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Highlander FAQ

This version:  1.01
Last updated:  January 20, 1994


0.0)  Introduction

1.0)  _Highlander_, The Movie (There Can Be Only One)
     1.1)  Quick Summary
     1.2)  What are the differences between the European release and
           the American release?
     1.3)  Is there a soundtrack available for HIGHLANDER?
     1.4)  Was HIGHLANDER based on a book or a story or something?
     1.5)  What was the drink that Connor ordered in the bar after
           following Brenda there?
     1.6)  Where in Scotland is Connor from?
     1.7)  What is Ramirez' full name?
     1.8)  How many Immortals were in the movie?
     1.9)  Who played so-and-so in the movie?
     1.10) Does the book 'A Metallurgical History of Ancient Sword
           Making' actually exist?
     1.11) What year did the duel between Connor and Bassett occur?
     1.12) Did the Kurgans, as a people, really exist?
     1.13) Why was Fasil's sword so special? Why was
           Ramirez'/Connor's katana so special?
     1.14) What other names has Connor used?
     1.15) Are there any HIGHLANDER-related books available?
     1.16) Miscellaneous Trivia

2.0)  The Rules
     2.1)  What is the Quickening?
     2.2)  Holy Ground
     2.3)  The Gathering
     2.4)  Physiology
     2.5)  Why do Immortals usually use swords?

3.0)  _Highlander_, The Series
     3.1)  Introduction
           3.1.1)  Short Episode Listing
           3.1.2)  First Season Episode Details
           3.1.3)  Second Season Episode Details
     3.2)  Biographies
           3.2.1)  Adrian Paul (Duncan Macleod)
           3.2.2)  Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel)
           3.2.3)  Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)
           3.2.4)  Werner Stocker (Darius)
           3.2.5)  Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)
           3.2.6)  Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo)
           3.2.7)  Bob Anderson?
     3.3)  USA vs. Rest of the World
     3.4)  List of Immortals
     3.5)  What does Duncan drive?
     3.6)  What was that drink that Kuyler was drinking in "For Evil's Sake"?
     3.7)  Addresses
     3.8)  Where in the World are We?

4.0)_Highlander II: The Quickening_
     4.1) Summary
     4.2) Revised Rules
     4.3) Miscellaneous Tidbits

5.0) The "Highlander: the Series" Drinking Game (Mark V)

6.0) Miscellanea

     6.1) Highlander home video
     6.2) Highlander sword replicas
     6.3) "Highlander III" News
     6.4) Convention News
     6.5) Highlander fan organizations and publications

7.0) TV Series Flashback Timeline

8.0)  Administrivia
     8.1)  Who contributed?
     8.2)  Where can I get another copy?


This is the first edition of an occasional file that is meant to
answer Frequently Asked Questions about the HIGHLANDER universe, which
includes two movies, 'HIGHLANDER' and 'HIGHLANDER II: The Quickening',
and the TV series (A third movie, 'HIGHLANDER III: The Magician' is in
the works).  It also attempts to catalog the information fans have
been able to glean from individual stories and other, official and
non-official sources.  Permission is granted to distribute this file
UNMODIFIED to other networks and BBSs.  Rights to modifications to
this file is reserved by the updater(s).

 Note: You may freely copy and distribute this guide for personal use
 provided that it be distributed in its entirety, with all original
 author and copyright information intact. Any sales of this document
 or use of it in a for-profit project are expressly forbidden,
 without the specific consent of the authors.


1.1)  Quick Summary

"From the Dawn of time We came; moving silently down through the
centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of
the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last.  No
one has ever known we were among you ...until now."

Connor MacLeod was born in 1518AD.  18 years later in 1536AD, he is
killed in battle by The Kurgan, but Connor "recovers."  Because of
this, his clansmen kick him out of the village, saying that he has
made a pact with the devil.  In 1541AD, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos
Ramirez (Chief Metallurgist to King Charles the Fifth) tells him that
he is immortal.  Ramirez tells him that he is a member of a group of
people who are Immortal and are involved in The Game.  Over the
centuries, they will all be drawn toward a far-away city where they
will chop off each other's heads until there is only one left.  This
Immortal will win The Prize.  Connor ends up in NYC in 1985, where he
and The Kurgan end up being the last two.  In a grand climactic scene,
with lots of water, pyrotechnics and broken glass, Connor wins.

1.2) What are the differences between the European release and the
    American release?

At least three different cuts were made of this movie: the American
version, the European version, and the English/Japanese subtitled
version. The Japanese subtitled version has the longest running time
with 118 minutes. The American version is 110 minutes.

English/Japanese Highlander Extra Material

 1.  Battle flashbacks during wrestling match.           60s
 2.  End-to-end tumbling run during fight in garage.     15s
 3.  Scot girl (same one that says he's Lucifer later)
     tells Connor that God is on his side before big
     battle.  Tells Angus to watch after him.            60s
 4.  3 head-butts just before Angus stops the beating of
     Connor for being a witch.                           15s
 5.  WWII Flashback/Saves Rachel (as little girl) from
     Nazis.                                             120s
 6.  ** Scene Missing From Euro Version, included in
     Amer Version ** !!  Right before Connor arrives at
     Brenda's for dinner.  Cop sitting in car outside
     Brenda's, drinking coffee.                         -10s
 7.  After Connor walks away from Duel in 1783 flash-
     back, the other guy's second trys to get Basset to
     shoot Connor in the back.  Basset shoots the Second
     (Hodgkiss) instead!                                 60s
 8.  Whacko Marine impaled on blade for extra time       10s
 9.  In the Church, Kurgan licks the back of the Priest's
     hand.                                               10s
 10. After sex scene and before Kurgan kidnaps Brenda,
     scene at Zoo where Connor breaks off relationship
     with Brenda.  Kurgan in background.                 60s
 11. Rachel says 'Goodbye, Russell Nash' after Connor
     says 'Hey, it's a kind of magic' from the elevator
     on his way to final fight with Kurgan.               5s
 12. Final fight scene.  Underwater bit between when the
    "I" and the "S" on the sign fall.                   30s
 13. ** Dialogue Missing From Euro Version included in
     Amer Version **!!  After fight, as Connor lies on
     the floor, just before he puts his head in Brenda's lap.
     She's looking down on him and he is not in frame.
     Connor's voice says, "I want to go home."

115 mins from Opening speech of Ramirez to
 start of credits.  118 mins to end of credits.

American Version - 107 mins/110 mins

1.3) Is there a soundtrack available for HIGHLANDER?

Despite the reference in the credits at the end of the movie, there
never was an 'official' soundtrack released for HIGHLANDER. There are
reports of an orchestral version floating around and there were
promos given out when the movie was first released.  But an official
soundtrack INCLUDING the Queen songs was never released. Most of the
Queen songs appeared on their album 'A Kind of Magic' (1986;
re-released 1991) which is currently available.

However, negotiations are currently in progress (Oct. 93) between the
relevant parties (Davis/Panzer Productions, Queen, and the interested
record company) to finally release an official soundtrack.

1.4) Was HIGHLANDER based on a book or a story or something?

No, HIGHLANDER originated as a screenplay that Gregory Widen wrote
for a screen-writing course that he took at UCLA.

1.5) What was the drink that Connor ordered in the bar after following
    Brenda there?

Glenmorangie. a fine Scotch malt whiskey.

1.6) Where in Scotland is Connor from?

He was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan (which really
exists), on the shores of Loch Shiel. The battle was in 1536 and it
was between the Macleods and the Frasers. The castle in the movie is
Eilean Donan castle which is located in Wester Ross in the Scottish
Highlands on a small rocky island near the Ilse of Skye.

1.7) What is Ramirez' full name?

Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez and he states that he is the Chief
Metallurgist to Charles V of Spain.  When he meets Connor in 1541 he
is 2,437 year old. He says that he is Egyptian so Ramirez is probably
just his latest name. His sword was made in 593 B.C. by Masamune and
his last wife was Shakiko, daughter of Masamune.

1.8) How many Immortals were in the movie?

Five, but a sixth was mentioned. The five were Connor Macleod,
Ramirez, the Kurgan (Victor Kruger), Iman Fasil, Sunda Kastagir. The
sixth was "Vaselech(sp?), a Polish national" who was killed in New
Jersey two nights before the swordfight with Fasil in the Madison
Square Garden parking garage. Of this list only Ramirez dies before
the Gathering.

1.9) Who played so-and-so in the movie? How do you spell so-and-so's
name?  (The following is directly from the movie credits:)

Connor Macleod      - Christopher Lambert     (Immortal)
Brenda Wyatt        - Roxanne Hart
Kurgan              - Clancy Brown            (Immortal)
Ramirez             - Sean Connery            (Immortal)
Heather             - Beatie Edney
Lt. Frank Moran     - Alan North
Rachel Ellenstein   - Sheila Gish
Det. Walter Bedsoe  - Jon Polito
Sunda Kastagir      - Hugh Quarshee           (Immortal)
Kirk Matunas        - Christopher Malcolm
Iman Fasil          - Peter Diamond           (Immortal)
                        (also Stunt Coordinator)
Dugal Macleod       - Billy Hartman
Angus Macleod       - James Cosmo
Kate                - Celia Imrie
Chief Murdoch       - Allistair Findlay
Garfield            - Edward Wiley
Father Rainey       - James McKenna
Kenny               - John Cassady
Bassett             - Ian Reddington
Hotchkiss           - Sion Tudor Owen

1.10) Does the book 'A Metallurgical History of Ancient Sword Making'
actually exist?

No. There are numerous librarians on the HIGHLA-L mailing list who
have searched all of the databases for it with no luck.

1.11) What year did the duel between Connor and Bassett occur?

1783 and the duel was held on Boston Common. The cause of the duel?
Connor had called Bassett's wife a 'bloated wart hog'. The bottle of
brandy that Connor brought to Brenda's apartment was bottled in 1783.
"Brandy, bottled in 1783. 1783 was a very good year. Mozart wrote his
Great Mass. The Montgolfier brothers went up in their first balloon.
(hah!) And England recognized the Independence of the United States."

1.12) Did the Kurgans, as a people, really exist?

