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                 I. Allen, R. E. (Robert Edward), 1944-423
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1.0 U...

   U(1)      n.  (also u) (pl.  Us or U's) 1 the twenty-first letter of the
             alphabet.  2 a U-shaped object or curve (esp. in comb.: U-bolt).

   U(2)      adj.  esp.  Brit.  colloq.  1 upper class.  2 supposedly
             characteristic of the upper class.  [abbr.]

   U(3)      adj.  a Burmese title of respect before a man's name.  [Burmese]

   U(4)      abbr.  (also U.) 1 Brit. universal (of films classified as
             suitable without restriction).  2 university.

   U(5)      symb.  Chem.  the element uranium.

   u         prefix = MU 2 (ж).

2.0 UAE

   UAE       abbr.  United Arab Emirates.

3.0 ubiety...

   ubiety    n.  the fact or condition of being in a definite place; local
             relation.  [med.L ubietas f. L ubi where]

   -ubility  suffix forming nouns from, or corresponding to, adjectives in
             -uble (solubility; volubility).  [L -ubilitas: cf.  -ITY]

             adj. & n.  Theol.  --adj. relating to or believing in the
             doctrine of the omnipresence of Christ's body.  --n. a believer
             in this.  ЬЬubiquitarianism n.  [mod.L ubiquitarius (as

             adj.  1 present everywhere or in several places simultaneously.
             2 often encountered.  ЬЬubiquitously adv.  ubiquitousness n.
             ubiquity n.  [mod.L ubiquitas f. L ubique everywhere f.  ubi

   -uble     suffix forming adjectives meaning 'that may or must be' (see
             -ABLE) (soluble; voluble).  [F f. L -ubilis]

   -ubly     suffix forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -uble.

   U-boat    n.  hist.  a German submarine.  [G U-boot = Unterseeboot
             under-sea boat]

4.0 UC...

   UC        abbr.  University College.

   u.c.      abbr.  upper case.

   UCATT     abbr.  (in the UK) Union of Construction, Allied Trades, and

   UCCA      abbr.  (in the UK) Universities Central Council on Admissions.

   UCW       abbr.  (in the UK) Union of Communication Workers.

5.0 UDA...

   UDA       abbr.  Ulster Defence Association (a loyalist paramilitary

   udal      n.  (also odal) the kind of freehold right based on
             uninterrupted possession prevailing in N. Europe before the
             feudal system and still in use in Orkney and Shetland.  [ON
             ўthal f. Gmc]

   UDC       abbr.  hist.  (in the UK) Urban District Council.

   udder     n.  the mammary gland of cattle, sheep, etc., hanging as a
             baglike organ with several teats.  ЬЬuddered adj. (also in
             comb.).  [OE uder f. WG]

   UDI       abbr.  unilateral declaration of independence.

   udometer  n.  formal a rain-gauge.  [F udomЉtre f. L udus damp]

   UDR       abbr.  Ulster Defence Regiment.

6.0 UEFA

   UEFA      abbr.  Union of European Football Associations.

7.0 UFO...

   UFO       n.  (also ufo) (pl.  UFOs or ufos) unidentified flying object.

   ufology   n.  the study of UFOs.  ЬЬufologist n.

8.0 ugh...

   ugh       int.  1 expressing disgust or horror.  2 the sound of a cough or
             grunt.  [imit.]

   Ugli      n.  (pl.  Uglis or Uglies) propr.  a mottled green and yellow
             citrus fruit, a hybrid of a grapefruit and tangerine.  [UGLY]

   uglify    v.tr.  (-ies, -ied) make ugly.  ЬЬuglification n.

   ugly      adj.  (uglier, ugliest) 1 unpleasing or repulsive to see or hear
             (an ugly scar; spoke with an ugly snarl).  2 unpleasantly
             suggestive; discreditable (ugly rumours are about).  3
             threatening, dangerous (the sky has an ugly look).  4 morally
             repulsive; vile (ugly vices).  Ьugly customer an unpleasantly
             formidable person.  ugly duckling a person who turns out to be
             beautiful or talented etc. against all expectations (with ref.
             to a cygnet in a brood of ducks in a tale by Andersen).
             ЬЬuglily adv.  ugliness n.  [ME f. ON uggligr to be dreaded f.
             ugga to dread]

   Ugrian    adj. & n.  (also Ugric) --adj. of or relating to the eastern
             branch of Finnic peoples, esp.  the Finns and Magyars.  --n.  1
             a member of this people.  2 the language of this people.  [Russ.
             Ugry name of a race dwelling E. of the Urals]

9.0 UHF...

   UHF       abbr.  ultra-high frequency.

   uh-huh    int.  colloq.  expressing assent.  [imit.]

   uhlan     n.  hist.  a cavalryman armed with a lance in some European
             armies, esp.  the former German army.  [F & G f. Pol. (h)ulan f.
             Turk.  oglan youth, servant]

   UHT       abbr.  ultra heat treated (esp. of milk, for long keeping).

10.0 Uitlander

   Uitlander n.  S.Afr.  a foreigner or alien, esp. before the Boer War.
             [Afrik. f. Du.  uit out + land land]

11.0 UK...

   UK        abbr.  United Kingdom.

   UKAEA     abbr.  United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

   ukase     n.  1 an arbitrary command.  2 hist. an edict of the Tsarist
             Russian government.  [Russ.  ukaz ordinance, edict f.  ukazat'
             show, decree]

   Ukrainian n. & adj.  --n.  1 a native of the Ukraine in the USSR.  2 the
             language of the Ukraine.  --adj. of or relating to the Ukraine
             or its people or language.  [Ukraine f. Russ.  ukraina frontier
             region f.  u at + krai edge]

   ukulele   n.  a small four-stringed Hawaiian (orig. Portuguese) guitar.
             [Hawaiian, = jumping flea]

12.0 ular...

   -ular     suffix forming adjectives, sometimes corresp. to nouns in -ule
             (pustular) but often without diminutive force (angular;
             granular).  ЬЬ-ularity suffix forming nouns.  [from or after L
             -ularis (as -ULE, -AR(1))]

   ulcer     n.  1 an open sore on an external or internal surface of the
             body, often forming pus.  2 a a moral blemish.  b a corroding or
             corrupting influence etc.  ЬЬulcered adj.  ulcerous adj.  [ME f.
             L ulcus -eris, rel. to Gk helkos]

   ulcerate  v.tr. & intr.  form into or affect with an ulcer.  ЬЬulcerable
             adj.  ulceration n.  ulcerative adj.  [ME f. L ulcerare ulcerat-
             (as ULCER)]

   -ule      suffix forming diminutive nouns (capsule; globule).  [from or
             after L - ulus, -ula, -ulum]

   ulema     n.  1 a body of Muslim doctors of sacred law and theology.  2 a
             member of this.  [Arab. ' ulama pl. of ' alim learned f. ' alama

   -ulent    suffix forming adjectives meaning 'abounding in, full of'
             (fraudulent; turbulent).  ЬЬ-ulence suffix forming nouns.  [L

   uliginose adj.  (also uliginous) Bot.  growing in wet or swampy places.
             [L uliginosus f.  uligo -ginis moisture]

   ullage    n.  1 the amount by which a cask etc. falls short of being full.
             2 loss by evaporation or leakage.  [ME f. AF ulliage, OF
             ouillage f.  ouiller fill up, ult. f. L oculus eye, with ref. to
             the bung-hole]

   ulna      n.  (pl.  ulnae) 1 the thinner and longer bone in the forearm,
             on the side opposite to the thumb (cf.  RADIUS 3).  2 Zool. a
             corresponding bone in an animal's foreleg or a bird's wing.
             ЬЬulnar adj.  [L, rel. to Gk olene and ELL]

             adj. & n.  --adj.  (also ulotrichous) having tightly-curled
             hair, esp. denoting a human type.  --n. a person having such
             hair.  [mod.L Ulotrichi f. Gk oulos woolly, crisp + thrix
             trikhos hair]

   -ulous    suffix forming adjectives (fabulous; populous).  [L -ulosus,

   ulster    n.  a man's long loose overcoat of rough cloth.  [Ulster in
             Ireland, where it was orig. sold]

   Ulsterman n.  (pl.  -men; fem.  Ulsterwoman; pl.  -women) a native of

   ult.      abbr.  ultimo.

   ulterior  adj.  1 existing in the background, or beyond what is evident or
             admitted; hidden, secret (esp.  ulterior motive).  2 situated
             beyond.  3 more remote; not immediate; in the future.
             ЬЬulteriorly adv.  [L, = further, more distant]

   ultima    n.  the last syllable of a word.  [L ultima (syllaba), fem. of
             ultimus last]

   ultimata  pl. of ULTIMATUM.

   ultimate  adj. & n.  --adj.  1 last, final.  2 beyond which no other
             exists or is possible (the ultimate analysis).  3 fundamental,
             primary, unanalysable (ultimate truths).  4 maximum (ultimate
             tensile strength).  --n.  1 (prec. by the) the best achievable
             or imaginable.  2 a final or fundamental fact or principle.
             ЬЬultimately adj.  ultimateness n.  [LL ultimatus past part. of
             ultimare come to an end]

   ultima Thule
             n.  a far-away unknown region.  [L, = furthest Thule, a remote
             northern region]

   ultimatum n.  (pl.  ultimatums or ultimata) a final demand or statement of
             terms by one party, the rejection of which by another could
             cause a breakdown in relations, war, or an end of cooperation
             etc.  [L neut. past part.: see ULTIMATE]

   ultimo    adj.  Commerce of last month (the 28th ultimo).  [L ultimo mense
             in the last month]

             n.  a system in which the youngest son has the right of
             inheritance (cf.  PRIMOGENITURE 2).  [L ultimus last, after

   ultra     adj. & n.  --adj. favouring extreme views or measures, esp. in
             religion or politics.  --n. an extremist.  [orig. as abbr. of F
             ultra-royaliste: see ULTRA-]

   ultra-    comb. form 1 beyond; on the other side of (opp.  CIS-).  2
             extreme(ly), excessive(ly) (ultra-conservative; ultra-modern).
             [L ultra beyond]

             n.  a high-speed centrifuge used to separate small particles and
             large molecules by their rate of sedimentation from sols.

             adj.  (of a frequency) in the range 300 to 3000 megahertz.

   ultraist  n.  the holder of extreme positions in politics, religion, etc.
             ЬЬultraism n.

             n. & adj.  --n.  1 a a brilliant blue pigment orig. obtained
             from lapis lazuli.  b an imitation of this from powdered fired
             clay, sodium carbonate, sulphur, and resin.  2 the colour of
             this.  --adj.  1 of this colour.  2 archaic situated beyond the
             sea.  [obs. It.  oltramarino & med.L ultramarinus beyond the sea
             (as ULTRA-, MARINE), because lapis lazuli was brought from
             beyond the sea]

             n.  an optical microscope used to reveal very small particles by
             means of light scattered by them.

             adj.  1 too small to be seen by an ordinary optical microscope.
             2 of or relating to an ultramicroscope.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 situated on the other side of the Alps from
             the point of view of the speaker.  2 advocating supreme papal
             authority in matters of faith and discipline.  --n.  1 a person
             living on the other side of the Alps.  2 a person advocating
             supreme papal authority.  [med.L ultramontanus (as ULTRA-, L
             mons montis mountain)]

             adj.  lying beyond the world or the solar system.  [L
             ultramundanus (as ULTRA-, mundanus f.  mundus world)]

             adj.  of or involving sound waves with a frequency above the
             upper limit of human hearing.  ЬЬultrasonically adv.

             n.pl.  (usu. treated as sing.) the science and application of
             ultrasonic waves.

             n.  1 sound having an ultrasonic frequency.  2 ultrasonic waves.
             Ьultrasound cardiography = ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY.

             n.  Biol.  fine structure not visible with an optical

             adj.  Physics 1 having a wavelength (just) beyond the violet end
             of the visible spectrum.  2 of or using such radiation.

   ultra vires
             adv. & predic.adj.  beyond one's legal power or authority.  [L]

   ululate   v.intr.  howl, wail; make a hooting cry.  ЬЬululant adj.
             ululation n.  [L ululare ululat- (imit.)]

13.0 um...

   um        int.  expressing hesitation or a pause in speech.  [imit.]

   -um       var. of -IUM 1.

   umbel     n.  Bot.  a flower-cluster in which stalks nearly equal in
             length spring from a common centre and form a flat or curved
             surface, as in parsley.  ЬЬumbellar adj.  umbellate adj.
             umbellule adj.  [obs. F umbelle or L umbella sunshade, dimin. of

             n.  any plant of the family Umbelliferae bearing umbels,
             including parsley and parsnip.  ЬЬumbelliferous adj.  [obs. F
             umbellifЉre f. L (as UMBEL, - fer bearing)]

   umber     n. & adj.  --n.  1 a natural pigment like ochre but darker and
             browner.  2 the colour of this.  --adj.  1 of this colour.  2
             dark, dusky.  [F (terre d') ombre or It. (terra di) ombra =
             shadow (earth), f. L UMBRA or Umbra fem. of Umber Umbrian]

   umbilical adj.  1 of, situated near, or affecting the navel.  2 centrally
             placed.  Ьumbilical cord 1 a flexible cordlike structure
             attaching a foetus to the placenta.  2 Astronaut. a supply cable
             linking a missile to its launcher, or an astronaut in space to a
             spacecraft.  [obs. F umbilical or f.  UMBILICUS]

             adj.  1 shaped like a navel.  2 having an umbilicus.

