)

_The Exiles Club and Other Stories_ (James Henry, 1993) --
short stories and plays.
  After the Fire
  King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior
  The Assignation
  The Bureau d'Exchange de Maux
  The Death of Pan
  The Demagogue and the Demi-Monde
  The Exiles Club
  The Gods of the Mountain
  The Guest
  The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise
  The Laughter of the Gods
  Why the Milkman Shudders When He Perceives the Dawn
  Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean
  The Songless Country
  The Sphinx at Gizeh
  Spring in Town
  Taking Up Picadilly
  A Tale of the Equator
  How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana
  A Tale of London
  The Watch-tower
  Wind and Fog
  The Workman
  Thirteen at Table
  The Three Infernal Jokes
  The Three Sailors' Gambit

_Bethmoora and Other Stories_ (James Henry, 1993) -- short
stories and plays.
  How Ali Came to the Black Country
  The Madness of Andelsprutz
  The Beggars
  The Bird of the Difficult Eye
  The Day of the Poll
  A Narrow Escape
  The Field
  The Glittering Gate
  The Golden Doom
  The Hashish Man
  The Idle City
  A Story of Land and Sea
  The Loot of Loma
  The Lost Silk Hat
  The City on Mallington Moor
  The Bad Old Woman in Black
  How Plash-Goo Came to the Land of None's Desire
  Poor Old Bill
  The Long Porter's Tale
  The Secret of the Sea
  The Sword and the Idol
  Where the Tides Ebb and Flow
  The Unhappy Body
  Idle Days on the Yann
  In Zaccarath

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