Yes. According to the movie they were 'an ancient people from the
steppes of Russia. For amusement, they'd toss children in pits with
hungry dogs to fight for meat.' According to research, the Kurgans, a
semi-nomadic pastoralist culture from Russin steppes to Danubian
Europe c. 3500 BC. Around 2300 BC the Kurgans arrived in the Aegean
and Adriatic regions. They buried their dead in deep shafts and were
known as horse breeders. In addition, the term 'kurgan' is usually
used to refer to ancient stone-age burial mounds found in Russia.
Also 'Kurgan' is a city of over 200,000 in southwestern Siberia.

1.13) Why was Fasil's sword so special? Why was Ramirez'/Connor's
katana so special?

Fasil's sword was a rare Toledo Salamanca supposedly worth over a
million dollars. The katana was made in 593 BC. using a technique
that supposedly wasn't developed until the Middle Ages. Brenda calls
it 'the Samurai' with a tone of reverence and awe.

1.14) What other names has Connor used?

From the title search that Brenda's friend did on Connor's house,
from latest to earliest, Russell Nash, Rupert Wellingford,
Alfred Nicholson, Jaques Lefeburt, Adrian Montegue.

1.15)  Are there any Highlander-related books available?

None that anyone has been able to acquire. There was a book published
in England that nobody has managed to acquire a copy of yet. A copy
was found in the non-lending section of the University of California
at Riverside. 'The Highlander' by Gary Douglas (1986), Severn House,
London PR6054.082

1.16) Miscellaneous Trivia

Christopher Lambert spent time with a dialog coach, developing an
accent which sounded unspecifically foreign.

In the European version, MacLeod says "It's a kind of magic", which
is the name of the Queen album which contains songs from the film.

The Vietnam vet, Matunas, who tries to machine-gun Kurgan has the
Queen song _Hammer to Fall_ playing in his car.

The Queen version of "New York, New York" was never released
separately on any Queen album.

*2-0) The 'Rules' of the Game*

2.1) What is the Quickening?

 The official definition from the producers is "An Immortal can only
 be killed by beheading. When an Immortal is killed, the Immortal who
 killed him receives his power and his essence through a mystical
 process known as "The Quickening." The power of the Quickening is the
 equivalent to a major electrical storm hitting -- windows explode,
 lights short circuit, it is almost as if the victorious Immortal is
 in the center of a lightning storm."

2.2) Holy Ground

 Ramirez tells Connor "You are only safe on holy ground. No one will
 violate this. It's tradition." Their Code will not allow them to
 fight in sacred locations. The consensus of all the discussions is
 that Holy Ground is any place held sacred by any religion.

2.3) The Gathering

 Ramirez told Connor "You must learn to conceal your special gift,
 and harness your power (pause) until the time of the Gathering...
 When only a few of us are left, we will feel an irresistable pull
 towards a far away land, to fight for the Prize...  We must fight
 until only one remains..." During the movie, we assume that the
 Gathering lasted only a few weeks, at most a few months. But, in the
 TV series premiere, we are told that the Gathering has begun and, in
 the second season premiere, we are told that Connor killed the Kurgan
 eight years ago.  So presumably the Gathering will last several years,
 or at least as long as the TV series :-).

2.4) Physiology

 An Immortal appear to be 'killed' by anything that will kill a mortal.
 But they regenerate and recover. The more extensive the injury, the
 longer it takes to regenerate. Apparently facial and neck scars
 last but scars to the body disappear.  We'll find out in the 2nd
 season episode 'Unholy Alliance' whether an Immortal can regenerate
 a lost limb. (I'm still wondering whether there is such a thing as a
 balding Immortal :-) - Debbie Douglass).

 Immortals are sterile from birth. An Immortal carries the "seed" of
 his Immortality within him in life. If he is "killed," he becomes
 Immortal and never grows any older.

 They can sense each other's presence. The producers call it "The Buzz."

2.5) Why do Immortals usually use swords?

 A sword is the best way to ensure that when an Immortal takes the
 head of another he will be close enough to receive the Quickening.

*3.0) _Highlander: The Series_*

 In other times they bore other names:
         The Old Ones, The Elvan Lords, Druids,
         Angels, Demons, Gods...

 In our time they are called the Immortals.
         They are still with us.

                          ...all the legends are true.
                     (From the HIGHLANDER TV series writers' bible)

3.1) Introduction

 Heads up, movie fans. According to the producers, the TV series
 is in an alternate universe/timeline from the movies but the two share
 *some* characters, events, and rules. This means that, for the TV
 series, Connor did not win the Prize in 1985 when he killed the
 Kurgan. The Gathering has just begun and apparently it is a long
 process. There are still plenty of Immortals left when the TV series
 opens in 1992. This also means that Adrian Paul will not be in the
 third Highlander movie.

 The Premise:
 Duncan Macleod is a younger clansman of Connor Macleod and he also is
 an Immortal. The series opened with Slan Quince, an evil Immortal
 hunting down Duncan to take his head. Connor has tracked Quince to
 Duncan's since he thought Duncan might need help. Duncan has tried to
 stay out of the Game for many years. Duncan lives runs an antique shop
  with his live-in lover of 12 years, Tessa Noel. Richie Ryan is a
 young punk thief who is trying to rob the antique shop in the middle
 of the night when all of a sudden all these Immortals show up
 brandishing deadly looking swords.

 In the beginning of the second season, Tessa is killed in a random
 act of senseless violence. Her death inspires him to become
 more involved in mortal affairs. He feels he can no longer ignore the
 sorry state of the world, but must try to do something to improve it.

 Richie, killed in the same shooting as Tessa, becomes Immortal. Once
 trained by Mac, he will go off on his own, becoming a recurring

 MacLeod sells the antique store and moves into an industrial loft over
 a Dojo. The loft is a spare, masculine space; the Dojo below is a
 place where serious martial artists and warriors train, not a place
 for aerobics classes.

 CHARLIE DESALVO, runs the Dojo. Charlie's mother was black, and
 his father is an Italian. He is also an ex-Navy SEAL.

 JOE DAWSON, middle-aged, is first introduced as an unassuming bookshop
 owner. We have learned that he is involved with an age-old secret
 organization known as THE WATCHERS. The Watchers have observed and
 recorded the chronicles of the Immortals for countless generations.
 Dawson knows all about MacLeod -- in fact, he is one of his greatest
 admirers. After an initial confrontation, the two become allies,
 and Dawson will occasionally put his formidable intelligence operation
 at Mac's disposal.  Meanwhile, Dawson must confront the renegades
 within his own organization who believe that the only good Immortal is
 a dead Immortal. These RENEGADE WATCHERS will periodically come after
 MacLeod's head.

3.1.1) Short Episode Listings
 First Season
 01  The Gathering
 02  Innocent Man
 03  Road Not Taken
 04  Bad Day in Building A
 05  Free Fall
 06  Deadly Medicine
 07  Mountain Men
 08  Revenge is Sweet
 01R The Gathering (repeat)
 09  The Sea Witch
 10  Eyewitness
 11  Family Tree
 02R Innocent Man (repeat)
 07R Mountain Men (repeat)
 05R Free Fall (repeat)
 03R Road Not Taken (repeat)
 04R Bad Day in Building A (repeat)
 06R Deadly Medicine (repeat)
 12  See No Evil
 13  Band of Brothers
 14  For Evil's Sake
 15  For Tomorrow We Die
 16  The Beast Below
 17  Saving Grace
 09R The Sea Witch (repeat)
 11R Family Tree (repeat)
 10R Eyewitness (repeat)
 12R See No Evil (repeat)
 08R Revenge is Sweet (repeat)
 18  The Lady and the Tiger
 19  Avenging Angel
 20  Eye of the Beholder
 21  Nowhere to Run
 22  The Hunters
 15R For Tomorrow We Die (repeat)
 14R For Evil's Sake (repeat)
 01R The Gathering (repeat)
 07R Mountain Men (repeat)
 09R The Sea Witch (repeat)
 10R Eyewitness (repeat)
 12R See No Evil (repeat)
 16R The Beast Below (repeat)
 17R Saving Grace (repeat)
 13R Band of Brothers (repeat)
 18R The Lady and the Tiger (repeat)
 14R For Evil's Sake (repeat)
 21R Nowhere to Run (repeat)
 20R Eye of the Beholder (repeat)
 08R Revenge is Sweet (repeat)
 15R For Tomorrow We Die (repeat)
 19R Avenging Angel (repeat)
 22R The Hunters (repeat)

 Second Season
 01     The Watchers                  93201
 02     Studies in Light              93202
 03     Turnabout                     93203
 04     The Darkness                  93204
 05     Eye For An Eye                93205
 06     The Zone                      93206
 07     The Return of Amanda          93207
 08     Revenge of The Sword          93208
 09     Run For Your Life             93209
 10     Epitaph for Tommy             93210
 01R    The Watchers                  93201
 02R    Studies in Light              93202
 03R    Turnabout                     93203
 08R    Revenge of the Sword          93208
 04R    The Darkness                  93204
 05R    Eye for an Eye                93205
 09R    Run For Your Life             93209
 11     Bless The Child               93213
 12     The Fighter                   93211
 13     Under Color of Authority      93212
 14     Unholy Alliance, Part 1       93214
 15     Unholy Alliance, Part 2       93215

 3.1.2) First Season Episode Details
 Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
       Highlander producers.

 Regular Cast
 Adrian Paul as Duncan Macleod
 Alexandra Vandernoot as Tessa Noel
 Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan

 Text from the beginning of each episode
 (spoken by Adrian Paul)
 First Form (6 episodes)
 "I am Duncan Macleod, born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland.
 I am Immortal, and I am not alone.  For centuries we have waited for
 the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of
 a head will release the power of the Quickening.  In the end, there can
 be only one."

 Second Form
 "I was born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland.  I am Immortal,
 and I am not alone.  Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke
 of a sword will release the power of the Quickening.  In the end, there
 can be only one."