   umbilicus n.  (pl.  umbilici or umbilicuses) 1 Anat. the navel.  2 Bot. &
             Zool. a navel-like formation.  3 Geom. a point in a surface
             through which all cross-sections have the same curvature.  [L,
             rel. to Gk omphalos and to NAVEL]

   umbles    n.pl.  the edible offal of deer etc. (cf.  humble pie).  [ME
             var. of NUMBLES]

   umbo      n.  (pl.  -os or umbones) 1 the boss of a shield, esp. in the
             centre.  2 Bot. & Zool. a rounded knob or protuberance.
             ЬЬumbonal adj.  umbonate adj.  [L umbo -onis]

   umbra     n.  (pl.  umbras or umbrae) Astron.  1 a total shadow usu. cast
             on the earth by the moon during a solar eclipse.  2 the dark
             central part of a sunspot (cf.  PENUMBRA).  ЬЬumbral adj.  [L, =

   umbrage   n.  1 offence; a sense of slight or injury (esp.  give or take
             umbrage at).  2 archaic a shade.  b what gives shade.  [ME f. OF
             ult. f. L umbraticus f.  umbra: see UMBRA]

   umbrella  n.  1 a light portable device for protection against rain,
             strong sun, etc., consisting of a usu. circular canopy of cloth
             mounted by means of a collapsible metal frame on a central
             stick.  2 protection or patronage.  3 (often attrib.) a
             coordinating or unifying agency (umbrella organization).  4 a
             screen of fighter aircraft or a curtain of fire put up as a
             protection against enemy aircraft.  5 Zool. the gelatinous disc
             of a jellyfish etc., which it contracts and expands to move
             through the water.  Ьumbrella bird any S. American bird of the
             genus Cephalopterus, with a black radiating crest and long
             wattles.  umbrella pine 1 = stone pine.  2 a tall Japanese
             evergreen conifer, Sciadopitys verticillata, with leaves in
             umbrella-like whorls.  umbrella stand a stand for holding closed
             upright umbrellas.  umbrella tree a small magnolia, Magnolia
             tripetala, with leaves in a whorl like an umbrella.
             ЬЬumbrellaed adj.  umbrella-like adj.  [It.  ombrella, dimin. of
             ombra shade f. L umbra: see UMBRA]

   Umbrian   adj. & n.  --adj. of or relating to Umbria in central Italy.
             --n.  1 the language of ancient Umbria, related to Latin.  2 an
             inhabitant of ancient Umbria.  ЬUmbrian school a Renaissance
             school of Italian painting, to which Raphael and Perugino

             adj.  formal providing shade.  [L umbrifer f.  umbra shade: see

   umiak     n.  an Eskimo skin-and-wood open boat propelled by women with
             paddles.  [Eskimo]

   umlaut    n. & v.  --n.  1 a mark used over a vowel, esp. in Germanic
             languages, to indicate a vowel change.  2 such a vowel change,
             e.g. German Mann, M„nner, English man, men, due to i, j, etc.
             (now usu. lost or altered) in the following syllable.  --v.tr.
             modify (a form or a sound) by an umlaut.  [G f.  um about + Laut

   umpire    n. & v.  --n.  1 a person chosen to enforce the rules and settle
             disputes in various sports.  2 a person chosen to arbitrate
             between disputants, or to see fair play.  --v.  1 intr. (usu.
             foll. by for, in, etc.) act as umpire.  2 tr. act as umpire in
             (a game etc.).  ЬЬumpirage n.  umpireship n.  [ME, later form of
             noumpere f. OF nonper not equal (as NON-, PEER(2)): for loss of
             n- cf.  ADDER]

   umpteen   adj. & pron.  sl.  --adj. indefinitely many; a lot of.  --pron.
             indefinitely many.  ЬЬumpteenth adj.  umpty adj.  [joc. form. on

14.0 UN...

   UN        abbr.  United Nations.

   un-(1)    prefix 1 added to adjectives and participles and their
             derivative nouns and adverbs, meaning: a not: denoting the
             absence of a quality or state (unusable; uncalled-for;
             uneducated; unfailing; unofficially; unhappiness).  b the
             reverse of, usu. with an implication of approval or disapproval,
             or with some other special connotation (unselfish; unsociable;
             unscientific).  °Words formed in this way often have neutral
             counterparts in non- (see NON- 6) and counterparts in -in (see
             IN-(1)), e.g.  unadvisable.  2 (less often) added to nouns,
             meaning 'a lack of' (unrest; untruth).  °The number of words
             that can be formed with this prefix (and similarly with un-(2))
             is potentially as large as the number of adjectives in use;
             consequently only a selection, being considered the most current
             or semantically noteworthy, can be given here.  [OE f. Gmc, rel.
             to L in-]

   un-(2)    prefix added to verbs and (less often) nouns, forming verbs
             denoting: 1 the reversal or cancellation of an action or state
             (undress; unlock; unsettle).  2 deprivation or separation
             (unmask).  3 release from (unburden; uncage).  4 causing to be
             no longer (unman).  °See the note at un-(1). Both un-(1) and
             un-(2) can be understood in some forms in -able, -ed
             (especially), and -ing: for example, undressed can mean either
             'not dressed' or 'no longer dressed'.  [OE un-, on- f. Gmc]

   'un       pron.  colloq.  one (that's a good 'un).  [dial. var.]

   UNA       abbr.  United Nations Association.

   unabashed adj.  not abashed.  ЬЬunabashedly adv.

   unabated  adj.  not abated; undiminished.  ЬЬunabatedly adv.

   unable    adj.  (usu. foll. by to + infin.)  not able; lacking ability.

             adj.  (of a text etc.) complete; not abridged.

             adj.  not absorbed.

             adj.  1 not academic (esp. not scholarly or theoretical).  2 (of
             a person) not suited to academic study.

             adj.  not accented; not emphasized.

             adj.  not acceptable.  ЬЬunacceptableness n.  unacceptably adv.

             adj.  not acclaimed.

             adj.  not accommodating; disobliging.

             adj.  1 not accompanied.  2 Mus. without accompaniment.

             adj.  1 not accomplished; uncompleted.  2 lacking

             adj.  1 unable to be explained.  2 unpredictable or strange in
             behaviour.  3 not responsible.  ЬЬunaccountability n.
             unaccountableness n.  unaccountably adv.

             adj.  of which no account is given.  Ьunaccounted for
             unexplained; not included in an account.

             adj.  1 (usu. foll. by to) not accustomed.  2 not customary;
             unusual (his unaccustomed silence).  ЬЬunaccustomedly adv.

             adj.  not acknowledged.

             adj.  (usu. foll. by with) not acquainted.

             adj.  not adaptable.

   unadapted adj.  not adapted.

             adj.  (esp. of a letter etc.) without an address.

             adj.  not adjacent.

   unadopted adj.  1 not adopted.  2 Brit. (of a road) not taken over for
             maintenance by a local authority.

   unadorned adj.  not adorned; plain.

             adj.  1 not adulterated; pure; concentrated.  2 sheer, complete,
             utter (unadulterated nonsense).

             adj.  not adventurous.  ЬЬunadventurously adv.

             adj.  not advertised.

             adj.  1 not open to advice.  2 (of a thing) inadvisable.

   unadvised adj.  1 indiscreet; rash.  2 not having had advice.
             ЬЬunadvisedly adv.  unadvisedness n.

             adj.  1 (usu. foll. by by) not affected.  2 free from
             affectation; genuine; sincere.  ЬЬunaffectedly adv.
             unaffectedness n.

             adj.  not affiliated.

   unafraid  adj.  not afraid.

   unaided   adj.  not aided; without help.

             adj.  Law = INALIENABLE.

   unaligned adj.  1 = NON-ALIGNED.  2 not physically aligned.

   unalike   adj.  not alike; different.

   unalive   adj.  1 lacking in vitality.  2 (foll. by to) not fully
             susceptible or awake to.

             adj.  not alleviated; relentless.

   unallied  adj.  not allied; having no allies.

             adj.  not allowable.

   unalloyed adj.  1 not alloyed; pure.  2 complete; utter (unalloyed joy).

             adj.  not alterable.  ЬЬunalterableness n.  unalterably adv.

   unaltered adj.  not altered; remaining the same.

   unamazed  adj.  not amazed.

             adj.  not ambiguous; clear or definite in meaning.
             ЬЬunambiguity n.  unambiguously adv.

             adj.  not ambitious; without ambition.  ЬЬunambitiously adv.
             unambitiousness n.

             adj.  (of feelings etc.) not ambivalent; straightforward.
             ЬЬunambivalently adv.

             adj.  1 not in accordance with American characteristics etc.  2
             contrary to the interests of the US; (in the US) treasonable.
             ЬЬun-Americanism n.

   unamiable adj.  not amiable.

             adj.  not amplified.

   unamused  adj.  not amused.

             adj.  not able to be analysed.

             adj.  not analysed.

   unaneled  adj.  archaic not having received extreme unction.

   unanimous adj.  1 all in agreement (the committee was unanimous).  2 (of
             an opinion, vote, etc.) held or given by general consent (the
             unanimous choice).  ЬЬunanimity n.  unanimously adv.
             unanimousness n.  [LL unanimis, L unanimus f.  unus one + animus

             adj.  not announced; without warning (of arrival etc.).

             adj.  1 unable to be refuted (has an unanswerable case).  2
             unable to be answered (an unanswerable question).
             ЬЬunanswerableness n.  unanswerably adv.

             adj.  not answered.

             adj.  not anticipated.

             adj.  not apparent.

             adj.  esp. Law not able to be appealed against.

             adj.  not appealing; unattractive.  ЬЬunappealingly adv.

             adj.  not appeasable.

             adj.  not appeased.

             adj.  not appetizing.  ЬЬunappetizingly adv.

   unapplied adj.  not applied.

             adj.  not appreciated.

             adj.  not appreciative.

             adj.  1 not approachable; remote, inaccessible.  2 (of a person)
             unfriendly.  ЬЬunapproachability n.  unapproachableness n.
             unapproachably adv.

             adj.  1 not allocated or assigned.  2 not taken into possession
             by anyone.

             adj.  not approved or sanctioned.

   unapt     adj.  1 (usu. foll. by for) not suitable.  2 (usu. foll. by to +
             infin.) not apt.  ЬЬunaptly adv.  unaptness n.

             adj.  not arguable; certain.

   unarm     v.tr.  deprive or free of arms or armour.

   unarmed   adj.  not armed; without weapons.

             adj.  uninteresting, dull.  ЬЬunarrestingly adv.

             adj.  not articulated or distinct.

             adj.  not artistic, esp. not concerned with art.
             ЬЬunartistically adv.

             adj.  not ascertainable.

             adj.  not ascertained; unknown.

   unashamed adj.  1 feeling no guilt, shameless.  2 blatant; bold.
             ЬЬunashamedly adv.  unashamedness n.

   unasked   adj.  (often foll. by for) not asked, requested, or invited.

             adj.  unable to be attacked or questioned; impregnable.
             ЬЬunassailability n.  unassailableness n.  unassailably adv.

             adj.  (of a person) not assertive or forthcoming; reticent.
             ЬЬunassertively adv.  unassertiveness n.

             adj.  not assignable.

             adj.  not assigned.

             adj.  not assimilated.  ЬЬunassimilable adj.

             adj.  not assisted.

             adj.  not assuaged.  ЬЬunassuageable adj.

             adj.  not pretentious or arrogant; modest.  ЬЬunassumingly adv.
             unassumingness n.

   unatoned  adj.  not atoned for.

             adj.  1 (often foll. by to) not attached, esp. to a particular
             body, organization, etc.  2 not engaged or married.

             adj.  unable to be attacked or damaged.

             adj.  not attainable.  ЬЬunattainableness n.  unattainably adv.

             adj.  not attempted.

             adj.  1 (usu. foll. by to) not attended.  2 (of a person,
             vehicle, etc.) not accompanied; alone; uncared for.

             adj.  not attractive.  ЬЬunattractively adv.  unattractiveness

             adj.  (esp. of information) that cannot or may not be attributed
             to a source etc.  ЬЬunattributably adv.

             adj.  not authentic.  ЬЬunauthentically adv.

             adj.  not authenticated.

             adj.  (also unauthorised) not authorized.

             adj.  not available.  ЬЬunavailability n.  unavailableness n.

             adj.  not availing; achieving nothing; ineffectual.
             ЬЬunavailingly adv.

             adj.  not avoidable; inevitable.  ЬЬunavoidability n.
             unavoidableness n.  unavoidably adv.

   unavowed  adj.  not avowed.

   unaware   adj. & adv.  --adj.  1 (usu. foll. by of, or that + clause) not
             aware; ignorant (unaware of her presence).  2 (of a person)
             insensitive; unperceptive.  --adv. = UNAWARES.  ЬЬunawareness n.

   unawares  adv.  1 unexpectedly (met them unawares).  2 inadvertently
             (dropped it unawares).  [earlier unware(s) f. OE unw‘r(es): see

   unbacked  adj.  1 not supported.  2 (of a horse etc.) having no backers.
             3 (of a chair, picture, etc.) having no back or backing.

   unbalance v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 upset the physical or mental balance of
             (unbalanced by the blow; the shock unbalanced him).  2 (as
             unbalanced adj.) a not balanced.  b (of a mind or a person)
             unstable or deranged.  --n. lack of balance; instability, esp.

   unbar     v.tr.  (unbarred, unbarring) 1 remove a bar or bars from (a gate
             etc.).  2 unlock, open.

             adj.  not bearable.  ЬЬunbearableness n.  unbearably adv.

             adj.  not beatable; excelling.

   unbeaten  adj.  1 not beaten.  2 (of a record etc.) not surpassed.  3
             Cricket (of a player) not out.

             adj.  not beautiful; ugly.  ЬЬunbeautifully adv.

             adj.  1 (esp. of clothing) not flattering or suiting a person.
             2 (usu. foll. by to, for) not fitting; indecorous or unsuitable.
             ЬЬunbecomingly adv.  unbecomingness n.

             adj.  not befitting; unsuitable.  ЬЬunbefittingly adv.
             unbefittingness n.

             adj.  not befriended.

             adj.  not begotten.

             predic.adj.  (usu. foll. by to) under no obligation.

   unbeknown adj.  (also unbeknownst) (foll. by to) without the knowledge of
             (was there all the time unbeknown to us).  [UN-(1) + beknown
             (archaic) = KNOWN]

   unbelief  n.  lack of belief, esp. in religious matters.  ЬЬunbeliever n.
             unbelieving adj.  unbelievingly adv.  unbelievingness n.

             adj.  not believable; incredible.  ЬЬunbelievability n.
             unbelievableness n.  unbelievably adv.

   unbeloved adj.  not beloved.

   unbelt    v.tr.  remove or undo the belt of (a garment etc.).

   unbend    v.  (past and past part.  unbent) 1 tr. & intr. change from a
             bent position; straighten.  2 intr. relax from strain or
             severity; become affable (likes to unbend with a glass of beer).
             3 tr.  Naut.  a unfasten (sails) from yards and stays.  b cast
             (a cable) loose.  c untie (a rope).

   unbending adj.  1 not bending; inflexible.  2 firm; austere (unbending
             rectitude).  3 relaxing from strain, activity, or formality.
             ЬЬunbendingly adv.  unbendingness n.

   unbiased  adj.  (also unbiassed) not biased; impartial.

             adj.  1 not in or authorized by the Bible.  2 contrary to the

             adj.  Brit.  disobedient; not docile.

   unbidden  adj.  not commanded or invited (arrived unbidden).