 First Season Episode Details
 01) The Gathering92102-1
 Written by Dan Gordon, directed by Thomas J. Wright
 (I)Christopher Lambert as Connor Macleod
 (I)Richard Moll as Slan Quince
    Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
 Duncan Macleod is roused from his peaceful existence with the love of
 his life, Tessa Noel, when he is confronted by two fellow Immortals
 from his past. Connor MacLeod, (played by Christopher Lambert,
 reprising his role from the films) an old friend and fellow clansman,
 finds Duncan after many years and attempts to convince him to join the
 fray in the battle of Good versus Evil. Connor also has plans to
 finish off the likes of Slan Quince (Played by Richard Moll) an Evil
 Immortal who has tracked down Duncan with plans of combat.  Realizing
 that he can be a threat, Duncan confronts Richie and later befriends
 the boy. The threats of Slan Quince come to an end on a bridge when
 Duncan saves the life of his comrade Connor and gains a powerful
 Quickening at the expense of Slan.
  -States the rule that only one-on-one fights are allowed.
  -Richie moves in with Tessa and Duncan between this episode and the
   next for reasons never made clear.
  -Slan uses a modern sword with a concealed 'extra'.
  -Establishes Connor as Duncan's mentor.

 02) Innocent Man92103-4
 Written by Dan Gordon, directed by Jorge Montesi
 (I)John Novack as Sheriff Howard Crowley
 (I)Victor Young as Lucas Desiree
    Vincent Schiavelli as Leo Atkins
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
    Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
 A Immortal friend of MacLeod's has been beheaded in his isolated
 mountain retreat where he had hoped, like Duncan, to retire from the
 fights for awhile. A brain damaged, homeless veteran is charged with
 the grisly murder. MacLeod must try to clear this innocent man and
 unravel the mystery of who has Killed his friend.

 03) Road Not Taken92108-3
 Written by Terry Nelson, directed by Thomas J. Wright
    Dustin Nguyen as Chu Lin
 (I)Soon-teck Oh as Kiem Sun
    Wendell Wright as Sgt. Powell
    Christianne Hirt as Angie
 A deadly herbal drug takes the life of Richie's friend and MacLeod
 suspects the drug comes from another Immortal. This once Good Immortal
 had long sought to perfect this herbal drug and remove its lethal side
 effects for the betterment of mankind but became enchanted in the
 power that such a substance can give him. MacLeod must match wits and
 swords with this clever Immortal in order to find the drug and destroy
 it before it consumes more lives. This episode underlines the saying
 that "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." A cautionary
 tale for all, mortal and Immortal.
  -An Immortal who is planning to use an army of mortals in the
  -Establishes the rule that it is all right to spar on Holy Ground.

 04) Bad Day in Building A92107-6
 Written by Kevin Droney, directed by Jorge Montesi
    Andrew Divoff as Bryan Slade
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
    Jay Brazeau as Commissioner Comanski
 While visiting a courtroom to clear up some of Tessa's traffic
 tickets. MacLeod, Tessa and Richie are taken hostage by a desperate
 band of men, bent on freeing their leader, Slade, from imprisonment.
 Slade runs his gang with paramilitary precision, and when his demands
 are not met, he chooses a hostage to sacrifice. MacLeod makes sure the
 hostage is himself and "returns from the dead" to haunt and hunt down
 the killers one by one.
  -Duncan tells the little girl a fanciful 'story' about Immortals.
  -Duncan was shot at the base of the neck from behind.

 05) Free Fall92101-5
 Written by Philip John Taylor, directed by Thomas J. Wright
 (I)Joan Jett as Felicia Martins    (rock star)
 (I)Eli Gabay as Devereux
    Jay Brazeau as Commissioner Comanski
 A beautiful young woman throws herself to her death, only to revive
 with the realization that she is an Immortal. Through her Immortal
 senses, she seeks out Duncan as her mentor and becomes amorously
 involved with Richie. Unknown to Richie and Duncan there is more to
 this "ingenue" than meets the eye. This deceitfully clever young girl
 is engaged in a wily scheme to trap MacLeod, behead him and acquire
 his immense power through the Quickening. MacLeod must see through her
 deception in time to protect not only himself but also Richie.
  -First in long tradition of Duncan not taking the heads of female

 06) Deadly Medicine92111-8
 Written by Robert L. McCullough, directed by Ray Austin
    Joe Pantoliano as Doctor Wilder
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
 MacLeod is the victim of a hit-and-run auto accident which would take
 the life of any mere mortal. After a remarkable recovery in the
 hospital emergency room, Duncan is discovered by a doctor who becomes
 obsessed in seeking out Duncan MacLeod's secret of regeneration.
 Meanwhile, Tessa and Richie, unaware that Duncan is being held
 captive, search for the missing Highlander.
  -Only time that we've witnessed a wound heal quickly (with a little
   electric spark).

 07) Mountain Men92110-7
 Written by Marie-Chantal Droney, directed by Thomas J. Wright
 (I)Marc Singer as Caleb             (movie star - 'Beastmaster')
    Wes Studi as Sheriff Benson
 (I?)John Dennis Johnston as Carl the Hermit
 Tessa is kidnapped by a band of primitive survivalists who live off
 the land in the vastness of the Pacific Northwest. MacLeod must
 utilize his own skills, honed a hundred and fifty years earlier, when
 he roamed the same mountain fastness. Duncan trails these land pirates
 while the leader, Caleb, falls in love with Tessa. When Duncan
 confronts Caleb, he soon learns that the only way to resolve his claim
 on the woman he loves is a fight to the death of the most elemental
  -First time that a guest Immortal appears who uses a weapon (battle
   axe) other than a sword.
  -Duncan dies jumping off a cliff. His revival is very dramatic with
   bone snaps and cracks.

 08) Revenge is Sweet92109-10
 Written by Loraine Despres, directed by Ray Austin
    Vanity as Rebecca Lord
 (I)Christoph Ohrt as Walter Reinhardt
    Christianne Hirt as Angie
    Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett
 Seeking revenge for the apparent death of her lover, a woman toys with
 Duncan before she attempts to kill him by the same means...  the
 ancient sword. Unbeknownst to her, the lover is an Immortal and is
 using her in a cat and mouse game to draw out MacLeod for their final
  -Timestamps the Series as definitely occurring in 1992. The episode
   opens with a flashback with Duncan joining Tessa at a New Year's party
   in 1989 and then we flash ahead to present day 'three years later'.
  -When this episode aired it caused many fans to doubt the current
   theory that the Series was occurring before the movie.
  -Duncan seems to try to escape the Quickening before it catches up
   to him.

 09) The Sea Witch92112-9
 Written  by David Tynan, directed by Thomas J. Wright
 (I)Stephen Macht as Alexei Voshin
    Johannah Newmarch as Nikki
 When an old friend accidentally involves Richie in a drug deal,
 MacLeod and Tessa become the targets of a malicious drug dealer.
 Duncan locates the drug dealer's hideout in an old steamer called
 "The Sea Witch II." Duncan has flashbacks of a time when he smuggled
 refugees out of Stalinist Russia.
  -Fans have speculated that Alexei Voshin is gay or bi-sexual because
   he kisses Duncan. Others feel that this was simply a standard
   Russian greeting for the time.
  -First time on the Series that an Immortal is beheaded by something
   other than a weapon (boat propeller) and still Duncan gets the
   Quickening, even though he didn't actually kill Alexei.

 10) Eyewitness92115-12
 Written by David Tynan, directed by Ray Austin
 (I)Tom Butler as Andrew Ballin
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
    Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett            (TV: WKRP, Frank's Place)
 Tessa witnesses the murder of a painter, Anne Wheeler. The absence of
 a body leads everyone but MacLeod to doubt her story.  MacLeod
 supports Tessa in her quest to obtain justice for the woman.  He soon
 discovers that the killer is an Immortal on the police force and that
 Tessa is in imminent danger.

 11) Family Tree92106-2
 Written by Kevin Droney, directed by Jorge Montesi
    J.E. Freeman as Joe Scanlon
    Peter Deluise as Clinch
    Tamsin Kelsey as Mrs. Gustavson
    Matthew Walker as Ian MacLeod
 Richie Ryan attempts to learn more about his parents, whom he has
 never known. As he moves forward with the information about his
 parents, he falls prey to a con man who needs a place to hide and a
 lot of money. While MacLeod and Tessa try to keep Richie from being
 hurt, Duncan relives his own painful experiences when he first learned
 that he was an Immortal and was renounced by the man he had always
 believed to be his father.
  -Establishes Duncan as a foundling.

 12) See No Evil92114-11
 Written by Brian Clemens, directed by Thomas J. Wright
 (I)John Hertzler as Marcus Korolus
    Dee McCafferty as the Scalper
    Moira Walley as Natalie Ward
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
    Tim Reid as Sgt. Bennett
 There is a mad, vicious serial killer loose in the city and no woman
 is safe from his demented taste for murder. MacLeod's interest in this
 case grows as he notices that the serial killer's pattern for murder
 is similar to that of the famous "Scalper Murders" back in the 1920's.
 MacLeod takes this case personally as his lover of fifty years ago was
 a victim of the ruthless slaying at the hands of the Scalper. His
 fears are intensified as history repeats itself and Tessa's life is
 threatened by the malevolent serial killer.
  -Features an antique 'Indian' Harley Davidson motorcycle and a
   clear-cut case of an insane Immortal.

 13) Band of Brothers92118-13
 Written by Marie-Chantal Droney, directed by Rene Manzor
 (I)Werner Stocker as Darius - introduction
 (I)James Horan as Grayson               (Seen in one episode of ST-TNG)
    Earl Pastko as Victor Paulus
    Amanda Wyss as Randi McFarland
 A warning comes from MacLeod's old friend Darius, a monk over 2000
 years old. He explains to Duncan that he may be stalked by a powerful
 Immortal, Grayson. Both MacLeod and Grayson were proteges of Darius.
 Grayson, using the knowledge and power he learned from Darius, became
 a ruthless arms merchant. Meanwhile, Grayson plots to assassinate
 Victor Paulus, a mortal student of Darius, and it is up to MacLeod to
 protect him. Duncan later joins Richie and Tessa in France where they
 live while Tessa takes up her new job as curator of a special
 collection of l8th century art.
  -Explores the full impact of the safety of Holy Ground.