   unbind    v.tr.  (past and past part.  unbound) release from bonds or

             n.  (often attrib.) joc.  any day but one's birthday (an
             unbirthday party).

             adj.  not bleached.

             adj.  not blemished.

   unblessed adj.  (also unblest) not blessed.

             adj.  1 not blinking.  2 steadfast; not hesitating.  3 stolid;
             cool.  ЬЬunblinkingly adv.

   unblock   v.tr.  1 remove an obstruction from (esp. a pipe, drain, etc.).
             2 (also absol.) Cards allow the later unobstructed play of (a
             suit) by playing a high card.

   unblown   adj.  1 not blown.  2 archaic (of a flower) not yet in bloom.

             adj.  1 not blushing.  2 unashamed; frank.  ЬЬunblushingly adv.

   unbolt    v.tr.  release (a door etc.) by drawing back the bolt.

   unbolted  adj.  1 not bolted.  2 (of flour etc.) not sifted.

   unbonnet  v.  (unbonneted, unbonneting) 1 tr. remove the bonnet from.  2
             intr.  archaic remove one's hat or bonnet esp. in respect.

   unbookish adj.  1 not academic; not often inclined to read.  2 free from

   unboot    v.intr. & tr.  remove one's boots or the boots of (a person).

   unborn    adj.  1 not yet born (an unborn child).  2 never to be brought
             into being (unborn hopes).

   unbosom   v.tr.  1 disclose (thoughts, secrets, etc.).  2 (refl.) unburden
             (oneself) of one's thoughts, secrets, etc.

             adj.  not bothered; unconcerned.

             adj.  1 not bound or tied up.  2 unconstrained.  3 a (of a book)
             not having a binding.  b having paper covers.  4 (of a substance
             or particle) in a loose or free state.

             past and past part. of UNBIND.

   unbounded adj.  not bounded; infinite (unbounded optimism).  ЬЬunboundedly
             adv.  unboundedness n.

   unbrace   v.tr.  1 (also absol.) free from tension; relax (the nerves
             etc.).  2 remove a brace or braces from.

             adj.  not able to be breached.

             adj.  not breakable.

             adj.  not able to be breathed.

             adj.  not bribable.

             adj.  unable to be bridged.

   unbridle  v.tr.  1 remove a bridle from (a horse).  2 remove constraints
             from (one's tongue, a person, etc.).  3 (as unbridled adj.)
             unconstrained (unbridled insolence).

   unbroken  adj.  1 not broken.  2 not tamed (an unbroken horse).  3 not
             interrupted (unbroken sleep).  4 not surpassed (an unbroken
             record).  ЬЬunbrokenly adv.  unbrokenness n.

   unbruised adj.  not bruised.

   unbuckle  v.tr.  release the buckle of (a strap, shoe, etc.).

   unbuild   v.tr.  (past and past part.  unbuilt) 1 demolish or destroy (a
             building, theory, system, etc.).  2 (as unbuilt adj.) not yet
             built or (of land etc.) not yet built on.

   unburden  v.tr.  1 relieve of a burden.  2 (esp.  refl.; often foll. by
             to) relieve (oneself, one's conscience, etc.) by confession etc.
             ЬЬunburdened adj.

   unburied  adj.  not buried.

   unbury    v.tr.  (-ies, -ied) 1 remove from the ground etc. after burial.
             2 unearth (a secret etc.).

             adj.  not businesslike.

   unbutton  v.tr.  1 a unfasten (a coat etc.) by taking the buttons out of
             the buttonholes.  b unbutton the clothes of (a person).  2
             (absol.) colloq. relax from tension or formality, become
             communicative.  3 (as unbuttoned adj.) a not buttoned.  b
             colloq. communicative; informal.

   uncage    v.tr.  1 release from a cage.  2 release from constraint;

   uncalled  adj.  not summoned or invited.  Ьuncalled-for (of an opinion,
             action, etc.) impertinent or unnecessary (an uncalled-for

   uncandid  adj.  not candid; disingenuous.

   uncanny   adj.  (uncannier, uncanniest) seemingly supernatural;
             mysterious.  ЬЬuncannily adv.  uncanniness n.  [(orig. Sc. &
             N.Engl.) f.  UN-(1) + CANNY]

             adj.  not canonical.  ЬЬuncanonically adv.

   uncap     v.tr.  (uncapped, uncapping) 1 remove the cap from (a jar,
             bottle, etc.).  2 remove a cap from (the head or another

             adj.  disregarded; neglected.

   uncase    v.tr.  remove from a cover or case.

   uncashed  adj.  not cashed.

   uncaught  adj.  not caught.

   unceasing adj.  not ceasing; continuous (unceasing effort).  ЬЬunceasingly

             adj.  not censored.

             adj.  not censured.

             adj.  1 lacking ceremony or formality.  2 abrupt; discourteous.
             ЬЬunceremoniously adv.  unceremoniousness n.

   uncertain adj.  1 not certainly knowing or known (uncertain what it means;
             the result is uncertain).  2 unreliable (his aim is uncertain).
             3 changeable, erratic (uncertain weather).  Ьin no uncertain
             terms clearly and forcefully.  ЬЬuncertainly adv.

             n.  (pl.  -ies) 1 the fact or condition of being uncertain.  2
             an uncertain matter or circumstance.  Ьuncertainty principle (in
             full Heisenberg uncertainty principle after W. Heisenberg, Ger.
             physicist d. 1976) Physics the principle that the momentum and
             position of a particle cannot both be precisely determined at
             the same time.

             adj.  1 not attested as certain.  2 not guaranteed by a
             certificate of competence etc.  3 not certified as insane.

   unchain   v.tr.  1 remove the chains from.  2 release; liberate.

             adj.  not challengeable; unassailable.  ЬЬunchallengeably adv.

             adj.  not challenged.

             adj.  not changeable; immutable, invariable.  ЬЬunchangeability
             n.  unchangeableness n.  unchangeably adv.

   unchanged adj.  not changed; unaltered.

             adj.  not changing; remaining the same.  ЬЬunchangingly adv.
             unchangingness n.

             adj.  without a chaperone.

             adj.  not characteristic.  ЬЬuncharacteristically adv.

   uncharged adj.  not charged (esp. in senses 3, 7, 8 of CHARGE v.).

             adj.  censorious, severe in judgement.  ЬЬuncharitableness n.
             uncharitably adv.

   uncharted adj.  not charted, mapped, or surveyed.

             adj.  1 not furnished with a charter; not formally privileged or
             constituted.  2 unauthorized; illegal.

   unchaste  adj.  not chaste.  ЬЬunchastely adv.  unchasteness n.
             unchastity n.

   unchecked adj.  1 not checked.  2 freely allowed; unrestrained (unchecked

             adj.  not chivalrous; rude.  ЬЬunchivalrously adv.

   unchosen  adj.  not chosen.

             adj.  1 a contrary to Christian principles, esp. uncaring or
             selfish.  b not Christian.  2 colloq. outrageous.
             ЬЬunchristianly adv.

   unchurch  v.tr.  1 excommunicate.  2 deprive (a building) of its status as
             a church.

   uncial    adj. & n.  --adj.  1 of or written in majuscule writing with
             rounded unjoined letters found in manuscripts of the 4th-8th c.,
             from which modern capitals are derived.  2 of or relating to an
             inch or an ounce.  --n.  1 an uncial letter.  2 an uncial style
             or MS.  [L uncialis f.  uncia inch: sense 1 in LL sense of
             unciales litterae, the orig. application of which is unclear]

   unciform  n.  = UNCINATE.

   uncinate  adj.  esp. Anat.  hooked; crooked.  [L uncinatus f.  uncinus

             adj.  1 not circumcised.  2 spiritually impure; heathen.
             ЬЬuncircumcision n.

   uncivil   adj.  1 ill-mannered; impolite.  2 not public-spirited.
             ЬЬuncivilly adv.

             adj.  (also uncivilised) 1 not civilized.  2 rough; uncultured.

   unclad    adj.  not clad; naked.

   unclaimed adj.  not claimed.

   unclasp   v.tr.  1 loosen the clasp or clasps of.  2 release the grip of
             (a hand etc.).

             adj.  not classifiable.

             adj.  1 not classified.  2 (of State information) not secret.

   uncle     n.  1 a the brother of one's father or mother.  b an aunt's
             husband.  2 colloq. a name given by children to a male family
             friend.  3 sl.  esp. hist. a pawnbroker.  ЬUncle Sam colloq.
             the federal government or citizens of the US (will fight for
             Uncle Sam).  Uncle Tom derog.  a Black man considered to be
             servile, cringing, etc.  (from the hero of H. B. Stowe's Uncle
             Tom's Cabin, 1852).  [ME f. AF uncle, OF oncle f. LL aunculus f.
             L avunculus maternal uncle: see AVUNCULAR]

   -uncle    suffix forming nouns, usu. diminutives (carbuncle).  [OF -uncle,
             -oncle or L -unculus, -la, a special form of -ulus -ULE]

   unclean   adj.  1 not clean.  2 unchaste.  3 unfit to be eaten;
             ceremonially impure.  4 Bibl. (of a spirit) wicked.  ЬЬuncleanly
             adv.  uncleanly adj.  uncleanliness n.  uncleanness n.  [OE
             uncl‘ne (as UN-(1), CLEAN)]

   unclear   adj.  1 not clear or easy to understand; obscure, uncertain.  2
             (of a person) doubtful, uncertain (I'm unclear as to what you
             mean).  ЬЬunclearly adv.  unclearness n.

   unclench  v.  1 tr. release (clenched hands, features, teeth, etc.).  2
             intr. (of clenched hands etc.) become relaxed or open.

   unclinch  v.tr. & intr.  release or become released from a clinch.

   uncloak   v.tr.  1 expose, reveal.  2 remove a cloak from.

   unclog    v.tr.  (unclogged, unclogging) unblock (a drain, pipe, etc.).

   unclose   v.  1 tr. & intr. open.  2 tr. reveal; disclose.

   unclothe  v.tr.  1 remove the clothes from.  2 strip of leaves or
             vegetation (trees unclothed by the wind).  3 expose, reveal.
             ЬЬunclothed adj.

   unclouded adj.  1 not clouded; clear; bright.  2 untroubled (unclouded

             adj.  not cluttered; austere, simple.

   unco      adj., adv., & n.  Sc.  --adj. strange, unusual; notable.  --adv.
             remarkably; very.  --n.  (pl.  -os) 1 a stranger.  2 (in pl.)
             news.  Ьthe unco guid esp. derog.  the rigidly religious.  [ME,
             var. of UNCOUTH]

   uncoil    v.tr. & intr.  unwind.

             adj.  (US uncolored) 1 having no colour.  2 not influenced;
             impartial.  3 not exaggerated.

   uncombed  adj.  (of hair or a person) not combed.

             adj.  colloq.  inaccessible; unattainable.  [UN-(1) +
             come-at-able: see COME]

   uncomely  adj.  1 improper; unseemly.  2 ugly.

             adj.  1 not comfortable.  2 uneasy; causing or feeling disquiet
             (an uncomfortable silence).  ЬЬuncomfortableness n.
             uncomfortably adv.

             adj.  1 not commercial.  2 contrary to commercial principles.

             adj.  1 not committed.  2 unattached to any specific political
             cause or group.

   uncommon  adj. & adv.  --adj.  1 not common; unusual; remarkable.  2
             remarkably great etc. (an uncommon fear of spiders).  --adv.
             archaic uncommonly (he was uncommon fat).  ЬЬuncommonly adv.
             uncommonness n.

             adj.  not wanting to communicate; taciturn.  ЬЬuncommunicatively
             adv.  uncommunicativeness n.

             adj.  unsociable.

             adj.  not compensated.

             adj.  not competitive.

             adj.  not complaining; resigned.  ЬЬuncomplainingly adv.

             adj.  not completed; incomplete.

             adj.  not complicated; simple; straightforward.

             adj.  not complimentary; insulting.

             adj.  not compounded; unmixed.

             adj.  not comprehending.  ЬЬuncomprehendingly adv.
             uncomprehension n.

             adj.  unwilling to compromise; stubborn; unyielding.
             ЬЬuncompromisingly adv.  uncompromisingness n.

             adj.  not concealed; obvious.

   unconcern n.  lack of concern; indifference; apathy.  ЬЬunconcerned adj.
             unconcernedly adv.

             adj.  not concluded.

             adj.  not subject to conditions; complete (unconditional
             surrender).  ЬЬunconditionality n.  unconditionally adv.

             adj.  1 not subject to conditions or to an antecedent condition.
             2 (of behaviour etc.) not determined by conditioning; natural.
             Ьunconditioned reflex an instinctive response to a stimulus.

             adj.  not confined; boundless.

             adj.  not confirmed.

             adj.  1 not conformable or conforming.  2 (of rock strata) not
             having the same direction of stratification.  3 hist. not
             conforming to the provisions of the Act of Uniformity.
             ЬЬunconformableness n.  unconformably adv.  unconformity n.

             adj.  not congenial.

             adj.  not conjecturable.

             adj.  1 not physically joined.  2 not connected or associated.
             3 (of speech etc.) disconnected; not joined in order or sequence
             (unconnected ideas).  4 not related by family ties.
             ЬЬunconnectedly adv.  unconnectedness n.

             adj.  not conquerable.  ЬЬunconquerableness n.  unconquerably

             adj.  not conquered or defeated.

             adj.  1 a having no conscience.  b contrary to conscience.  2 a
             unreasonably excessive (an unconscionable length of time).  b
             not right or reasonable.  ЬЬunconscionableness n.
             unconscionably adv.  [UN-(1) + obs.  conscionable f.  conscions
             obs. var. of CONSCIENCE]

             adj. & n.  --adj. not conscious (unconscious of any change; fell
             unconscious on the floor; an unconscious prejudice).  --n. that
             part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind but
             which affects behaviour, emotions, etc. (cf.  collective
             unconscious).  ЬЬunconsciously adv.  unconsciousness n.

             adj.  not consecrated.

             adj.  not consenting.

             adj.  1 not considered; disregarded.  2 (of a response etc.)
             immediate; not premeditated.

             adj.  unable to be consoled; inconsolable.  ЬЬunconsolably adv.

             adj.  not in accordance with the political constitution or with
             procedural rules.  ЬЬunconstitutionality n.  unconstitutionally

             adj.  not constrained or compelled.  ЬЬunconstrainedly adv.

             n.  freedom from constraint.

             adj.  not constricted.

             adj.  not consumed.

             adj.  not consummated.

             adj.  not containable.

             adj.  not contaminated.

             adj.  not contested.  ЬЬuncontestedly adv.

             adj.  not contradicted.

             adj.  not controllable.  ЬЬuncontrollableness n.  uncontrollably

             adj.  not controlled; unrestrained, unchecked.

             adj.  not controversial.  ЬЬuncontroversially adv.

             adj.  not controverted.  ЬЬuncontrovertible adj.

             adj.  not bound by convention or custom; unusual; unorthodox.
             ЬЬunconventionalism n.  unconventionality n.  unconventionally

             adj.  not converted.

             adj.  not convinced.

             adj.  not convincing.  ЬЬunconvincingly adv.

   uncooked  adj.  not cooked; raw.

   uncool    adj.  sl.  1 unrelaxed; unpleasant.  2 (of jazz) not cool.

             adj.  not cooperative.  ЬЬuncooperatively adv.

             adj.  1 not coordinated.  2 (of a person's movements etc.)

             adj.  not able to be copied.

   uncord    v.tr.  remove the cord from.

   uncork    v.tr.  1 draw the cork from (a bottle).  2 allow (feelings etc.)
             to be vented.

             adj.  (esp. of evidence etc.) not corroborated.

             adj.  not corrupted.

             adj.  1 inestimable, immense (uncountable wealth).  2 Gram. (of
             a noun) that cannot form a plural or be used with the indefinite
             article (e.g.  happiness).  ЬЬuncountability n.  uncountably

   uncounted adj.  1 not counted.  2 very many; innumerable.

   uncouple  v.tr.  1 release (wagons) from couplings.  2 release (dogs etc.)
             from couples.  ЬЬuncoupled adj.

   uncourtly adj.  not courteous; ill-mannered.

   uncouth   adj.  1 (of a person, manners, appearance, etc.) lacking in ease
             and polish; uncultured, rough (uncouth voices; behaviour was
             uncouth).  2 archaic not known; desolate; wild; uncivilized (an
             uncouth place).  ЬЬuncouthly adv.  uncouthness n.  [OE uncuth
             unknown (as UN-(1) + cuth past part. of cunnan know, CAN(1))]

             adj.  1 not bound by a covenant.  2 not promised by or based on
             a covenant, esp. God's covenant.

   uncover   v.  1 tr.  a remove a cover or covering from.  b make known;
             disclose (uncovered the truth at last).  2 intr.  archaic remove
             one's hat, cap, etc.  3 tr. (as uncovered adj.) a not covered by
             a roof, clothing, etc.  b not wearing a hat.

   uncreate  v.tr.  literary annihilate.

   uncreated adj.  existing without having been created; not created.
             [UN-(1) + obs.  create f. L creatus past part. of creare: see

             adj.  not creative.

             adj.  1 not critical; complacently accepting.  2 not in
             accordance with the principles of criticism.  ЬЬuncritically

   uncropped adj.  not cropped.

   uncross   v.tr.  1 remove (the limbs, knives, etc.) from a crossed
             position.  2 (as uncrossed adj.) a Brit. (of a cheque) not
             crossed.  b not thwarted or challenged.  c not wearing a cross.

   uncrown   v.tr.  1 deprive (a monarch etc.) of a crown.  2 deprive (a
             person) of a position.  3 (as uncrowned adj.) a not crowned.  b
             having the status but not the name of (the uncrowned king of

             adj.  not crushable.

   uncrushed adj.  not crushed.

   UNCSTD    abbr.  United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for

   UNCTAD    abbr.  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

   unction   n.  1 a the act of anointing with oil etc. as a religious rite.
             b the oil etc. so used.  2 a soothing words or thought.  b
             excessive or insincere flattery.  3 a the act of anointing for
             medical purposes.  b an ointment so used.  4 a a fervent or
             sympathetic quality in words or tone caused by or causing deep
             emotion.  b a pretence of this.  [ME f. L unctio f.  ung(u)ere
             unct- anoint]

   unctuous  adj.  1 (of behaviour, speech, etc.) unpleasantly flattering;
             oily.  2 (esp. of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel; oily.
             ЬЬunctuously adv.  unctuousness n.  [ME f. med.L unctuosus f. L
             unctus anointing (as UNCTION)]

   unculled  adj.  not culled.

             adj.  (esp. of land) not cultivated.

             adj.  1 not cultured, unrefined.  2 (of soil or plants) not

   uncurb    v.tr.  remove a curb or curbs from.  ЬЬuncurbed adj.

   uncured   adj.  1 not cured.  2 (of pork etc.) not salted or smoked.

   uncurl    v.intr. & tr.  relax from a curled position, untwist.

             adj.  not curtailed.

             adj.  not curtained.

   uncut     adj.  1 not cut.  2 (of a book) with the pages not cut open or
             with untrimmed margins.  3 (of a book, film, etc.) complete;
             uncensored.  4 (of a stone, esp. a diamond) not shaped by
             cutting.  5 (of fabric) having its pile-loops intact (uncut

   undamaged adj.  not damaged; intact.

   undated   adj.  not provided or marked with a date.

   undaunted adj.  not daunted.  ЬЬundauntedly adv.  undauntedness n.

   undecagon n.  = HENDECAGON.  [L undecim eleven, after decagon]

   undeceive v.tr.  (often foll. by of) free (a person) from a misconception,
             deception, or error.

   undecided adj.  1 not settled or certain (the question is undecided).  2
             hesitating; irresolute (undecided about their relative merits).
             ЬЬundecidedly adv.

             adj.  not decipherable.

             adj.  not declared.

             adj.  not defeated.

             adj.  (esp. of a lawsuit) not defended.

   undefiled adj.  not defiled; pure.

   undefined adj.  1 not defined.  2 not clearly marked; vague, indefinite.
             ЬЬundefinable adj.  undefinably adv.

             adj.  1 not delivered or handed over.  2 not set free or
             released.  3 a (of a pregnant woman) not yet having given birth.
             b (of a child) not yet born.

             adj.  not demanding; easily satisfied.  ЬЬundemandingness n.

             adj.  not democratic.  ЬЬundemocratically adv.

             adj.  not demonstrated.

             adj.  not expressing feelings etc. outwardly; reserved.
             ЬЬundemonstratively adv.  undemonstrativeness n.

             adj.  1 unable to be denied or disputed; certain.  2 excellent
             (was of undeniable character).  ЬЬundeniableness n.  undeniably

   undenied  adj.  not denied.

             adj.  not to be depended upon; unreliable.

   under     prep., adv., & adj.  --prep.  1 a in or to a position lower
             than; below; beneath (fell under the table; under the left eye).
             b within, on the inside of (a surface etc.) (wore a vest under
             his shirt).  2 a inferior to; less than (a captain is under a
             major; is under 18).  b at or for a lower cost than (was under
             њ20).  3 a subject or liable to; controlled or bound by (lives
             under oppression; under pain of death; born under Saturn; the
             country prospered under him).  b undergoing (is under repair).
             c classified or subsumed in (that book goes under biology; goes
             under many names).  4 at the foot of or sheltered by (hid under
             the wall; under the cliff).  5 planted with (a crop).  6 powered
             by (sail, steam, etc.).  7 following (another player in a card
             game).  8 archaic attested by (esp.  under one's hand and seal =
             signature).  --adv.  1 in or to a lower position or condition
             (kept him under).  2 colloq. in or into a state of
             unconsciousness (put him under for the operation).  --adj. lower
             (the under jaw).  Ьunder age see AGE.  under one's arm see
             ARM(1).  under arms see ARM(2).  under one's belt see BELT.
             under one's breath see BREATH.  under canvas see CANVAS.  under
             a cloud see CLOUD.  under control see CONTROL.  under the
             counter see COUNTER(1).  under cover see COVER n.  4.  under
             fire see FIRE.  under foot see FOOT.  under hatches see
             HATCH(1).  under a person's nose see NOSE.  under the rose see
             ROSE(1).  under separate cover in another envelope.  under the
             sun anywhere in the world.  under water in and covered by water.
             under way in motion; in progress.  under the weather see
             WEATHER.  ЬЬundermost adj.  [OE f. Gmc]

   under-    prefix in senses of UNDER: 1 below, beneath (undercarriage;
             underground).  2 lower in status; subordinate (under-secretary).
             3 insufficiently, incompletely (undercook; underdeveloped).  [OE
             (as UNDER)]

             v.intr.  do less well than might be expected (esp.
             scholastically).  ЬЬunderachievement n.  underachiever n.

   underact  v.  1 tr. act (a part etc.) with insufficient force.  2 intr.
             act a part in this way.

   underarm  adj. & adv.  1 Sport, esp. Cricket with the arm below
             shoulder-level.  2 under the arm.  3 in the armpit.

             n.  (pl.  -ies) the under surface of an animal, vehicle, etc.,
             esp. as an area vulnerable to attack.

   underbid  v. & n.  --v.tr.  (-bidding; past and past part.  -bid) 1 make a
             lower bid than (a person).  2 (also absol.) Bridge etc. bid less
             on (one's hand) than its strength warrants.  --n.  1 such a bid.
             2 the act or an instance of underbidding.

             n.  1 the person who makes the bid next below the highest.  2
             Bridge etc. a player who underbids.

   underbody n.  (pl.  -ies) the under surface of the body of an animal,
             vehicle, etc.

   underbred adj.  1 ill-bred, vulgar.  2 not of pure breeding.

             n.  US undergrowth in a forest.

             n.  1 a wheeled structure beneath an aircraft, usu. retracted
             when not in use, to receive the impact on landing and support
             the aircraft on the ground etc.  2 the supporting frame of a

   undercart n.  Brit.  colloq.  the undercarriage of an aircraft.

             v.tr.  1 charge too little for (a thing) or to (a person).  2
             give less than the proper charge to (a gun, an electric battery,

             n.  a subordinate social class.

   underclay n.  a clay bed under a coal seam.

             n.  a terrace or lower cliff formed by a landslip.

             n.pl.  clothes worn under others, esp. next to the skin.

             n.  underclothes collectively.

   undercoat n.  1 a a preliminary layer of paint under the finishing coat.
             b the paint used for this.  2 an animal's under layer of hair or
             down.  3 a coat worn under another.  ЬЬundercoating n.

             adj.  (usu.  attrib.) 1 surreptitious.  2 engaged in spying,
             esp. by working with or among those to be observed (undercover

             n.  a crypt.  [ME f.  UNDER- + croft crypt f. MDu.  crofte cave
             f. med.L crupta for L crypta: see CRYPT]

             n.  1 a current below the surface.  2 an underlying often
             contrary feeling, activity, or influence (an undercurrent of

   undercut  v. & n.  --v.tr.  (-cutting; past and past part.  -cut) 1 sell
             or work at a lower price or lower wages than.  2 Golf strike (a
             ball) so as to make it rise high.  3 a cut away the part below
             or under (a thing).  b cut away material to show (a carved
             design etc.) in relief.  4 render unstable or less firm,
             undermine.  --n.  1 Brit. the underside of a sirloin.  2 US a
             notch cut in a tree-trunk to guide its fall when felled.  3 any
             space formed by the removal or absence of material from the
             lower part of something.

             adj.  1 not fully developed; immature.  2 (of a country etc.)
             below its potential economic level.  3 Photog. not developed
             sufficiently to give a normal image.  ЬЬunderdevelopment n.

   underdog  n.  1 a dog, or usu. a person, losing a fight.  2 a person who
             is in a state of inferiority or subjection.

   underdone adj.  1 not thoroughly done.  2 (of food) lightly or
             insufficiently cooked.

             v.tr. & intr.  dress too plainly or too lightly.

             n.  (pl.  -emphases) an insufficient degree of emphasis.
             ЬЬunderemphasize v.tr.  (also -ise).

             adj.  not fully employed.  ЬЬunderemployment n.

             v. & n.  --v.tr.  form too low an estimate of.  --n.  an
             estimate that is too low.  ЬЬunderestimation n.

             v.tr.  Photog.  expose (film) for too short a time or with
             insufficient light.  ЬЬunderexposure n.

   underfed  adj.  insufficiently fed.

   underfelt n.  felt for laying under a carpet.

             attrib.adj.  situated or operating beneath the floor (underfloor

   underflow n.  an undercurrent.

   underfoot adv.  1 under one's feet.  2 on the ground.  3 in a state of
             subjection.  4 so as to obstruct or inconvenience.

             n.  a piece of underclothing.

   undergird v.tr.  1 make secure underneath.  2 strengthen, support.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 (of painting on porcelain etc.) done before
             the glaze is applied.  2 (of colours) used in such painting.
             --n. underglaze painting.

   undergo   v.tr.  (3rd sing. present -goes; past -went; past part.  -gone)
             be subjected to; suffer; endure.  [OE undergan (as UNDER-,

   undergrad n.  colloq.  = UNDERGRADUATE.  [abbr.]

             n.  a student at a university who has not yet taken a first

             adv., adj., n., & v.  --adv.  1 beneath the surface of the
             ground.  2 in or into secrecy or hiding.  --adj.  1 situated
             underground.  2 secret, hidden, esp. working secretly to subvert
             a ruling power.  3 unconventional, experimental (underground
             press).  --n.  1 an underground railway.  2 a secret group or
             activity, esp. aiming to subvert the established order.  --v.tr.
             lay (cables) below ground level.

             n.  a dense growth of shrubs etc., esp. under large trees.

   underhand adj. & adv.  --adj.  1 secret, clandestine, not above-board.  2
             deceptive, crafty.  3 Sport, esp. Cricket underarm.  --adv.  in
             an underhand manner.  [OE (as UNDER-, HAND)]

             adj. & adv.  = UNDERHAND.

   underhung adj.  1 (of the lower jaw) projecting beyond the upper jaw.  2
             having an underhung jaw.

             v. & n.  --v.tr.  (past and past part.  -laid) lay something
             under (a thing) to support or raise it.  --n.  a thing laid
             under another, esp. material laid under a carpet or mattress as
             protection or support.  [OE underlecgan (as UNDER-, LAY(1))]

             past of UNDERLIE.

             n. & v.tr.  = SUBLEASE.

   underlet  v.tr.  (-letting; past and past part.  -let) 1 sublet.  2 let at
             less than the true value.

   underlie  v.tr.  (-lying; past -lay; past part.  -lain) 1 (also absol.)
             lie or be situated under (a stratum etc.).  2 (also absol.)
             (esp. as underlying adj.) (of a principle, reason, etc.) be the
             basis of (a doctrine, law, conduct, etc.).  3 exist beneath the
             superficial aspect of.  [OE underlicgan (as UNDER-, LIE(1))]

   underline v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 draw a line under (a word etc.) to give
             emphasis or draw attention or indicate italic or other special
             type.  2 emphasize, stress.  --n.  1 a line drawn under a word
             etc.  2 a caption below an illustration.