 14) For Evil's Sake92117-14
 Written by David Abramowitz and Fabrice Ziolkowski, directed by Ray Austin
 (I)Peter Howitt as Kuyler
    Hugues Leforestier as Inspector Lebrun
 An Evil Immortal, Kuyler, has hired himself out down through time as
 an assassin... the most successful killer in all of history.  He
 strikes again in modern day Paris using his signature disguise as a
 mime. A French police detective, Lebrun, suspects that Duncan is
 connected to Kuyler, but of course cannot imagine that Kuyler once
 killed a seventeenth century baron under MacLeod's protection. When
 the policeman is wounded saving Tessa from Kuyler's men, MacLeod hunts
 down this Immortal assassin and puts an end to his centuries-old reign
 of terror.
  -Kuyler drinks absinthe, an illegal liquor that gradually causes
   madness and death. Even though Kuyler is immune to death it becomes
   apparent that the absinthe, after centuries of use, can cause
   madness in Immortals.
  -Flashback shows the first time Duncan and Tessa meet.

 15) For Tomorrow We Die92116-15
 Written by Philip John Taylor, directed by Robin Davis
 (I)Roland Gift as Xavier St Cloud    (rock star 'Fine Young Cannibals')
 (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
    Hugues Leforestier as Inspector Lebrun
 MacLeod stumbles across the trail of an Immortal, Xavier, who has
 lived in hedonistic splendor down through the ages by ruthlessly
 robbing and killing innocent men and women. MacLeod had nearly fallen
 victim to this remorseless killer behind the front lines during World
 War One, when Xavier first began using poison gas. In modern day
 Paris, MacLeod must track down him down before he kills again.
  -Shows that Immortals succumb to poisons as quickly as mortals.
  -Introduces the question 'Can Immortals regenerate body parts?' after
   Duncan cuts off Xavier's hand.

 16) The Beast Below92123-16
 Written by Marie-Chantal Droney, directed by Daniel Vigne
 (I)Christian Van Acker as Ursa
    Dee Dee Bridgewater as Carolyn
 (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
 A mysterious death at the Paris Opera re-acquaints Duncan with Ursa,
 one of the strangest Immortals he has met. Ursa is a hulking giant
 that is more beast than man and has lived in a cave in the vast empty
 wilderness of the Alps. Persecuted by men, Ursa was taken to an abbey
 as a place of refuge by Duncan centuries ago.  Ursa now makes the
 sewers and mysterious catacombs under the streets of Paris his home.
 Over the years, Ursa has listened to the music that emanates from the
 opera and fallen in love with the beautiful singer, Carolyn.  Carolyn
 however, is not the Beauty to his Beast nor Christine to his Phantom.
 She is a vindictive, ambitious woman that tries to use Ursa's innocent
 soul to murder her rival. Macleod must keep this sometimes dangerous
 giant from being exploited by this woman, who uses all of her wiles to
 turn Ursa against Duncan.
  -This episodes show that Immortals are not superior beings. That even
   someone with less than average intelligence can be an Immortal.

 17) Saving Grace92120-17
 Written by Elizabeth Baxter and Martin Broussellet, directed by Ray Austin
 (I)Julia Stemberger as Grace
 (I)Georges Corraface as Carlos Sendaro
 (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
 Grace Chandler, a good Immortal, has been working for the betterment
 of mankind as a scientist over the centuries. Her tragic flaw is
 another Immortal, Carlos Sendaro. A former conquistador and intrepid
 explorer, Carlos possesses an obsessive love for Grace which will
 admit no rivals. Sendaro, in modern day Paris, slays Grace's lover.
 When she refuses to run off with him, he pins the murder on her. She
 turns to Duncan for help and although she realizes that there may be
 only one in the end, she wants no harm to come to either of these two
 Immortal men.
  -We still haven't figured out how Grace has managed to keep her head
   all these years. She has no apparent fighting skills.
  -Sendaro is beheaded by a subway train. Duncan gets the Quickening
   because he is the closer Immortal.

 18) The Lady and the Tiger92121-18
 Written by Philip John Taylor, directed by Robin Davis
 (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
 (I)Jason Isaacs as Zachary Blaine
 A day at the circus becomes a high wire act for MacLeod when he is
 reunited with an Immortal femme-fatale, Amanda, who has always meant
 big trouble for him. This time he is in a deadly triangle as Amanda
 plots a daring, high stakes burglary and tries to avoid the vengeance
 of her former partner who has escaped from prison and wants her head.
  -Amanda takes Zachary's head and Quickening after Duncan has mostly
   defeated him. The Quickening seems to thrust Duncan away while
   enveloping Amanda.

 19) Avenging Angel92122-20
 Written by Fabrice Ziolkowski, directed by Paolo Barzman
 (I)Martin Kemp as Alfred Cahill
    Sandra Nelson as Elaine
 An Immortal vigilante obsessed with the idea that he has been chosen
 to wage a crusade against "perversion" cuts a bloody path through
 Paris, menacing an old friend of Tessa,s. MacLeod alone knows this
 killer and can stop him.
  -Shows that becoming Immortal will not cure insanity. In fact the
   shock of it can put someone over the edge.
  -Shows Duncan becoming aware of Cahill as he is 'dying' for the first
  -This episode started a long argument as to whether the Templars'
   shrine qualified as Holy Ground at one time but it's not anymore
   because the Templars were excommunicated.

 20) Eye of the Beholder92124-19
 Written by Christian Bouveron and Larry Shore, directed by Dennis Berry
 (I)Nigel Terry as Garbiel Piton   (movies: Excalibur, TV: 'Covington Cross')
    Katia Douvalian as Maya
 Richie meets a beautiful young woman who leads him into the
 world of Haute couture. His youthful jealousy causes him to run
 afoul of a world-class fashion designer, who is actually a deadly
  -Richie sets Piton on fire and Piton shows no scars later.

 21) Nowhere to Run92125-21
 Written by David Abramowitz, directed by Dennis Berry
 (I)Peter Guinness as Colonel Everett Bellian
    Anthony Head as Allan Rothwood     ("Taster's Choice" commercials)
    Jason Riddington as Mark Rothwood
    Marion Cotillard as Lori Bellian
 The step-daughter of an immortal mercenary is raped by the son of a
 diplomat, and Duncan must protect Tessa, Richie, and the guilty young
 man from the mercenary's vengeance.

 22) The Hunters92126-22
 Written by Kevin Droney, directed by Paolo Barzman
 (I)Roger Daltrey as Hugh Fitzcairn   (rock star 'The Who')
 (I)Werner Stocker as Darius
    Peter Hudson as Horton
 Duncan teams up with another immortal to find out why their immortal
 friends are disappearing without a trace -- including Darius.
  -Introduction of the Watchers and their renegade sub-group, the
  -Establishes the practice of the Hunters killing themselves rather
   than be held captive.
  -All footage of Darius is from previous episodes because Werner
   Stocker was too ill to appear.

 3.1.3) Second Season Episode Details
 Note: Most of the episodes summaries are directly from the
       Highlander producers.

 Regular Cast
 Adrian Paul as Duncan Macleod
 Alexandra Vandernoot as Tessa Noel (last episode #4)
 Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
 Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson
 Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo

 Text from the beginning of each episode
 (spoken by Joe Dawson)
 "He is immortal,
   born in the highlands of Scotland 400 years ago.
 He is not alone.
 There are others like him,
  some good, some evil.
 For centuries he has battled the forces of Darkness,
  with Holy Ground his only refuge.
 He cannot die - unless you take his head,
  and with it his power.
 In the end There Can Be Only One.
 He is Duncan Macleod, The Highlander."

 Episode Details (SPOILERS)

 1) #93201 "THE WATCHERS"
 Writer: Marie-Chantal Droney
 Director: Clay Borris
    Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson (introduction)
    Peter Hudson as James Horton
    Keli O'Bryne as Lynn Horton
    Cameron Bancroft as Robert
 Determined to investigate the death of his old friend Darius (in
 the first season finale, "The Hunters"), MacLeod follows a lead
 back to his old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest. He
 meets JOE DAWSON, a bookstore owner with a secret; he soon learns
 that Dawson is a high-ranking member of an ancient secret
 organization known as THE WATCHERS, who observe and record the
 lives of the Immortals, passing their archives down from
 generation to generation. Unbeknownst to Dawson, his brother-in-
 law, JAMES HORTON (the man who killed Darius), has been
 recruiting Watchers to kill Immortals. We are left with the
 knowledge that other renegade Watchers may be waiting to try for
 MacLeod's head.
  -The following was printed out from Dawson's database on Immortals
   (Note the various contradictions to facts from the movie, especially
   the Kurgan's age. The writers didn't start using a series 'bible'
   and series timeline until after this episode was completed.):

     "Subject: Kurgan
      Origin: Northern Russia
      Immortality: March 20, 1452
      1453 to 1535 located Moscow
      1536 to 1610 located Scottish Highlands
      1611 to 1619 located Milan
      1700 to 1755 located Northern Africa
      1756 to 1985 UNKNOWN
      1985 DECEASED (Connor MacLeod)

      Stosch Basalok  1525
      Connor MacLeod  1536
      Juan Sanchez Villa Lopez Ramirez  1601 (almost beheaded)
      Aman Fasil      1640
      Sundra Kastagar 1750

      Ivan Trotski    1472
      Juan Sanchez Villa Lopez Ramirez  1601
      Flavin Parocchi 1663
      Sundra Kastagar 1985
      Stosch Basalok  1985"

 2) #93202 "STUDIES IN LIGHT"
 Writer: Naomi Janzen
 Director: Peter Ellis
 (I)Joel Wyner as Gregor Powers
    Sheila Moore as Linda Plager
    Gillian Carfra as Young Linda
 MacLeod's old friend GREG POWERS has become a photographer, and
 invites Mac to see his work. Mac is disturbed by the violent
 images in his friend's work, and is distressed to find that the
 sensitive Gregor he knew has been replaced by a hardened cynic.
 Another photograph in the exhibit, taken of MacLeod 50 years ago,
 triggers a flashback of his meeting young photographer LINDA
 PLAGER. Then, the now-73-year-old Linda recognizes Duncan as her
 old mentor and lover, convincing her nurse that she's thoroughly
 senile -- after all, Duncan MacLeod would be an old man by now,
 wouldn't he? Learning that Linda is dying, MacLeod longs to tell
 her the truth, but isn't sure how. Meanwhile, Greg seduces
 Richie into his destructive lifestyle -- fascinated by the rush
 of fear that accompanies near death, he coaxes Richie into a
 dangerous motorcycle stunt. After a confrontation with MacLeod,
 Greg snaps -- frustrated by his inability to feel any real
 emotion because of the insulation from death his Immortality
 gives him, he attacks Richie, then Linda, then fights MacLeod on
 the roof of the hospital. Only when MacLeod's sword is inches
 from his neck does Greg break down and face the truth that he
 doesn't want to die.
  -Richie does not heal quicker than mortals for he hasn't gained full
   Immortality yet and he won't until he dies in the fourth episode.