             n.  underclothes esp. of linen.

   underling n.  usu.  derog.  a subordinate.

             pres. part. of UNDERLIE.

             adj.  having too few people as crew or staff.

             adj.  Brit.  mentioned at a later place in a book etc.

   undermine v.tr.  1 injure (a person, reputation, influence, etc.) by
             secret or insidious means.  2 weaken, injure, or wear out
             (health etc.) imperceptibly or insidiously.  3 wear away the
             base or foundation of (rivers undermine their banks).  4 make a
             mine or excavation under.  ЬЬunderminer n.  underminingly adv.
             [ME f.  UNDER- + MINE(2)]

             prep., adv., n., & adj.  --prep.  1 at or to a lower place than,
             below.  2 on the inside of, within.  --adv.  1 at or to a lower
             place.  2 inside.  --n. the lower surface or part.  --adj.
             lower.  [OE underneothan (as UNDER + neothan: cf.  BENEATH)]

             adj.  insufficiently nourished.  ЬЬundernourishment n.

   underpaid past and past part. of UNDERPAY.

             n.pl.  an undergarment, esp. men's, covering the lower part of
             the body and part of the legs.

             n.  1 a lower part, esp. of an animal.  2 a subordinate part in
             a play etc.

   underpass n.  1 a road etc. passing under another.  2 a crossing of this

   underpay  v.tr.  (past and past part.  -paid) pay too little to (a person)
             or for (a thing).  ЬЬunderpayment n.

   underpin  v.tr.  (-pinned, -pinning) 1 support from below with masonry
             etc.  2 support, strengthen.

             v.tr.  (usu. foll. by with) plant or cultivate the ground about
             (a tall plant) with smaller ones.

   underplay v.  1 tr. play down the importance of.  2 intr. & tr.  Theatr.
             a perform with deliberate restraint.  b underact.

   underplot n.  a subordinate plot in a play etc.

             adj.  having an insufficient or very small population.

             v.tr.  price lower than what is usual or appropriate.

             adj.  1 less privileged than others.  2 not enjoying the normal
             standard of living or rights in a society.

             n.  production of less than is usual or required.

             adj.  containing less alcohol than proof spirit does.

   underprop v.tr.  (-propped, -propping) 1 support with a prop.  2 support,

             v.tr.  1 quote a lower price than (a person).  2 quote a lower
             price than others for (goods etc.).

   underrate v.tr.  have too low an opinion of.

             v. & n.  --v.tr.  = UNDERLINE v.  --n.  = UNDERLINE n.  1.

   undersea  adj.  below the sea or the surface of the sea, submarine.

   underseal v. & n.  --v.tr. seal the under-part of (esp. a motor vehicle
             against rust etc.).  --n. a protective coating for this.

             n.  (pl.  -ies) a subordinate official, esp. a junior minister
             or senior civil servant.

   undersell v.tr.  (past and past part.  -sold) 1 sell at a lower price than
             (another seller).  2 sell at less than the true value.

   underset  v. & n.  --v.tr.  (-setting; past and past part.  -set) place
             something under (a thing).  --n.  Naut. an undercurrent.

             adj.  having unusually weak sexual desires.

             n.  a deputy sheriff.

             n.  esp.  US an undergarment worn under a shirt; a vest.

             v. & n.  --v.tr.  (past and past part.  -shot) 1 (of an
             aircraft) land short of (a runway etc.).  2 shoot short of or
             below.  --n.  the act or an instance of undershooting.

             n.  US short underpants; trunks.

   undershot adj.  1 (of a water-wheel) turned by water flowing under it.  2
             = UNDERHUNG.

             n.  = SUBSHRUB.

   underside n.  the lower or under side or surface.

             adj.  whose signature is appended (we, the undersigned, wish to

             adj.  of less than the usual size.

             n.  a skirt worn under another; a petticoat.

             adj.  1 supported from above.  2 (of a vehicle chassis) hanging
             lower than the axles.

   undersold past and past part. of UNDERSELL.

   undersow  v.tr.  (past part.  -sown) 1 sow (a later-growing crop) on land
             already seeded with another crop.  2 (foll. by with) sow land
             already seeded with (a crop) with a later-growing crop.

             v.  (past and past part.  -spent) 1 tr. spend less than (a
             specified amount).  2 intr. & refl. spend too little.

             adj.  having too few staff.

             v.  (past and past part.  -stood) 1 tr. perceive the meaning of
             (words, a person, a language, etc.)  (does not understand what
             you say; understood you perfectly; cannot understand French).  2
             tr. perceive the significance or explanation or cause of (do not
             understand why he came; could not understand what the noise was
             about; do not understand the point of his remark).  3 tr. be
             sympathetically aware of the character or nature of, know how to
             deal with (quite understand your difficulty; cannot understand
             him at all; could never understand algebra).  4 tr.  a (often
             foll. by that + clause) infer esp. from information received,
             take as implied, take for granted (I understand that it begins
             at noon; I understand him to be a distant relation; am I to
             understand that you refuse?).  b (absol.) believe or assume from
             knowledge or inference (he is coming tomorrow, I understand).  5
             tr. supply (a word) mentally (the verb may be either expressed
             or understood).  6 intr. have understanding (in general or in
             particular).  Ьunderstand each other 1 know each other's views
             or feelings.  2 be in agreement or collusion.  ЬЬunderstandable
             adj.  understandably adv.  understander n.  [OE understandan (as
             UNDER-, STAND)]

             n. & adj.  --n.  1 a the ability to understand or think;
             intelligence.  b the power of apprehension; the power of
             abstract thought.  2 an individual's perception or judgement of
             a situation etc.  3 an agreement; a thing agreed upon, esp.
             informally (had an understanding with the rival company;
             consented only on this understanding).  4 harmony in opinion or
             feeling (disturbed the good understanding between them).  5
             sympathetic awareness or tolerance.  --adj.  1 having
             understanding or insight or good judgement.  2 sympathetic to
             others' feelings.  ЬЬunderstandingly adv.  [OE (as UNDERSTAND)]

             v.tr.  1 express in greatly or unduly restrained terms.  2
             represent as being less than it actually is.  ЬЬunderstatement
             n.  understater n.

             n. & v.  --n. a tendency of a motor vehicle to turn less sharply
             than was intended.  --v.intr. have such a tendency.

             past and past part. of UNDERSTAND.

             n.  (pl.  -eys) 1 a layer of vegetation beneath the main canopy
             of a forest.  2 the plants forming this.

             n. & v.  esp. Theatr.  --n.  (pl.  -ies) a person who studies
             another's role or duties in order to act at short notice in the
             absence of the other.  --v.tr.  (-ies, -ied) 1 study (a role
             etc.) as an understudy.  2 act as an understudy to (a person).

             adj.  without sufficient subscribers, participants, etc.

             n.  the lower or under surface.

   undertake v.tr.  (past -took; past part.  -taken) 1 bind oneself to
             perform, make oneself responsible for, engage in, enter upon
             (work, an enterprise, a responsibility).  2 (usu. foll. by to +
             infin.) accept an obligation, promise.  3 guarantee, affirm (I
             will undertake that he has not heard a word).

             n.  1 a person whose business is to make arrangements for
             funerals.  2 also a person who undertakes to do something.  3
             hist. an influential person in 17th-century England who
             undertook to procure particular legislation, esp. to obtain
             supplies from the House of Commons if the king would grant some

             n.  1 work etc. undertaken, an enterprise (a serious
             undertaking).  2 a pledge or promise.  3 the management of
             funerals as a profession.

             n.  a subtenant.  ЬЬundertenancy n.  (pl.  -ies).

             n.pl.  colloq.  underclothes.

   undertint n.  a subdued tint.

   undertone n.  1 a subdued tone of sound or colour.  2 an underlying
             quality.  3 an undercurrent of feeling.

   undertook past of UNDERTAKE.

   undertow  n.  a current below the surface of the sea moving in the
             opposite direction to the surface current.

             n.  Bridge a trick by which the declarer falls short of his or
             her contract.

             v.tr.  (-values, -valued, -valuing) 1 value insufficiently.  2
             underestimate.  ЬЬundervaluation n.

   undervest n.  Brit.  an undergarment worn on the upper part of the body; a

             adj. & adv.  --adj. situated or done under water.  --adv. under

   underwear n.  underclothes.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  weighing less than is normal or desirable.
             --n.  insufficient weight.

   underwent past of UNDERGO.

             v.tr.  joc.  fail to impress.  [after OVERWHELM]

   underwing n.  a wing placed under or partly covered by another.

   underwood n.  undergrowth.

   underwork v.  1 tr. impose too little work on.  2 intr. do too little

             n.  1 the part of society comprising those who live by organized
             crime and immorality.  2 the mythical abode of the dead under
             the earth.  3 the antipodes.

             v.  (past -wrote; past part.  -written) 1 a tr. sign, and accept
             liability under (an insurance policy, esp.  on shipping etc.).
             b tr. accept (liability) in this way.  c intr. practice (marine)
             insurance.  2 tr. undertake to finance or support.  3 tr. engage
             to buy all the stock in (a company etc.) not bought by the
             public.  4 tr. write below (the underwritten names).
             ЬЬunderwriter n.

             adj.  Med.  (of a testicle) remaining in the abdomen instead of
             descending normally into the scrotum.

             adj.  not deserved (as reward or punishment).  ЬЬundeservedly

             adj.  not deserving.  ЬЬundeservingly adv.

             adj.  unintentional.  ЬЬundesignedly adv.

             adj. & n.  --adj. not desirable, objectionable, unpleasant.
             --n. an undesirable person.  ЬЬundesirability n.
             undesirableness n.  undesirably adv.

   undesired adj.  not desired.

             adj.  not desirous.

             adj.  not detectable.  ЬЬundetectability n.  undetectably adv.

             adj.  not detected.

             adj.  = UNDECIDED.

             adj.  not deterred.

             adj.  not developed.

             adj.  not deviating; steady, constant.  ЬЬundeviatingly adv.

             adj.  not diagnosed.

   undid     past of UNDO.

   undies    n.pl.  colloq.  (esp. women's) underclothes.  [abbr.]

             adj.  not differentiated; amorphous.

             adj.  1 not digested.  2 (esp. of information, facts, etc.) not
             properly arranged or considered.

             adj.  lacking dignity.

   undiluted adj.  not diluted.

             adj.  not diminished or lessened.

   undine    n.  a female water-spirit.  [mod.L undina (word invented by
             Paracelsus) f. L unda wave]

             adj.  tactless.  ЬЬundiplomatically adv.

             adj.  (esp. of a bankrupt or a debt) not discharged.

             n.  lack of discipline.

             adj.  lacking discipline; not disciplined.

             adj.  not revealed or made known.

             adj.  that cannot be discovered.

             adj.  not discovered.

             adj.  not showing good judgement.

             adj.  not disguised.  ЬЬundisguisedly adv.

             adj.  not dismayed.

             adj.  not disputed or called in question.

             adj.  not dissolved.

             adj.  (often foll. by from) indistinguishable.

             adj.  not distinguished; mediocre.

             adj.  not distributed.  Ьundistributed middle Logic a fallacy
             resulting from the failure of the middle term of a syllogism to
             refer to all the members of a class.

             adj.  not disturbed or interfered with.

   undivided adj.  not divided or shared; whole, entire (gave him my
             undivided attention).

   undo      v.tr.  (3rd sing. present -does; past -did; past part.  -done) 1
             a unfasten or untie (a coat, button, parcel, etc.).  b unfasten
             the clothing of (a person).  2 annul, cancel (cannot undo the
             past).  3 ruin the prospects, reputation, or morals of.  [OE
             undon (as UN-(2), DO(1))]

   undock    v.tr.  1 (also absol.) separate (a spacecraft) from another in
             space.  2 take (a ship) out of a dock.

             adj.  1 US not having the appropriate document.  2 not proved by
             or recorded in documents.

   undoing   n.  1 ruin or a cause of ruin.  2 the process of reversing what
             has been done.  3 the action of opening or unfastening.

             adj.  not domesticated.

   undone    adj.  1 not done; incomplete (left the job undone).  2 not
             fastened (left the buttons undone).  3 archaic ruined.

             adj.  that cannot be doubted; indubitable.

   undoubted adj.  certain, not questioned, not regarded as doubtful.
             ЬЬundoubtedly adv.

   undrained adj.  not drained.

   undraped  adj.  1 not covered with drapery.  2 naked.

   undreamed adj.  (also undreamt) (often foll. by of) not dreamed or thought
             of or imagined.

   undress   v. & n.  --v.  1 intr. take off one's clothes.  2 tr. take the
             clothes off (a person).  --n.  1 ordinary dress as opposed to
             full dress or uniform.  2 casual or informal dress.

   undressed adj.  1 not or no longer dressed; partly or wholly naked.  2 (of
             leather etc.) not treated.  3 (of food) not having a dressing.

             adj.  unfit for drinking.

   undue     adj.  1 excessive, disproportionate.  2 not suitable.  3 not
             owed.  Ьundue influence Law influence by which a person is
             induced to act otherwise than by his or her own free will, or
             without adequate attention to the consequences.  ЬЬunduly adv.

   undulant  adj.  moving like waves; fluctuating.  Ьundulant fever
             brucellosis in humans.  [L undulare (as UNDULATE)]

   undulate  v. & adj.  --v.  intr. & tr. have or cause to have a wavy motion
             or look.  --adj.  wavy, going alternately up and down or in and
             out (leaves with undulate margins).  ЬЬundulately adv.  [LL
             undulatus f. L unda wave]

             n.  1 a wavy motion or form, a gentle rise and fall.  2 each
             wave of this.  3 a set of wavy lines.

             adj.  1 undulating, wavy.  2 of or due to undulation.

   undutiful adj.  not dutiful.  ЬЬundutifully adv.  undutifulness n.

   undyed    adj.  not dyed.

   undying   adj.  1 immortal.  2 never-ending (undying love).  ЬЬundyingly

   unearned  adj.  not earned.  Ьunearned income income from interest
             payments etc. as opposed to salary, wages, or fees.  unearned
             increment an increase in the value of property not due to the
             owner's labour or outlay.

   unearth   v.tr.  1 a discover by searching or in the course of digging or
             rummaging.  b dig out of the earth.  2 drive (a fox etc.) from
             its earth.

   unearthly adj.  1 supernatural, mysterious.  2 colloq. absurdly early or
             inconvenient (an unearthly hour).  3 not earthly.
             ЬЬunearthliness n.

   unease    n.  lack of ease, discomfort, distress.

   uneasy    adj.  (uneasier, uneasiest) 1 disturbed or uncomfortable in mind
             or body (passed an uneasy night).  2 disturbing (had an uneasy
             suspicion).  ЬЬuneasily adv.  uneasiness n.

   uneatable adj.  not able to be eaten, esp. because of its condition (cf.

   uneaten   adj.  not eaten; left undevoured.

             adj.  not economic; incapable of being profitably operated etc.
             ЬЬuneconomically adv.

             adj.  not economical; wasteful.

             adj.  not edifying, esp. uninstructive or degrading.
             ЬЬunedifyingly adv.

   unedited  adj.  not edited.

             adj.  not educated.  ЬЬuneducable adj.

             adj.  (of a candidate, party, etc.) holding views likely to
             bring defeat at an election.

             adj.  not embellished or decorated.

             adj.  not emotional; lacking emotion.  ЬЬunemotionally adv.

             adj.  not emphatic.  ЬЬunemphatically adv.

             adj. & n.  --adj. unfitted for paid employment.  --n. an
             unemployable person.  ЬЬunemployability n.

             adj.  1 not having paid employment; out of work.  2 not in use.

             n.  1 the state of being unemployed.  2 the condition or extent
             of this in a country or region etc.  (the North has higher
             unemployment).  Ьunemployment benefit a payment made by the
             State or (in the US) a trade union to an unemployed person.

             adj.  not enclosed.

             adj.  1 (of an estate) not having any liabilities (e.g. a
             mortgage) on it.  2 having no encumbrance; free.

   unending  adj.  having or apparently having no end.  ЬЬunendingly adv.
             unendingness n.

   unendowed adj.  not endowed.

             adj.  that cannot be endured.  ЬЬunendurably adv.

   unengaged adj.  not engaged; uncommitted.

             adj.  1 not characteristic of the English.  2 not English.

             adj.  not enjoyable.

             adj.  not enlightened.

             adj.  not enterprising.

             adj.  not enthusiastic.  ЬЬunenthusiastically adv.

             adj.  not enviable.  ЬЬunenviably adv.

   unenvied  adj.  not envied.

   unequal   adj.  1 (often foll. by to) not equal.  2 of varying quality.  3
             lacking equal advantage to both sides (an unequal bargain).
             ЬЬunequally adv.

             v.tr.  (also -ise) make unequal.

             adj.  superior to all others.

             adj.  not equipped.

             adj.  not ambiguous, plain, unmistakable.  ЬЬunequivocally adv.
             unequivocalness n.

   unerring  adj.  not erring, failing, or missing the mark; true, certain.
             ЬЬunerringly adv.  unerringness n.

             adj.  inescapable.

   UNESCO    abbr.  (also Unesco) United Nations Educational, Scientific, and
             Cultural Organization.

             adj.  not escorted.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 not essential (cf.  INESSENTIAL).  2 not of
             the first importance.  --n. an unessential part or thing.

             adj.  not established.

   unethical adj.  not ethical, esp. unscrupulous in business or professional
             conduct.  ЬЬunethically adv.

             adj.  not evangelical.

   uneven    adj.  1 not level or smooth.  2 not uniform or equable.  3 (of a
             contest) unequal.  ЬЬunevenly adv.  unevenness n.  [OE unefen
             (as UN-(1), EVEN(1))]

             adj.  not eventful.  ЬЬuneventfully adv.  uneventfulness n.

             adj.  not examined.

             adj.  having no precedent or parallel.

             adj.  with which no fault can be found; entirely satisfactory.
             ЬЬunexceptionableness n.  unexceptionably adv.

             adj.  not out of the ordinary; usual, normal.  ЬЬunexceptionally

             adj.  not easily excited.  ЬЬunexcitability n.

             adj.  not exciting; dull.

             adj.  not carried out or put into effect.

             adj.  1 not used up, expended, or brought to an end.  2 not

             adj.  not expected; surprising.  ЬЬunexpectedly adv.
             unexpectedness n.

   unexpired adj.  that has not yet expired.

             adj.  inexplicable.  ЬЬunexplainably adv.

             adj.  not explained.

             adj.  (of resources etc.) not exploited.

             adj.  not explored.

   unexposed adj.  not exposed.

             adj.  not expressed or made known (unexpressed fears).

             adj.  (esp. of a text etc.) not expurgated; complete.

             adj.  that cannot be faced or confronted.

   unfading  adj.  that never fades.  ЬЬunfadingly adv.

   unfailing adj.  1 not failing.  2 not running short.  3 constant.  4
             reliable.  ЬЬunfailingly adv.  unfailingness n.

   unfair    adj.  1 not equitable or honest (obtained by unfair means).  2
             not impartial or according to the rules (unfair play).
             ЬЬunfairly adv.  unfairness n.  [OE unf‘ger (as UN-(1),

             adj.  1 not faithful, esp. adulterous.  2 not loyal.  3
             treacherous.  ЬЬunfaithfully adv.  unfaithfulness n.

             adj.  not faltering; steady, resolute.  ЬЬunfalteringly adv.

             adj.  not familiar.  ЬЬunfamiliarity n.

             adj.  not fashionable.  ЬЬunfashionableness n.  unfashionably

             adj.  not made into its proper shape.

   unfasten  v.  1 tr. & intr. make or become loose.  2 tr. open the
             fastening(s) of.  3 tr. detach.

             adj.  1 that has not been fastened.  2 that has been loosened,
             opened, or detached.

             adj.  1 having no known or acknowledged father; illegitimate.  2
             of unknown origin (unfathered rumours).

             adj.  not befitting a father.  ЬЬunfatherliness n.

             adj.  incapable of being fathomed.  ЬЬunfathomableness n.
             unfathomably adv.

             adj.  1 of unascertained depth.  2 not fully explored or known.

             adj.  (US unfavorable) not favourable; adverse, hostile.
             ЬЬunfavourableness n.  unfavourably adv.

             adj.  (US unfavorite) colloq.  least favourite; most disliked.

   unfazed   adj.  colloq.  untroubled; not disconcerted.

             adj.  not feasible; impractical.  ЬЬunfeasibility n.  unfeasibly

   unfed     adj.  not fed.

   unfeeling adj.  1 unsympathetic, harsh, not caring about others' feelings.
             2 lacking sensation or sensitivity.  ЬЬunfeelingly adv.
             unfeelingness n.  [OE unfelende (as UN-(1), FEELING)]

   unfeigned adj.  genuine, sincere.  ЬЬunfeignedly adv.

   unfelt    adj.  not felt.

             adj.  not in accordance with, or appropriate to, female
             character.  ЬЬunfemininity n.

   unfenced  adj.  1 not provided with fences.  2 unprotected.

             adj.  not fermented.

             adj.  (also unfertilised) not fertilized.

   unfetter  v.tr.  release from fetters.

             adj.  unrestrained, unrestricted.

   unfilial  adj.  not befitting a son or daughter.  ЬЬunfilially adv.

   unfilled  adj.  not filled.

             adj.  1 not filtered.  2 (of a cigarette) not provided with a

             adj.  not finished; incomplete.

   unfit     adj. & v.  --adj. (often foll. by for, or to + infin.) not fit.
             --v.tr.  (unfitted, unfitting) (usu. foll. by for) make
             unsuitable.  ЬЬunfitly adv.  unfitness n.

   unfitted  adj.  1 not fit.  2 not fitted or suited.  3 not provided with

   unfitting adj.  not fitting or suitable, unbecoming.  ЬЬunfittingly adv.

   unfix     v.tr.  1 release or loosen from a fixed state.  2 detach.

   unfixed   adj.  not fixed.

             adj.  tireless, persistent.  ЬЬunflaggingly adv.

             adj.  colloq.  imperturbable; remaining calm in a crisis.
             ЬЬunflappability n.  unflappably adv.

             adj.  not flattering.  ЬЬunflatteringly adv.

             adj.  not flavoured.

   unfledged adj.  1 (of a person) inexperienced.  2 (of a bird) not yet

   unfleshed adj.  1 not covered with flesh.  2 stripped of flesh.

             adj.  not flinching.  ЬЬunflinchingly adv.

   unfocused adj.  (also unfocussed) not focused.

   unfold    v.  1 tr. open the fold or folds of, spread out.  2 tr. reveal
             (thoughts etc.).  3 intr. become opened out.  4 intr. develop.
             ЬЬunfoldment n.  US.  [OE unfealdan (as UN-(2), FOLD(1))]

   unforced  adj.  1 not produced by effort; easy, natural.  2 not compelled
             or constrained.  ЬЬunforcedly adv.

             adj.  that cannot be forded.

             adj.  not foreseeable.

             adj.  not foreseen.

             adj.  not foretold; unpredicted.

             adj.  that cannot be forgotten; memorable, wonderful (an
             unforgettable experience).  ЬЬunforgettably adv.

             adj.  that cannot be forgiven.  ЬЬunforgivably adv.

             adj.  not forgiven.

             adj.  not forgiving.  ЬЬunforgivingly adv.  unforgivingness n.

             adj.  not forgotten.

   unformed  adj.  1 not formed.  2 shapeless.  3 not developed.

             adj.  not formulated.

             adj.  not forthcoming.

             adj.  not fortified.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 having bad fortune; unlucky.  2 unhappy.  3
             regrettable.  4 disastrous.  --n. an unfortunate person.

             adv.  1 (qualifying a whole sentence) it is unfortunate that.  2
             in an unfortunate manner.

   unfounded adj.  having no foundation (unfounded hopes; unfounded rumour).
             ЬЬunfoundedly adv.  unfoundedness n.

   unframed  adj.  (esp. of a picture) not framed.

   unfreeze  v.  (past unfroze; past part.  unfrozen) 1 tr. cause to thaw.  2
             intr. thaw.  3 tr. remove restrictions from, make (assets,
             credits, etc.) realizable.

             adj.  not frequented.

             adj.  literary without friends.

             adj.  (unfriendlier, unfriendliest) not friendly.
             ЬЬunfriendliness n.

   unfrock   v.tr.  = DEFROCK.

   unfroze   past of UNFREEZE.

   unfrozen  past part. of UNFREEZE.

             adj.  1 not producing good results, unprofitable.  2 not
             producing fruit or crops.  ЬЬunfruitfully adv.  unfruitfulness

             adj.  not fulfilled.  ЬЬunfulfillable adj.

   unfunded  adj.  (of a debt) not funded.

   unfunny   adj.  (unfunnier, unfunniest) not amusing (though meant to be).
             ЬЬunfunnily adv.  unfunniness n.

   unfurl    v.  1 tr. spread out (a sail, umbrella, etc.).  2 intr. become
             spread out.

             adj.  1 (usu. foll. by with) not supplied.  2 without furniture.

   ungainly  adj.  (of a person, animal, or movement) awkward, clumsy.
             ЬЬungainliness n.  [UN-(1) + obs.  gainly graceful ult. f. ON
             gegn straight]

   ungallant adj.  not gallant.  ЬЬungallantly adv.

             adj.  not generous; mean.  ЬЬungenerously adv.  ungenerousness

   ungenial  adj.  not genial.

   ungentle  adj.  not gentle.  ЬЬungentleness n.  ungently adv.

             adj.  not gentlemanly.  ЬЬungentlemanliness n.

             adj.  colloq.  inaccessible.

   ungifted  adj.  not gifted or talented.

   ungird    v.tr.  1 release the girdle, belt, or girth of.  2 release or
             take off by undoing a belt or girth.

   unglazed  adj.  not glazed.

   ungloved  adj.  not wearing a glove or gloves.

   ungodly   adj.  1 impious, wicked.  2 colloq. outrageous (an ungodly hour
             to arrive).  ЬЬungodliness n.

             adj.  uncontrollable, violent.  ЬЬungovernability n.
             ungovernably adv.

             adj.  not graceful.  ЬЬungracefully adv.  ungracefulness n.

             adj.  1 not kindly or courteous; unkind.  2 unattractive.
             ЬЬungraciously adv.  ungraciousness n.

             adj.  contrary to the rules of grammar.  ЬЬungrammaticality n.
             ungrammatically adv.  ungrammaticalness n.

             adj.  that cannot be grasped or comprehended.

             adj.  1 not feeling or showing gratitude.  2 not pleasant or
             acceptable.  ЬЬungratefully adv.  ungratefulness n.

             adj.  1 having no basis or justification; unfounded.  2 Electr.
             not earthed.  3 (foll. by in a subject) not properly instructed.
             4 (of an aircraft, ship, etc.) no longer grounded.

             adj.  not grudging.  ЬЬungrudgingly adv.

   ungual    adj.  of, like, or bearing a nail, hoof, or claw.  [L UNGUIS]

   unguard   v.tr.  Cards discard a low card that was protecting (a high
             card) from capture.

   unguarded adj.  1 incautious, thoughtless (an unguarded remark).  2 not
             guarded; without a guard.  ЬЬunguardedly adv.  unguardedness n.

   unguent   n.  a soft substance used as ointment or for lubrication.  [L
             unguentum f.  unguere anoint]

             adj.  that cannot be guessed or imagined.

             adj.  1 Zool. having one or more nails or claws.  2 Bot. (of
             petals) having an unguis.  [mod.L unguiculatus f.  unguiculus
             dimin. of UNGUIS]

   unguided  adj.  not guided in a particular path or direction; left to take
             its own course.

   unguis    n.  (pl.  ungues) 1 Bot. the narrow base of a petal.  2 Zool. a
             nail or claw.  [L]

   ungula    n.  (pl.  ungulae) a hoof or claw.  [L, dimin. of UNGUIS]

   ungulate  adj. & n.  --adj. hoofed.  --n. a hoofed mammal.  [LL ungulatus
             f.  UNGULA]

             adj.  1 not consecrated.  2 not sacred; unholy, wicked.

             adj.  not hampered.

   unhand    v.tr.  rhet. or joc.  1 take one's hands off (a person).  2
             release from one's grasp.

             adj.  not handsome.

   unhandy   adj.  1 not easy to handle or manage; awkward.  2 not skilful in
             using the hands.  ЬЬunhandily adv.  unhandiness n.

   unhang    v.tr.  (past and past part.  unhung) take down from a hanging

   unhappy   adj.  (unhappier, unhappiest) 1 not happy, miserable.  2
             unsuccessful, unfortunate.  3 causing misfortune.  4 disastrous.
             5 inauspicious.  ЬЬunhappily adv.  unhappiness n.