 3) #93203 "TURNABOUT"
 Writer: David Tynan
 Director: Clay Borris
 (I)Geraint Wyn Davies as Michael Moore   (TV: 'Forever Knight')
    John Tierney as Old Father Morton
    Alan Robertson as Judge Marvin Singer
    Gaetana Korbin as Jeanette
 Thirty years ago, evil Immortal QUENTEN BARNES was executed in
 the electric chair, and promised he'd be back. He's been trapped
 in a tomb ever since; but now, Joe Dawson informs MacLeod, he's
 out, and killing the people involved in his execution. Mac
 declines to get involved unless Barnes gets in his way, but when
 his old friend MICHAEL MOORE comes to town, a Flashback shows us
 that Barnes killed Michael's wife and has a longstanding grudge
 against Michael. Now Mac is involved. He convinces Dawson to
 share the Watchers' surveillance file on Barnes with him.
 However, the file isn't much help. As the prosecutor and priest
 who were at Barnes' execution are killed off one by one, it
 becomes clear that Barnes will come after Michael next. However,
 it is only after Mac finds the body of the man Dawson sent with
 the file that the penny drops and he realizes that Barnes, a
 multiple personality, is Michael -- and Mac left him home with
 Tessa and Richie! In the end, at Michael's tortured urging,
 MacLeod must kill Michael to kill Barnes.
  -Duncan performs a long kata exercise showing his martial arts

 4) #93204 "THE DARKNESS"
 Writers: Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
 Director: Paolo Barzman
    Introducing Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo
    Traci Lords as Greta                 (porn movie star)
    Andrew Jackson as Pallin Wolf
    Frank C. Turner as Harry
    Lisa Vultaggio as Carmen
 (I)Adrian Hughes as James
 A mortal named PALLIN WOLF, one of the renegade Watchers who
 believes the Immortals must be eliminated, lures an Immortal to
 his house and kills him, getting the advantage by tricking him
 into a sealed room that is completely dark, then stalking him
 with night vision goggles. Meanwhile, a Gypsy fortuneteller they-
 meet in a restaurant, GRETA, warns Tessa that she is in danger.
 When Tessa is kidnapped by Wolf, MacLeod returns to Greta, asking
 for her help. But she's mostly a hustler, and not accustomed to
 getting actual visions, so the clues she is able to provide are
 meager. Finally, Mac finds Wolf's house, where Wolf is waiting
 for him. He meets Wolf in the dark room and all seems hopeless
 until he remembers a matchbook Greta gave him with her phone
 number in it. Lighting the matches, he regains the advantage and
 kills Wolf. However, as Tessa and Richie are heading for the
 car, a young junkie accosts them for money, and in an act of
 senseless violence, shoots them both. As Mac mourns, Richie
 tentatively sits up, healing -- he is an Immortal. But Tessa is
  -Featuring Duncan's controversial trick of lighting the matches
   with his sword. Many fans feel that this feat is impossible,
   especially in the dark.

 5) #93205 "EYE FOR AN EYE"
 Writers: Elizabeth Baxter & Martin Brossellet
 Director: Dennis Berry
 (I)Sheena Easton as Annie Devlin    (rock star)
    Philip Akin as Charlie DeSalvo   (introduction)
 When MacLeod and Richie are witness to a terrorist attack on an
 Ambassador, Richie dives in like a Superhero, cocky with
 Immortality. In the resulting confusion, one of the terrorists
 is killed, and another, ANNIE DEVLIN, an Immortal, is captured.
 She swears revenge on Richie, and when she escapes from custody,
 MacLeod takes on the task of educating Richie so that he will
 have a chance in combat against her. Meanwhile, Flashbacks
 reveal an earlier friendship between MacLeod and Annie. Mac
 renews the friendship, and the two Immortals who have both
 recently lost their lovers find solace in one another. In the
 end, Richie defeats Annie but can't bring himself to kill her,
 and MacLeod convinces her to pursue the blood debt no further.
  -Richie refuses to take Annie's head. It's hard to learn to kill.
  -Duncan buys Charlie DeSalvo's martial arts dojo and moves into the
   loft apartment above it.
  -At the end Duncan gives Richie his own single-handed sword. This
   is curious because throughout the episode he practiced with a
   two-handed katana.

 6) #93206 "THE ZONE"
 Writer: Peter Mohan
 Director: Clay Borris
    Santino Buda as Canaan
    Sandra P. Grant as Asia
    Alphonso Quijada as Tio
    Leam Blackwood as Tom McGee
 The Zone is a burned-out urban wasteland, abandoned by the
 police, who figure it's easier to just 'let the animals kill each
 other.' Now the Zone is being taken over by CANAAN, a
 charismatic leader who urges his followers to take the material
 possessions that have been denied to them. JOE DAWSON comes to
 MacLeod for help -- one of his men, who was observing Canaan, has
 been killed. Charlie accompanies MacLeod down to his old
 neighborhood in the Zone and introduces him to ASIA, a nurse at
 the local clinic, one of few people who haven't given up on the
 neighborhood. After MacLeod learns that Dawson was mistaken, and-
 Canaan is not an Immortal, Dawson is ready to drop it. But
 MacLeod has seen the misery in the Zone, and is determined to
 break Canaan's hold. He convinces Asia that it's time to stand
 up for their rights, and she helps him arrange a meeting of
 neighborhood residents who want to take back their streets. But
 Asia is involved with Canaan, and she's used as bait to lure him
 to his apparent death. Canaan busts up the neighborhood meeting,
 but when MacLeod arrives and defeats Canaan hand to hand, the
 cult leader's hold on the people is broken.
  -Notice that we never actually see the elevator for Duncan's loft
   and the dojo move betweem floors.

 Writers: Guy Mullaly and David Tynan
 Director: Dennis Berry
 (I)Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda
    Don S. Davis as FBI agent Palance
    Robert Wisden as FBI agent Werner
    Jano Franden as Rutger
    Joe Maffe as Harry the Jeweler
    Michael Puttonen as Lev Arkin
 AMANDA, the beautiful Immortal cat-burglar from the first season
 episode THE LADY AND THE TIGER, returns to town, telling MacLeod
 she's retired from her life of crime. Who can blame Duncan for not
 believing her? -- especially when two guys start shooting at them.
 Duncan thinks the guys might be Watchers, but in fact they are FBI
 Agents.  Amanda is in possession of some plates for counterfeit
 money, stolen in Germany before WWII. She's looking for an
 engraver to change the dates, figuring since she's sworn to give up
 stealing money, she'll have to print some up. PALANCE, one of the
 FBI Agents, sets MacLeod and Amanda up to take the fall for his
 partner's murder, and demands that they turn the plates over. Mac
 and Amanda are forced to "die" on videotape to catch Palance.
  -Historical flaw: the United States switched over from Silver
   Certificates in the 1960's, thus engraving plates made during WWII
   wouldn't be good for forgeries in the present day.
  -We get a full view of Duncan's apartment.

 Writer: Aubrey Solomon
 Director: Clay Borris
    Dustin Nguyen as Jimmy Sang
    Debbie Podowski as Lisa
    Robert Ito as Johnny Leong       (TV: 'Quincy')
 JIMMY SANG, a former student of Charlie's, is an up-and-coming
 martial arts movie star. His latest movie is filming some scenes
 in the dojo. When a stuntman is "accidentally" killed, MacLeod
 is the first to realize that Jimmy's life is in danger. It turns
 out that the movie is based on Jimmy's youthful experiences as an
 enforcer for a powerful gang, and now his former boss wants to
 see him dead.
  -Dustin Nguyen is the only actor, so far, to play more than one role
   on Highlander.

 9) #93209 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
 Writer: Naomi Janzen
 Director: Dennis Berry
 (I)Bruce Young as Carl              (TV: 'ER')
    Geza Kovacs as Carter
    Roman Podhora as Kenny
    Biski Gughese as Ricky
 CARL ROBINSON is an Immortal who MacLeod first met in 1929 when he
 rescued him from a KKK lynch mob. Back then, Carl was full of plans
 -- to be a Major League Ballplayer, to be President. But today Carl
 has given up hope. He and MacLeod meet up again when Carl steals
 Charlie's car. Mac tries to rekindle Carl's belief in himself, but
 Carl doesn't want to listen. When a white cop named CARTER tries to
 kill him, Carl attributes the incident to racism, until MacLeod
 explains about the Watchers who are hunting them. After Carter's
 partner (also white) helps Carl and MacLeod bring Carter down, Carl
 decides to give the world another chance.

 Writer: Philip John Taylor
 Director: Clay Borris
 (I)Roddy Piper as Gallen                  (WWF wrestler)
    Andrea Roth as Suzanne
    Ken Camroux as Honniger
    Jan D'Arcy as Betty Bannen
 TOMMY is an innocent bystander who's accidentally killed during a
 swordfight between MacLeod and the Immortal GALLEN. Haunted by the
 unnecessary death, MacLeod tries to find out more about the dead man
 -- and discovers he isn't exactly the innocent bystander he

3.2) Biographies

3.2.1) Adrian Paul (Duncan Macleod)

 A cross between Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks, Adrian Paul was
 born (May 29, 1959) and raised in London. His family was not very
 drama-oriented and they didn't exactly know how to react when Adrian
 informed them that he wanted to become an actor. He studied
 Shakespeare and performed in school plays, but his focus was always on
 sports. He played semi-pro soccer and then travelled around Europe to
 model. In Europe, he danced and choreographed for six years and then
 moved to Los Angeles to dance and seek out acting roles.

 His first acting experience was on the ABC Television series "The
 Colbys." Adrian portrayed a Russian dancer, which was based on the
 Baryshnikov character in the motion picture "White Nights." After a
 year on "The Colbys," Adrian appeared with Tom Berenger in the motion
 picture "Last Rites." Adrian was a series regular on "War of the
 Worlds" and has made guest appearances on shows such as "Murder, She
 Wrote," "Dark Shadows," and "Beauty and the Beast."

 His wife, Meilani, is one of the 'Uh-Huh Girls," who appears in the
 popular Diet Pepsi commercials with Ray Charles. Meilani, along with
 her two counterparts, has been given the dubious honor of "Women We
 Love," in a recent Esquire magazine. Says Paul, "Everywhere we go,
 people are singing 'uh-huh'. In the HIGHLANDER, the saying is 'there
 can be only one,' so Meilani and I are going to combine the slogans,
 which will read 'there can be only one -- uh-huh."

3.2.2) Alexandra Vandernoot (Tessa Noel)

 Alexandra Vandernoot has been living in France for the past six
 years, but is originally from Belgium. She comes from an arts-related
 family. Her late father was a symphony conductor, and her mother was a
 dancer. She studied drama, earning a degree at the Conservatory in
 Brussels. After graduation, she started to work immediately in the
 theater. After appearing in a number of plays, she decided to move to
 Paris. Two years later, she went back to school to continue her acting
 education before making the jump to American television.

 Her first American acting role was opposite Timothy Hutton in the
 HBO movie 'Strangers'. She also guest starred in an episode of the
 syndicated series "Counterstrike:.

 Vandernoot lives in Paris. During her free time, she renovates her
 recently purchased country house. (Taken from the HIGHLANDER: THE
 SERIES press kit.)"

 Update: Alexandra Vandernoot left the series after the fourth
 episode of the second season. She wished to continue with her
 feature film career and did not wish to be separated from her family
 in Paris for the part of the year.

3.2.3) Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan)

Stan Kirsch (25), originally from New York City, moved to Los Angeles
three years ago. "I'm an urban kid who grew up in the city with a
sister and two great parents." His first acting experience was a
Campbell's Soup commercial when he was 4 years old, which was
followed by a few modeling jobs. He left the business for a while,
but returned to it in high school at St. Paul's Boarding School in New

While attending Duke University as a political science major, Kirsch
worked on his acting skills with a master trainer of acting. "I went
through the whole spectrum of acting, movement, and voice work, which
was all geared toward Shakespeare and regional theatre." Kirsch
performed in summer stock and fell in love with the profession. "I
made $24 a night to perform in a play six times a week in the
mountains of North Carolina. It was the greatest summer I'd ever had
and I couldn't get rid of the acting bug." After graduating from Duke,
he moved to New York, and within six months, he signed with an agent,
got his Screen Actors Guild card and headed out to Los Angeles.
Kirsch has made guest appearances on the ABC soap "General Hospital;"
Fox Broadcasting's "true Colors;" and recently starred in "the Streets
of Beverly Hills," an ABC Television pilot.]

3.2.4) Werner Stocker (Darius)

 Highlander fans grew to love the character of the Immortal priest
 Darius (who was first introduced in "Band of Brothers") and we were
 all shocked when this character was killed off in the first season's
 closing episode "The Hunters". Then we were greatly
 saddened last July to hear belated news of the death Werner Stocker,
 the actor who portrayed him. Gradually details trickled in from
 various sources. The original subplot was that the character Darius
 would appear in 5 episodes and would be killed off in the fifth one,
 the season finale. Shortly before filming was supposed to start on
 "The Hunters", Werner Stocker informed the producers that he was too
 sick to report to the set in Paris. The writers frantically rewrote
 the episode script in three days. (All the scenes containing Darius
 in this episode came from footage shot for previous episodes). A
 month and a half later Mr. Stocker died of a cerebral tumor.

 Werner Stocker was born on April 7,1955 in Flintsbach, Bavaria and
 died in May 1993. He stood 6'3" and had green eyes and light brown
 hair.  He began to study acting at The New Munich Acting School and
 later at the Falckenberg School.

 In 1978, he got his first role in a French TV movie, "Les
 Rebelles."  He then played in several German TV series.

 In 1989, he won the Bavarian Movie Award for his role in the
 film "Herbstmilch."

 In 1991 he starred in "Rama Dama" (the sequel to Herbstmilch).
 Werner Stocker was not married and had no children.

3.2.5) Jim Byrnes (Joe Dawson)

 Jim Byrnes grew up in St,Louis, the middle child of a middle class
 family.  He learned to play blues guitar at age 13-- and continues to
 play on his favorite guitar, a Gibson 1969 Hummingbird.  An eclectic
 individual, he studied for the priesthood in a seminary, and was even
 a professional shepherd at one point.  He studied acting at Boston
 University and St.Louis University.  Byrnes is a gifted actor and an
 inspiring individual.  He lost both his legs in an automobile accident
 Feb. 26,1972-- the same day he landed his pivotal "Wiseguy" role as
 Lifeguard fifteen years later.

3.2.6) Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo)

 Philip Akins brings to HIGHLANDER, an extensive list of film,
 television and theater credits.  A serious martial artist himself,
 Philip holds a fourth degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido.  He also
 studies Kung Fu and Tai Chi at a dojo near his home in Toronto.  An
 avid bicyclist, Philip has been known to cycle everywhere, including
 the audition that got him the job on Highlander.

3.2.7) Bob Anderson?

 Bob Anderson is the sword master on both of the Highlander movies
 and the majority of the TV series episodes. His career spans several
 decades and his extensive credits include 'Star Wars', 'The Princess
 Bride', and the new 'The Three Musketeers' movie.

3.3) U.S.A. vs. Rest of the World

 Each episode sold for U.S. syndication is four minutes shorter than
 the episodes sold for the European market. This is due to the longer
 commercial time allocated in the U.S. market.

3.4) List of Immortals

 First Season
 Duncan Macleod
 Connor Macleod (1)
 Slan Quince (1) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Lucas Desiree (2) (deceased, killed by Howard Cromley)
 Howard Crowley (2) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Kiem Sun (3)
 Felicia Martins (5)
 Devereux (5) (deceased, killed by Felicia Martins)
 Caleb (7) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Carl the Hermit (7) (deceased, killed by Caleb)
    (there is some debate as to Carl's immortality)
 Walter Reinhardt (8) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Alexei Voshin (9) (deceased, killed by his ship's propellors)
 Andrew Ballin (10) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Marcus Korolus (12) (deceased, killed by Duncan in the 1920's)
 Grayson (13) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Darius (13,15-17,22) (deceased, killed by mortals)
 Kuyler (14) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Xavier St Cloud (15) (dis-armed by Duncan)
 Ursa (16)
 Grace (17)
 Carlos Sendaro (17) (deceased, beheaded by subway train)
 Amanda (18)
 Zachary Blaine (18) (deceased, killed by Amanda)
 Alfred Cahill (19) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Gabriel Piton (20) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Col. Everett Bellian (21)
 Hugh Fitzcairn (22)

 Second Season
 Gregor Powers (2)
 Michael Moore/Quenten Barnes (3) (deceased, killed by Duncan)
 Richie Ryan (4)
 Annie Devlin (5)
 Amanda (7)
 Carl (9)
 Gallen (10)

3.5) What does Duncan drive?

 In Vancouver, he drives a black 1965 Thunderbird Convertible.  The
 Washington State (USA) license plate numbers are 827-KEG.

 In Paris, he drive a black European something-or-other.

3.6) What was that drink that Kuyler was drinking in "For Evil's Sake"?

 Absinthe, a milky white liquor made from wormwood and gradually causes
 madness and death in those who drink it. It is illegal in most
 countries today.

3.7)  Addresses

 Send mail concerning the series and/or the actors to either of the
following addresses:

 15060 VENTURA BLVD                   3400 RIVERSIDE DRIVE
 SUITE 360                            SUITE 600
 SHERMAN OAKS  CA  91403              BURBANK  CA  91505

3.8)  Where in the World are we?

 The first 13 episodes of the first season and the first 14 episodes of
 the second are filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. No attempt is made to
 avoid or disguise major landmarks.  This was never specifically stated
 in the series.  It is thought that the producers of the show simply
 want it to be a "Generic, Nondescript City."  All the vehicles have
 Washington State (USA) license plates as if it were supposed to be
 Seattle.  Throughout this FAQ, it has been called Vancouver, BC.
 Though some of the fans refer to it as Seacouver.

 The last 9 episodes of the first season and the last 8 of the second
 are filmed in Paris, France.  This is specifically stated in the
 series. Filming for the Paris episodes started early in January.

*4.0)  _HIGHLANDER II, The Quickening_

4.1) Summary

This was a rather disjointed movie that taken by itself was an OK
action/adventure film, but, taken as a sequel of the original movie,
was a major disappointment to HIGHLANDER fans. We are told that
Immortals are actually political exiles sent to Earth from another
planet, Zeist, 500 years ago and we are introduced to a rather
convoluted redefinition of the Rules of Immortality to fit this
senario. We learn that Connor MacLeod, after winning the Prize, lead
the effort to erect a planet-covering Shield to protect the Earth
from the Sun's radiation since we've almost totally destroyed the
Ozone layer by pollution. And that during their relationship on Zeist
Connor and Ramirez had becomed linked by the magic of the Quickening,
enabling Ramirez to come whenever Connor calls.