   unharbour v.tr.  Brit.  dislodge (a deer) from a covert.

   unharmed  adj.  not harmed.

   unharmful adj.  not harmful.

             adj.  not harmonious.

   unharness v.tr.  remove a harness from.

   unhasp    v.tr.  free from a hasp or catch; unfasten.

   unhatched adj.  (of an egg etc.) not hatched.

             adj.  harmful to health, unwholesome.  ЬЬunhealthfulness n.

   unhealthy adj.  (unhealthier, unhealthiest) 1 not in good health.  2 a (of
             a place etc.) harmful to health.  b unwholesome.  c sl.
             dangerous to life.  ЬЬunhealthily adv.  unhealthiness n.

   unheard   adj.  1 not heard.  2 (usu.  unheard-of) unprecedented, unknown.

   unheated  adj.  not heated.

   unheeded  adj.  not heeded; disregarded.

   unheedful adj.  heedless; taking no notice.

   unheeding adj.  not giving heed; heedless.  ЬЬunheedingly adv.

   unhelpful adj.  not helpful.  ЬЬunhelpfully adv.  unhelpfulness n.

             adj.  not heralded; unannounced.

   unheroic  adj.  not heroic.  ЬЬunheroically adv.

             adj.  without hesitation.  ЬЬunhesitatingly adv.
             unhesitatingness n.

             adj.  not hindered.

   unhinge   v.tr.  1 take (a door etc.) off its hinges.  2 (esp. as unhinged
             adj.) unsettle or disorder (a person's mind etc.), make (a
             person) crazy.

             adj.  not historic or historical.

             adj.  not historical.  ЬЬunhistorically adv.

   unhitch   v.tr.  1 release from a hitched state.  2 unhook, unfasten.

   unholy    adj.  (unholier, unholiest) 1 impious, profane, wicked.  2
             colloq. dreadful, outrageous (made an unholy row about it).  3
             not holy.  ЬЬunholiness n.  [OE unhalig (as UN-(1), HOLY)]

             adj.  not honoured.

   unhook    v.tr.  1 remove from a hook or hooks.  2 unfasten by releasing a
             hook or hooks.

   unhoped   adj.  (foll. by for) not hoped for or expected.

   unhorse   v.tr.  1 throw or drag from a horse.  2 (of a horse) throw (a
             rider).  3 dislodge, overthrow.

   unhouse   v.tr.  deprive of shelter; turn out of a house.

   unhuman   adj.  1 not human.  2 superhuman.  3 inhuman, brutal.

   unhung(1) adj.  1 not (yet) executed by hanging.  2 not hung up (for

   unhung(2) past and past part. of UNHANG.

   unhurried adj.  not hurried.  ЬЬunhurriedly adv.

   unhurt    adj.  not hurt.

   unhusk    v.tr.  remove a husk or shell from.

             adj.  not hygienic.  ЬЬunhygienically adv.

             adj.  not hyphenated.

   uni       n.  (pl.  unis) esp.  Austral. & NZ colloq.  a university.

   uni-      comb. form one; having or consisting of one.  [L f.  unus one]

   Uniat     adj. & n.  (also Uniate) --adj. of or relating to any community
             of Christians in E. Europe or the Near East that acknowledges
             papal supremacy but retains its own liturgy etc.  --n. a member
             of such a community.  [Russ.  uniyat f.  uniya f. L unio UNION]

   uniaxial  adj.  having a single axis.  ЬЬuniaxially adv.

             adj.  with a single legislative chamber.

   UNICEF    abbr.  United Nations Children's (orig. International Children's
             Emergency) Fund.

             adj.  (of an organism, organ, tissue, etc.) consisting of a
             single cell.

   unicolour adj.  (also unicoloured) of one colour.

   unicorn   n.  1 a a fabulous animal with a horse's body and a single
             straight horn.  b a heraldic representation of this, with a
             twisted horn, a deer's feet, a goat's beard, and a lion's tail.
             c used in old translations of the Old Testament for the Hebrew
             re'em, a two-horned animal, probably a wild ox.  2 a a pair of
             horses and a third horse in front.  b an equipage with these.  3
             (in full unicorn whale or sea-unicorn) the narwhal.  [ME f. OF
             unicorne f. L unicornis f.  UNI- + cornu horn, transl. Gk

   unicuspid adj. & n.  --adj. with one cusp.  --n. a unicuspid tooth.

   unicycle  n.  a single-wheeled cycle, esp. as used by acrobats.
             ЬЬunicyclist n.

   unidea'd  adj.  having no ideas.

   unideal   adj.  not ideal.

             adj.  unable to be identified.

             adj.  not identified.

             adj.  having (only) one dimension.

             adj.  having only one direction of motion, operation, etc.
             ЬЬunidirectionality n.  unidirectionally adv.

             n.  the act or an instance of unifying; the state of being
             unified.  ЬUnification Church a religious organization founded
             in 1954 in Korea by Sun Myung Moon (cf.  MOONIE).  ЬЬunificatory

   uniflow   adj.  involving flow (esp. of steam or waste gases) in one
             direction only.

   uniform   adj., n., & v.  --adj.  1 not changing in form or character; the
             same, unvarying (present a uniform appearance; all of uniform
             size and shape).  2 conforming to the same standard, rules, or
             pattern.  3 constant in the course of time (uniform
             acceleration).  4 (of a tax, law, etc.) not varying with time or
             place.  --n. uniform distinctive clothing worn by members of the
             same body, e.g. by soldiers, police, and schoolchildren.
             --v.tr.  1 clothe in uniform (a uniformed officer).  2 make
             uniform.  ЬЬuniformly adv.  [F uniforme or L uniformis (as UNI-,

             adj. & n.  --adj. of the theory that geological processes are
             always due to continuously and uniformly operating forces.  --n.
             a holder of this theory.  ЬЬuniformitarianism n.

             n.  (pl.  -ies) 1 being uniform; sameness, consistency.  2 an
             instance of this.  ЬAct of Uniformity hist.  any of four acts
             (esp. that of 1662) for securing uniformity in public worship
             and the use of a particular Book of Common Prayer.  [ME f. OF
             uniformit‚ or LL uniformitas (as UNIFORM)]

   unify     v.tr.  (also absol.) (-ies, -ied) reduce to unity or uniformity.
             Ьunified field theory Physics a theory that seeks to explain all
             the field phenomena (e.g. gravitation and electromagnetism: see
             FIELD n.  9) formerly treated by separate theories.  ЬЬunifier
             n.  [F unifier or LL unificare (as UNI-, -FY)]

             adj.  1 performed by or affecting only one person or party
             (unilateral disarmament; unilateral declaration of
             independence).  2 one-sided.  3 (of the parking of vehicles)
             restricted to one side of the street.  4 (of leaves) all on the
             same side of the stem.  5 (of a line of descent) through
             ancestors of one sex only.  ЬЬunilaterally adv.

             n.  1 unilateral disarmament.  2 US the pursuit of a foreign
             policy without allies.  ЬЬunilateralist n. & adj.

             adj.  of or in only one language.  ЬЬunilingually adv.

             adj.  consisting of one letter.

             adj.  not illuminated.

             adj.  (esp. of a book) without illustrations.

             adj.  Bot. & Zool.  single-chambered.

             adj.  impossible to imagine.  ЬЬunimaginably adv.

             adj.  lacking imagination; stolid, dull.  ЬЬunimaginatively adv.
             unimaginativeness n.

             adj.  not impaired.

             adj.  not impassioned.

             adj.  giving no opportunity for censure; beyond reproach or
             question.  ЬЬunimpeachably adv.

   unimpeded adj.  not impeded.  ЬЬunimpededly adv.

             n.  lack of importance.

             adj.  not important.

             adj.  unimpressive.  ЬЬunimposingly adv.

             adj.  not impressed.

             adj.  not impressionable.

             adj.  not impressive.  ЬЬunimpressively adv.  unimpressiveness

             adj.  1 not made better.  2 not made use of.  3 (of land) not
             used for agriculture or building; not developed.

             adj.  1 not incorporated or united.  2 not formed into a

             adj.  not infected.

             adj.  not inflamed.

             adj.  not inflammable.

             adj.  1 Gram. (of a language) not having inflections.  2 not
             changing or varying.  3 not bent or deflected.

             adj.  (often foll. by by) not influenced.

             adj.  having little or no influence.

             adj.  not informative; giving little information.

             adj.  1 not informed or instructed.  2 ignorant, uneducated.

             adj.  that cannot be inhabited.  ЬЬuninhabitableness n.

             adj.  not inhabited.

             adj.  not inhibited.  ЬЬuninhibitedly adv.  uninhibitedness n.

             adj.  not initiated; not admitted or instructed.

   uninjured adj.  not injured.

             adj.  1 not inspired.  2 (of oratory etc.) commonplace.

             adj.  not inspiring.  ЬЬuninspiringly adv.

             adj.  not instructed or informed.

             adj.  that cannot be insured.

   uninsured adj.  not insured.

             adj.  not intelligent.  ЬЬunintelligently adv.

             adj.  not intelligible.  ЬЬunintelligibility n.
             unintelligibleness n.  unintelligibly adv.

             adj.  not intended.

             adj.  not intentional.  ЬЬunintentionally adv.

             adj.  1 not interested.  2 unconcerned, indifferent.
             ЬЬuninterestedly adv.  uninterestedness n.

             adj.  not interesting.  ЬЬuninterestingly adv.
             uninterestingness n.

             adj.  that cannot be interpreted.

             adj.  that cannot be interrupted.

             adj.  not interrupted.  ЬЬuninterruptedly adv.
             uninterruptedness n.

             adj.  Biol.  having a single nucleus.

             adj.  not inventive.  ЬЬuninventively adv.  uninventiveness n.

             adj.  not investigated.

   uninvited adj.  not invited.  ЬЬuninvitedly adv.

             adj.  not inviting, unattractive, repellent.  ЬЬuninvitingly

   uninvoked adj.  not invoked.

             adj.  not involved.

   union     n.  1 a the act or an instance of uniting; the state of being
             united.  b (the Union) hist. the uniting of the English and
             Scottish crowns in 1603, of the English and Scottish parliaments
             in 1707, or of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.  2 a a whole
             resulting from the combination of parts or members.  b a
             political unit formed in this way, esp. the US, the UK, the
             USSR, or South Africa.  3 = trade union.  4 marriage, matrimony.
             5 concord, agreement (lived together in perfect union).  6
             (Union) a a general social club and debating society at some
             universities and colleges.  b the buildings or accommodation of
             such a society.  7 Math. the totality of the members of two or
             more sets.  8 Brit.  hist.  a two or more parishes consolidated
             for the administration of the poor laws.  b (in full union
             workhouse) a workhouse erected by this.  9 Brit. an association
             of independent (esp. Congregational or Baptist) churches for
             purposes of cooperation.  10 a part of a flag with a device
             emblematic of union, normally occupying the upper corner next to
             the staff.  11 a joint or coupling for pipes etc.  12 a fabric
             of mixed materials, e.g. cotton with linen or silk.
             Ьunion-bashing Brit.  colloq.  active opposition to trade unions
             and their rights.  union catalogue a catalogue of the combined
             holdings of several libraries.  union down (of a flag) hoisted
             with the union below as a signal of distress.  Union Jack (or
             flag) the national ensign of the United Kingdom formed by the
             union of the crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick.
             union jack (in the US) a jack consisting of the union from the
             national flag.  union shop a shop, factory, trade, etc., in
             which employees must belong to a trade union or join one within
             an agreed time.  union suit US a single undergarment for the
             body and legs; combinations.  [ME f. OF union or eccl.L unio
             unity f. L unus one]

   unionist  n.  1 a a member of a trade union.  b an advocate of trade
             unions.  2 (usu.  Unionist) an advocate of union, esp.: a a
             person opposed to the rupture of the parliamentary union between
             Great Britain and Northern Ireland (formerly between Great
             Britain and Ireland).  b hist. a person who opposed secession
             during the American Civil War.  ЬЬunionism n.  unionistic adj.

   unionize  v.tr. & intr.  (also -ise) bring or come under trade-union
             organization or rules.  ЬЬunionization n.

             adj.  (also -ised) not ionized.

   uniparous adj.  1 producing one offspring at a birth.  2 Bot. having one
             axis or branch.

   uniped    n. & adj.  --n. a person having only one foot or leg.  --adj.
             one-footed, one-legged.  [UNI- + pes pedis foot]

             adj.  (of the Deity) existing only as one person.

   uniplanar adj.  lying in one plane.

   unipod    n.  a one-legged support for a camera etc.  [UNI-, after TRIPOD]

   unipolar  adj.  1 (esp. of an electric or magnetic apparatus) showing only
             one kind of polarity.  2 Biol. (of a nerve cell etc.) having
             only one pole.  ЬЬunipolarity n.

   unique    adj. & n.  --adj.  1 of which there is only one; unequalled;
             having no like, equal, or parallel (his position was unique;
             this vase is considered unique).  2 disp. unusual, remarkable
             (the most unique man I ever met).  --n. a unique thing or
             person.  ЬЬuniquely adv.  uniqueness n.  [F f. L unicus f.  unus

   unironed  adj.  (esp. of clothing, linen, etc.) not ironed.

   uniserial adj.  Bot. & Zool.  arranged in one row.

   unisex    adj.  (of clothing, hairstyles, etc.) designed to be suitable
             for both sexes.

   unisexual adj.  1 a of one sex.  b Bot. having stamens or pistils but not
             both.  2 unisex.  ЬЬunisexuality n.  unisexually adv.

   unison    n. & adj.  --n.  1 Mus.  a coincidence in pitch of sounds or
             notes.  b this regarded as an interval.  2 Mus. a combination of
             voices or instruments at the same pitch or at pitches differing
             by one or more octaves (sang in unison).  3 agreement, concord
             (acted in perfect unison).  --adj.  Mus. coinciding in pitch.
             Ьunison string a string tuned in unison with another string and
             meant to be sounded with it.  ЬЬunisonant adj.  unisonous adj.
             [OF unison or LL unisonus (as UNI-, sonus SOUND(1))]

   unissued  adj.  not issued.