Twenty-five years pass before we encounter Macleod again, now an old
man, rambling along, living out his remaining years, at ease with the
fruits of his past glory as a world reknown scientist. The Earth now
has a universal climate of moderately hot and humid due to the
hothouse effect caused by years under the Shield. The corporation
that maintains the Shield has grown into an all-powerful tyrant that
resists any threat to its continued existance, even though some have
started to suspect that the Ozone layer has now repaired itself and
the Sheild Corporation prefers to continue it's monopoly as the
world's energy provider and saviour. A terrorist organization called
Cobalt, headed up by Louise Marcus, is currently conducting raids on
the Shield installations trying to obtain concrete evidence of the
Ozone layer's condition.

After Louise acquires the evidence, she seeks out the elderly
Macleod, in hope that he can do something about taking down the
Shield.  Meanwhile back on Zeist, General Katana becomes anxious
that, now that Macleod has 'Won' the Prize, that he'll return to his
home planet to resume leadership of the rebellion there. So he
transports two goons to Earth to kill Macleod once and for all. They
attack the elderly Macleod and after a long dramatic, and sometimes
airbourne, battle, complete with pyrotechnics, Macleod defeats the
two goons. During the battle Connor calls out for Ramirez. Just at
the end of the battle a semi-tractor trailer hauling a tankload of
some sort of highly volitile fuel breaks free and crashes into the
victorious Macleod. Especially distinctive is the imagery of the huge
pair of lips painted on the end of the trailer as it careens toward
him, to give him the 'kiss of death' as it explodes. A rejuvenated
Macleod walks out of the flames to greet the dumbfounded Louise
Connor's 'call' bounces off the Shield to Glencoe, Scotland
and resurrects Ramirez. He suddenly appears on the stage of a
production of Hamlet, just as the actor protraying Hamlet starts the
soliloquy with the skull of Yoric. Once Ramirez realizes that he is
on a stage in the middle of a play he bows and exits gracefully,
absconding with the actor's sword. {Curiously he uses this sword,
presumably a stage prop, as a real weapon later while dueling with
Connor} As he walks backstage to the theater exit, he spies himself
in a mirror, flexes his neck, and comments "Rather glad the magic
works" as he reassures himself that he is now whole again. After
encountering some of the wonders of the twentieth century, Ramirez
makes his way to a tailor to get a new suit since his clothes are
somewhat worse for wear after his final battle with the Kurgan in a
crumbling castle. He is greeted by the propietor with "We are the
oldest gentlemen's tailor in Scotland" to which he replies "Well then,
I've come to the right place; since I am, without a doubt, the oldest
gentleman in Scotland." This results in one of the funnier sequences
in the movie as a whole shop full of tailor hurry about to complete
Ramirez' suit in one afternoon for the price of his huge pearl
earring (hanging from his _pierced_ ear).

Back on Zeist, General Katana realizes that his henchmen have failed
so he transports himself to Earth to take care of things in person.

He proceeds to the Shield Corporation and take over the Board of
Directors by a demonstration of his power.

Meanwhile, Ramirez travels to New York and rejoins Connor. Together
with Louise they go to MAX, a maximum security prison controlled by
the Shield Corp, to rescue Alan Newman, Connor's friend who helped
design and build the Shield.

While there, they are trapped in a room with a large deadly fan
bearing down on them, ready to slice them to pieces. Ramirez gives his
life by using the concentrated 'magic' of his Quickening to hold the
fan above their heads for a few moments while Connor and Louise make
their escape.

Connor and Louise fight their way to the main Beam room where Connor
battles General Katana to the death. Victorious, he steps into the
Shield Beam and destroys the Shield, restoring the world to normal
sky and a normal Ozone layer.

4.2) The Revised Rules of Immortality

In Connor's house Louise restates the rules that Connor has told her
to see if she has them correct:

"OK. Now let me just see if I cant get this straight. You come from
another planet. And you're mortal there. But you're immortal here,
until you kill all the guys from there who have come here -- and then
you're mortal here. Unless, you go back there -- or some more guys
from there come here. In which case you become Immortal here -- again.

"Something like that."

"Of course, it would be 'something like that,' wouldn't it."

4.3) Miscellaneous tidbits

Ramirez says that he is 'the chief metallurgist of King Philip of
Spain' rather than King Charles V as in the first movie.

Connor drives an off-white Porsche convertible, though it is a
different model from the one used in HIGHLANDER I.

When General Katana first arrives on our planet, he is the first
Immortal to exhibit the snapping and popping of re-aligning and
healing bones after a 'fatal' fall when he crashes to Earth, or rather
through it, into the subway car.

Katana reminds Connor of one of the Rules "Remember the Golden Rule,
Highlander. We must never fight on Holy Ground."

In contrast to the first movie, Immortals actually seem to die from
'fatal' wounds, but recover quickly.

After they recover from being shot to pieces entering MAX, Connor
proudly counts 108 bullet holes and then is outdone when Ramirez
announces that he got a total of 112.

When they procede to the lower levels of MAX, Ramirez has his sword
from the first movie (presumably Connor returned it to its former
owner after their duel at his apartment) and Connor carries the sword
he acquired from one of the Zeistian goons. Ramirez' sword is with him
when Louise and Connor leave him to his death in the giant fan room,
standing stuck in the floor.  But later as Louise and Connor flee
through MAX, Connor sometimes has the Zeistian sword and sometimes has
Ramirez' sword. During the final battle with Katana, Connor fights
with Ramirez' katana.

*5.0) _Highlander: The Series_ Drinking Game*
 by Lady Johanna Constantine
 Mark V - July 29, 1993

 This game was born one evening over Spring break when the author was
 showing her friend all the episodes she had on tape.  They were viewed
 consecutively over a 9 hour period, very late at night, in Carbondale,
 Illinois.  Oddly enough, no alcohol was involved, and the author is
 ashamed to admit she came up with mark I completely sober.

 Additions and corrections from all the fine folks on USENET, a few
 from "The Raven" (a Forever Knight letterzine), and a woman in Cleveland
 who shall be known only as Maddog.

 Units of measurement

 One Drink = one swallow or sip.  Or, if you are feeling really daring,
 m&m's or Reeses peanut butter cups can be substituted for beverages,
 if you prefer to be able to walk the following morning.

 Vocabulary notes

 immie = USENET slang for a Highlander-style immortal

 *the* leather jacket = That black, dimensionally transcendental
 leather jacket that Duncan hides 3 feet of steel yet is still able to
 do jumps, kicks, and rolls without any sign of the damn thing.

 dimensionally transcendental = does the word TARDIS mean anything to
 you? ie, bigger on the inside than on the outside.

 Masamune = The Japanese guy mentioned from the movie who made
 Ramirez's sword, not to be confused with Masamune Shirow (no Appleseed
 here, folks)

 warning: this game has apparently caused people to burst into audible
 laughter.  If you are in a public place, proceed with caution.  You
 have been warned.

 Someone who is supposedly American sounds suspiciously Canadian for
 some reason - One drink

 Someone who is watching the episode with you suddenly remarks "Hey,
 that looks like Vancouver." - One drink

 You point out the Washington State license plates to them in an
 attempt to assist the suspension of disbelief - Three drinks

 Duncan kisses Tessa - One drink

 Duncan tells Richie to stay, and Richie ignores him - One drink

 A rearranged "Who Wants to Live Forever?" is used for incidental music
 - One drink

 A Queen song is playing in background - One drink

 An immie says "Who wants to live forever?" - One drink

 A mortal says "Who wants to live forever?" - One drink

 Randi or the law enforcement officer of your choice says "What are
 you, MacLeod?  FBI? CIA?" or any variation thereof - Two drinks

 Tessa works on a sculpture - Two drinks

 Tessa is threatened by an immie - One drink

 Tessa is threatened by a mortal - One drink

 A sword is drawn - One drink

 That sword is a katana/daito - One drink

 That sword is a Masamune katana/daito (other than Duncan's) - Two

 Duncan meets an immie on holy ground - One drink

 Duncan meets with Darius - One drink

 Duncan wears *the* leather jacket - One drink

 Duncan is wearing *the* leather jacket and suddenly whips out his
 katana - Two drinks (where *does* he hide it?)

 Duncan wears any of his numerous trenchcoats - One drink

 Duncan says "I am Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod." - Two drinks

 Duncan speaks with a Scots accent - One drink

 Duncan says "there can be only one" - Two drinks
 (Three drinks if he says it and then doesn't take their head)

 Any other immie says "there can be only one" - One drink

 Duncan wears his hair down - One drink

 Duncan wears his hair down in a sequence other than a flashback - Two

 A flashback starts - One drink

 That flashback involves hair extensions of any kind - Two drinks

 A flashback ends - One drink

 You are in one of the cities that edits the episodes heavily and you
 hear the sound effect of a flashback starting, but then there is no
 flashback - Two drinks

 An immortal woman is introduced - One drink

 That immortal woman was one of Duncan's lovers - Two drinks

 That immortal woman introduced is one whom Duncan hasn't slept with -
 Four drinks (it's so rare)

 Duncan senses another immie (Quickening/spider sense) - Two drinks

 Duncan draws blood - One drink

 Duncan is wounded - One drink

 Duncan beheads another immie - Three drinks

 They actually show the headless corpse - Four drinks

 Duncan lets another immie live - Two drinks

 Duncan uses something other than a sword to parry (ie: wood, a pipe, a
 body part, etc.) - One drink

 Duncan uses a sword that is not his Masamune katana - Two drinks

 Duncan is witness to a crime - One drink

 A rock singer guest stars as an immie - Four drinks

 Duncan takes after someone at a sprint - One drink

 Duncan takes his shirt off - Four drinks

 One of LeBrun's officers speaks perfect, unaccented English - Three

 One of LeBrun's officers' voices is looped in by someone who speaks
 perfect, unaccented English - One drink

 Someone in Paris starts a conversation in English for no apparent
 reason save that subtitles would cost too much, and might be
 distracting - Two drinks

 Duncan uses the phone *while* he is also using the modem - Three

 There are more than two immies in the same episode - One drink (this
 includes Duncan and Darius)

 There are more than two immies in the same scene - Two drinks

 There are more than three immies in the same episode - Three drinks

 There is more than three immies in the same scene - Four drinks

 Richie refers to Duncan as "Mac" - One drink

 Tessa refers to Duncan as "Mac" - Two drinks
 (after the pilot, she almost never does this.  Take care while
 watching "The Gathering", and do not operate heavy machinery
 afterwards.  This may include your vcr)

 Richie tries to speak French - One drink for every word correct

 Questions for the girls:

 You are watching the show with a guy who makes a lewd comment about
 Alexandra, and you are forced to hit him - One drink

 You make a lewd comment about Adrian, and one of the guys reminds you
 he is married - One drink


6.1)  Highlander home video (available in USA)

Currently offered in the U.S. market are three Highlander home videos.

 1) "Highlander", (original movie) available on VHS tape and laserdisc.

 2) "Highlander II, The Quickening" available on VHS tape and

 3) "Highlander: The Gathering", a feature length video (VHS tape)
    containing the first and eighth episode (edited together) from
    the first season of the TV Series. Hemdale, Inc. owns the home
    video rights to the rest of the first season and plans to offer
    the rest of the episodes in the future for retail purchase.

6.2)  Highlander sword replicas

Note: The swords, Japanese style katanas, used by Connor in the movies
and by Duncan in the series are noticably different. The dragon head
on Connor's sword is rendered in the Chinese style with a wide rounded
head (similar to the dragon used in the Chinese New Year's parades)
whereas the dragon head on Duncan's sword has an elongated head
rendered in the Japanese style. In addition, Connor used a traditional
katana with a leather-wrapped handle in "The Gathering" the pilot

 1) A small North Carolina company called Swordmasters, a licensed
    dealer for Marto USA (sword supplier for the Series), offers a
    replica of Duncan's katana ("The Gathering" fanclub members
    qualify for a special discount). Other swords from the series are

    The Dragon Head Katana is a mass produced replica.  The blade is
    420 Stainless Toledo Steel.  The balance point is 3 inches from
    the hand guard.  To cut costs it's scabbard is black aluminum.
    The sword will be shipped 'live', which means sharpened. The
    swords are considered decorative only and not for general use.
    For more information contact Diane Waldier at SWORDMASTERS,
    PO BOX 124, GARNER, NC, 27529, 1-800-210-7800

 2) The Noble Collection is supposed to be offering a sword
    replica similar to Connor's/Ramirez' katana from the Highlander
    movies.  The address is; The Noble Collection, P.O. Box 831,
    Merrifield, VA, 22116.  Customer Service phone # is: (703)
    242-8752.  Catalogs cost $3.00.

6.3) "Highlander III" News

Filming of "Highlander III: The Magician" started on Jan 8, 1994 in
Montreal, Canada. Location sequences will be filmed in New York and
Scotland. The film will star Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles,
and Debra Unger.

The story begins 300 years ago in, Japan, as MacLeod and the Magician
head to a mystic mountain in search of a swordmaker who also has the
power of illusion. During a struggle, the mountain is destroyed and
the Magician and two other Immortals are buried for hundreds of years.
An archaeologist, digging in the ruins, releases the Immortals in the
present day.

6.4) Convention News

"THE GATHERING," the HIGHLANDER fan club, has been working on
the first OFFICIAL HIGHLANDER CONVENTION. The convention will be
October 7th, 8th & 9th of 1994 in Denver, Colorado.  Tentative guests
so far are Adrian Paul, Stan Kirsch, and Bill Panzer.  They are
tentative only because we have not sent them the contracts, they have
agreed to attend.

Because things are just starting to happen, Krystmas Tarr, the club
director, asks that everyone interested in attending, please send a
SASE to the club address for more info as it becomes available.

PO BOX 123
AURORA CO 80040-0123

6.5) Highlander fan organizations and publications

PO BOX 123             For membership information send a SASE.
AURORA CO 80040-0123

HIGHLA-L      An electronic mailing list available on Internet and
              BITNET for flame-free discussion of Highlander (the
              movies and the TV series), the actors, the plots, and
              anything else related. For more information send an
              email message to Debbie Douglass .

HIGHLANDER BUZZ        An open discussion letterzine for fans to voice
c/o Valerie Meachum    their feelings and opinions on HIGHLANDER. Send
1914 DEBORAH COURT     a SASE for more information. 6 issues per year.

"THISTLE AND SABRE"         A HIGHLANDER fanzine looking for quality
Robin Schindler             fiction, poetry, and artwork relating to
15982 ATITLAN DRIVE         the syndicated TV series or the original
HACIENDA HEIGHTS CA 91745   movie. For submission or price and ordering
    or                      information send a SASE to Robin or Christine.
Christine Reynolds
ALCOA TN 37701

IMMORTAL TALES!       A fanzine base upon HIGHLANDER is seeking
Mary Anne McKinnon    submissions of fiction, poetry, and art based
245 BLUNK AVENUE      upon the movie or the television series.
PLYMOUTH MI 48170     Submission deadline is Jan. 31, 1994. Send SASE for
                      more information.

*7.0)  Series Flashback Timeline*

By Velia Tanner and Julie Beamer


AS OF 11/12/93

1592           MacLeod's birth                   92102   THE GATHERING

C. 1625       Scottish Highlands                 92106   FAMILY TREE
             MacLeod becomes Immortal

1640's?       French Countryside/Rural Abbey     92123   BEAST BELOW
             MacLeod is an armored soldier

1640's?       Italy w/Fitzcairn                  92126   THE HUNTERS
             MacLeod is a Duke's bodyguard

C. 1660?      European Countryside               92120   SAVING GRACE
             MacLeod meets Grace when she
             delivers a baby

C. 1680'S     China                              92108   ROAD NOT TAKEN
             MacLeod and Kiem Sun meet                  (dialogue)

1728          London-Dover Road                  92109   REVENGE IS SWEET
             MacLeod protects fellow coach
             passengers from Reinhardt

C. 1740'S     Constantinople                     92121   LADY & TIGER
             Amanda gets MacLeod in hot water           (dialogue)

C. 1780'S     China                              92108   ROAD NOT TAKEN
             MacLeod visits Kiem Sun on
             holy ground

C. 1783?      French Chateau                     92117   FOR EVIL'S SAKE
             MacLeod is bodyguard to a Baron,
             meets Kuyler

1786?         Paris                              92124   EYE OF BEHOLDER
             MacLeod and Piton whoring and

1803           English Palace                    92124   EYE OF BEHOLDER
              MacLeod spares Piton's life

1804           Bavarian Inn                      92121   LADY & TIGER
              Macleod, living with Amanda,
              has just returned from Munich

EARLY         Gypsy Camp                        93204 THE DARKNESS
l9TH CENT.    Carmen tells MacLeod he will
             never marry

1815          French Countryside                 92125   NOWHERE TO RUN
             MacLeod is a Napoleonic soldier

1815          Waterloo                           92118   BAND OF BROTHERS
             MacLeod meets Darius

1816          Paris w/Darius                     92118   BAND OF BROTHERS
             MacLeod leaves for America

C. 1835       London w/Connor                    92102   THE GATHERING

C. 1838       Paris                              92120   SAVING GRACE
             Grace leaves for South America

C. 1840       Pacific Northwest Mountains        92110   MOUNTAIN MEN
             MacLeod learns tracking from
             Carl the Hermit

1863          American South                     92103   THE INNOCENT MAN
             MacLeod is a Union Captain

1866          Annapolis, Maryland                93210   EPITAPH FOR TOMMY
             MacLeod's mortal lover is
             killed by a rival

C. 1868       American Indian Encampment         92102   THE GATHERING
             (Holy Ground)
             MacLeod's village is massacred

1880'S        American West                     93202    STUDIES IN LIGHT
             MacLeod helps Gregor, a
             doctor, during an epidemic

1905          New York City                     93208    REVENGE OF SWORD
             MacLeod's fruitseller friend
             is killed by gangsters

1917          WW I Battlefield (The Somme)      92116    TOMORROW WE DIE
             MacLeod is an ambulance driver

1919          Ireland                           93205    EYE FOR AN EYE
             MacLeod refuses to join
             Annie Devlin's "cause"

1920          Pennsylvania Mining Town          93206    THE ZONE
             MacLeod tries to convince
             striking miners not to follow
             a dangerous leader

1921          Home City (Asylum)                93203    TURNABOUT
             MacLeod 'saves' (he thinks)
             Michael Moore from Quenten

1921          Home City (Theater)               92114    SEE NO EVIL
             MacLeod defeats Immortal
             serial killer Marcus

1926          American Southwest                92121    LADY & TIGER
             MacLeod encounters Amanda                  (dialogue)
             while she tours with the circus

1926          Louisiana Bayou                   93209    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
             MacLeod saves Carl Robinson
             from the KKK

1936          Berlin                            93207   RETURN OF AMANDA
             MacLeod smuggles a scientist
             out of Germany with Amanda's

1938           Leaving Soviet Union              92112   SEA WITCH
              MacLeod tries to smuggle out
              Jewish refugees; Voshin betrays

1938           American City                     93202   STUDIES IN LIGHT
              MacLeod gets involved with
              mortal photographer Linda Plager

1939/45?      France                             92116   TOMORROW WE DIE
             MacLeod is with the French

1954          American South                     93209   RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
             MacLeod meets Carl Robinson
             in a segregated diner

1980          Paris                              92117   FOR EVIL'S SAKE
             MacLeod fights Kuyler; meets
             Tessa when he jumps in her
             Bateau Mouche


8.1)  Who Contributed?

The FAQ is maintained by Debbie Douglass.

A lot of the information has been gratuitously plagiarized from the
'Net.  Following are the names of the people I *do* have.  Many thanks
to all of them.  Sorry to those who have been inadvertently excluded.
Sorted more or less alphabetically, they are: Catherine Beckstead,
Trevor Boyce, Lady Johanna Constantine, William Dieterichm, Janet A
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Rick Jones, Joe Kiniry, Jimmy Kung, Kathy Madison, William G Martin,
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Rule, Lab Master, Mike Andersson, Bill Reeves, Obie Slotterbeck,
Roderick Lee (also known as Profess'nal Agitator), Jonathan Blum, Dave
Romas, Lee Whiteside, Jeff Hansen, Velia Tanner, Krystmas Tarr (director of the
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Additional information gratuitously plagiarized from the Net and

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