   unit      n.  1 a an individual thing, person, or group regarded as single
             and complete, esp. for purposes of calculation.  b each of the
             (smallest) separate individuals or groups into which a complex
             whole may be analysed (the family as the unit of society).  2 a
             quantity chosen as a standard in terms of which other quantities
             may be expressed (unit of heat; SI unit; mass per unit volume).
             3 Brit. the smallest share in a unit trust.  4 a device with a
             specified function forming part of a complex mechanism.  5 a
             piece of furniture for fitting with others like it or made of
             complementary parts.  6 a group with a special function in an
             organization.  7 a group of buildings, wards, etc., in a
             hospital.  8 the number 'one'.  Ьunit cell Crystallog.  the
             smallest repeating group of atoms, ions, or molecules in a
             crystal.  unit cost the cost of producing one item of
             manufacture.  unit-holder Brit.  a person with a holding in a
             unit trust.  unit price the price charged for each unit of goods
             supplied.  unit trust Brit.  an investment company investing
             combined contributions from many persons in various securities
             and paying them dividends in proportion to their holdings.  [L
             unus, prob. after DIGIT]

   Unitarian n. & adj.  --n.  1 a person who believes that God is not a
             Trinity but one person.  2 a member of a religious body
             maintaining this and advocating freedom from formal dogma or
             doctrine.  --adj. of or relating to the Unitarians.
             ЬЬUnitarianism n.  [mod.L unitarius f. L unitas UNITY]

   unitary   adj.  1 of a unit or units.  2 marked by unity or uniformity.
             ЬЬunitarily adv.  unitarity n.

   unite     v.  1 tr. & intr. join together; make or become one; combine.  2
             tr. & intr. join together for a common purpose or action (united
             in their struggle against injustice).  3 tr. & intr. join in
             marriage.  4 tr. possess (qualities, features, etc.) in
             combination (united anger with mercy).  5 intr. & tr. form or
             cause to form a physical or chemical whole (oil will not unite
             with water).  ЬUnited Brethren Eccl.  the Moravians.  United
             Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland (until 1922, Great
             Britain and Ireland).  United Nations (orig., in 1942) those
             united against the Axis powers in the war of 1939-45, (later) a
             supranational peace-seeking organization of these and many other
             States.  United Provinces hist.  1 the seven provinces united in
             1579 and forming the basis of the republic of the Netherlands.
             2 an Indian administrative division formed by the union of Agra
             and Oudh and called Uttar Pradesh since 1950.  United Reformed
             Church a Church formed in 1972 from the English Presbyterian and
             Congregational Churches.  United States (in full United States
             of America) a federal republic of 50 States, mostly in N.
             America and including Alaska and Hawaii.  ЬЬunitedly adv.
             unitive adj.  unitively adv.  [ME f. L unire unit- f.  unus one]

   unity     n.  (pl.  -ies) 1 oneness; being one, single, or individual;
             being formed of parts that constitute a whole; due
             interconnection and coherence of parts (disturbs the unity of
             the idea; the pictures lack unity; national unity).  2 harmony
             or concord between persons etc. (lived together in unity).  3 a
             thing forming a complex whole (a person regarded as a unity).  4
             Math. the number 'one', the factor that leaves unchanged the
             quantity on which it operates.  5 Theatr. each of the three
             dramatic principles requiring limitation of the supposed time of
             a drama to that occupied in acting it or to a single day (unity
             of time), use of one scene throughout (unity of place), and
             concentration on the development of a single plot (unity of
             action).  [ME f. OF unit‚ f. L unitas -tatis f.  unus one]

   Univ.     abbr.  University.

   univalent adj. & n.  --adj.  1 Chem. having a valency of one.  2 Biol. (of
             a chromosome) remaining unpaired during meiosis.  --n.  Biol. a
             univalent chromosome.  [UNI- + valent- pres. part. stem (as

   univalve  adj. & n.  Zool.  --adj. having one valve.  --n. a univalve

   universal adj. & n.  --adj.  1 of, belonging to, or done etc. by all
             persons or things in the world or in the class concerned;
             applicable to all cases (the feeling was universal; met with
             universal approval).  2 Logic (of a proposition) in which
             something is asserted of all of a class (opp.  PARTICULAR).
             --n.  1 Logic a universal proposition.  2 Philos.  a a term or
             concept of general application.  b a nature or essence signified
             by a general term.  Ьuniversal agent an agent empowered to do
             all that can be delegated.  universal compass a compass with
             legs that may be extended for large circles.  universal coupling
             (or joint) a coupling or joint which can transmit rotary power
             by a shaft at any selected angle.  universal language an
             artificial language intended for use by all nations.  universal
             proposition Logic a proposition in which the predicate is
             affirmed or denied of all members of a class (opp.  particular
             proposition).  universal suffrage a suffrage extending to all
             adults with minor exceptions.  universal time = GREENWICH MEAN
             TIME.  ЬЬuniversality n.  universalize v.tr.  (also -ise).
             universalization n.  universally adv.  [ME f. OF universal or L
             universalis (as UNIVERSE)]

             n.  Theol.  1 a person who holds that all mankind will
             eventually be saved.  2 a member of an organized body of
             Christians who hold this.  ЬЬuniversalism n.  universalistic

   universe  n.  1 all existing things; the whole creation; the cosmos.  2
             all mankind.  3 Statistics & Logic all the objects under
             consideration.  Ьuniverse of discourse Logic = sense 3.  [F
             univers f. L universum neut. of universus combined into one,
             whole f.  UNI- + versus past part. of vertere turn]

             n.  (pl.  -ies) 1 an educational institution designed for
             instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches
             of advanced learning, conferring degrees in various faculties,
             and often embodying colleges and similar institutions.  2 the
             members of this collectively.  3 a team, crew, etc.,
             representing a university.  Ьat university studying at a
             university.  [ME f. OF universit‚ f. L universitas -tatis the
             whole (world), in LL college, guild (as UNIVERSE)]

   univocal  adj. & n.  --adj. (of a word etc.) having only one proper
             meaning.  --n. a univocal word.  ЬЬunivocality n.  univocally

   unjoin    v.tr.  detach from being joined; separate.

   unjoined  adj.  not joined.

   unjoint   v.tr.  1 separate the joints of.  2 disunite.

   unjust    adj.  not just, contrary to justice or fairness.  ЬЬunjustly
             adv.  unjustness n.

             adj.  not justifiable.  ЬЬunjustifiably adv.

             adj.  not justified.

   unkempt   adj.  1 untidy, of neglected appearance.  2 uncombed,
             dishevelled.  ЬЬunkemptly adv.  unkemptness n.  [UN-(1) +
             archaic kempt past part. of kemb comb f. OE cemban]

   unkept    adj.  1 (of a promise, law, etc.) not observed; disregarded.  2
             not tended; neglected.

             adj.  that cannot be killed.

   unkind    adj.  1 not kind.  2 harsh, cruel.  3 unpleasant.  ЬЬunkindly
             adv.  unkindness n.

   unking    v.tr.  1 deprive of the position of king; dethrone.  2 deprive
             (a country) of a king.

   unkink    v.  1 tr. remove the kinks from; straighten.  2 intr. lose
             kinks; become straight.

   unknit    v.tr.  (unknitted, unknitting) separate (things joined, knotted,
             or interlocked).

   unknot    v.tr.  (unknotted, unknotting) release the knot or knots of,

             adj. & n.  --adj. that cannot be known.  --n.  1 an unknowable
             thing.  2 (the Unknowable) the postulated absolute or ultimate

   unknowing adj. & n.  --adj. (often foll. by of) not knowing; ignorant,
             unconscious.  --n. ignorance (cloud of unknowing).
             ЬЬunknowingly adv.  unknowingness n.

   unknown   adj. & n.  --adj. (often foll. by to) not known, unfamiliar (his
             purpose was unknown to me).  --n.  1 an unknown thing or person.
             2 an unknown quantity (equation in two unknowns).  Ьunknown
             country see COUNTRY.  unknown quantity a person or thing whose
             nature, significance, etc., cannot be determined.  Unknown
             Soldier an unidentified representative member of a country's
             armed forces killed in war, given burial with special honours in
             a national memorial.  unknown to without the knowledge of (did
             it unknown to me).  Unknown Warrior = Unknown Soldier.
             ЬЬunknownness n.

             adj.  (US unlabeled) not labelled; without a label.

             adj.  (US unlabored) not laboured.

   unlace    v.tr.  1 undo the lace or laces of.  2 unfasten or loosen in
             this way.

   unlade    v.tr.  1 take the cargo out of (a ship).  2 discharge (a cargo
             etc.) from a ship.

   unladen   adj.  not laden.  Ьunladen weight the weight of a vehicle etc.
             when not loaded with goods etc.

             adj.  not ladylike.

   unlaid(1) adj.  not laid.

   unlaid(2) past and past part. of UNLAY.

             adj.  not lamented.

   unlash    v.tr.  unfasten (a thing lashed down etc.).

   unlatch   v.  1 tr. release the latch of.  2 tr. & intr. open or be opened
             in this way.

   unlawful  adj.  not lawful; illegal, not permissible.  ЬЬunlawfully adv.
             unlawfulness n.

   unlay     v.tr.  (past and past part.  unlaid) Naut.  untwist (a rope).
             [UN-(2) + LAY(1)]

   unleaded  adj.  1 (of petrol etc.) without added lead.  2 not covered,
             weighted, or framed with lead.  3 Printing not spaced with

   unlearn   v.tr.  (past and past part.  unlearned or unlearnt) 1 discard
             from one's memory.  2 rid oneself of (a habit, false
             information, etc.).

             adj.  not well educated; untaught, ignorant.  ЬЬunlearnedly adv.

             adj.  (also unlearnt) that has not been learnt.

   unleash   v.tr.  1 release from a leash or restraint.  2 set free to
             engage in pursuit or attack.

             adj.  not leavened; made without yeast or other raising agent.

   unless    conj.  if not; except when (shall go unless I hear from you;
             always walked unless I had a bicycle).  [ON or IN + LESS, assim.
             to UN-(1)]

             adj.  1 illiterate.  2 not well educated.

             adj.  not liberated.

             adj.  not licensed, esp. without a licence to sell alcoholic

   unlighted adj.  1 not provided with light.  2 not set burning.

   unlike    adj. & prep.  --adj.  1 not like; different from (is unlike both
             his parents).  2 uncharacteristic of (such behaviour is unlike
             him).  3 dissimilar, different.  --prep. differently from (acts
             quite unlike anyone else).  Ьunlike signs Math.  plus and minus.
             ЬЬunlikeness n.  [perh. f. ON ЈlЎkr, OE ungelic: see LIKE(1)]

             adj.  (also unlikable) not easy to like; unpleasant.

   unlikely  adj.  (unlikelier, unlikeliest) 1 improbable (unlikely tale).  2
             (foll. by to + infin.) not to be expected to do something (he's
             unlikely to be available).  3 unpromising (an unlikely
             candidate).  ЬЬunlikelihood n.  unlikeliness n.

   unlimited adj.  without limit; unrestricted; very great in number or
             quantity (has unlimited possibilities; an unlimited expanse of
             sea).  ЬЬunlimitedly adv.  unlimitedness n.

             adj.  1 (of paper etc.) without lines.  2 (of a face etc.)
             without wrinkles.

             adj.  (of a garment etc.) without lining.

   unlink    v.tr.  1 undo the links of (a chain etc.).  2 detach or set free
             by undoing or unfastening a link or chain.

             adj.  not liquidated.

   unlisted  adj.  not included in a published list, esp. of Stock Exchange
             prices or of telephone numbers.

   unlit     adj.  not lit.

   unlivable adj.  that cannot be lived or lived in.

             adj.  1 appearing to be uninhabited.  2 unused by the

   unload    v.tr.  1 (also absol.) remove a load from (a vehicle etc.).  2
             remove (a load) from a vehicle etc.  3 remove the charge from (a
             firearm etc.).  4 colloq. get rid of.  5 (often foll. by on)
             colloq.  a divulge (information).  b (also absol.) give vent to
             (feelings).  ЬЬunloader n.

   unlock    v.tr.  1 a release the lock of (a door, box, etc.).  b release
             or disclose by unlocking.  2 release thoughts, feelings, etc.,
             from (one's mind etc.).

   unlocked  adj.  not locked.

             adj.  unexpected, unforeseen.

   unloose   v.tr.  (also unloosen) loose; set free.

   unlovable adj.  not lovable.

   unloved   adj.  not loved.

   unlovely  adj.  not attractive; unpleasant, ugly.  ЬЬunloveliness n.

   unloving  adj.  not loving.  ЬЬunlovingly adv.  unlovingness n.

   unlucky   adj.  (unluckier, unluckiest) 1 not fortunate or successful.  2
             wretched.  3 bringing bad luck.  4 ill-judged.  ЬЬunluckily adv.
             unluckiness n.

   unmade    adj.  1 not made.  2 destroyed, annulled.

   unmake    v.tr.  (past and past part.  unmade) undo the making of;
             destroy, depose, annul.

             adj.  not malleable.

   unman     v.tr.  (unmanned, unmanning) 1 deprive of supposed manly
             qualities (e.g. self-control, courage); cause to weep etc.,
             discourage.  2 deprive (a ship etc.) of men.

             adj.  not (easily) managed, manipulated, or controlled.
             ЬЬunmanageableness n.  unmanageably adv.

   unmanly   adj.  not manly.  ЬЬunmanliness n.

   unmanned  adj.  1 not manned.  2 overcome by emotion etc.

             adj.  1 without good manners.  2 (of actions, speech, etc.)
             showing a lack of good manners.  ЬЬunmannerliness n.

   unmarked  adj.  1 not marked.  2 not noticed.

             adj.  not marketable.

   unmarried adj.  not married; single.

   unmask    v.  1 tr.  a remove the mask from.  b expose the true character
             of.  2 intr. remove one's mask.  ЬЬunmasker n.

             adj.  that cannot be matched.  ЬЬunmatchably adv.

   unmatched adj.  not matched or equalled.

   unmatured adj.  not yet matured.

   unmeaning adj.  having no meaning or significance; meaningless.
             ЬЬunmeaningly adv.  unmeaningness n.

   unmeant   adj.  not meant or intended.

             adj.  that cannot be measured.  ЬЬunmeasurably adv.

             adj.  1 not measured.  2 limitless.

             adj.  not melodious; discordant.  ЬЬunmelodiously adv.

   unmelted  adj.  not melted.

             adj.  not memorable.  ЬЬunmemorably adv.

             adj. & n.  --adj. that cannot (properly) be mentioned.  --n.  1
             (in pl.) joc.  a undergarments.  b archaic trousers.  2 a person
             or thing not to be mentioned.  ЬЬunmentionability n.
             unmentionableness n.  unmentionably adv.

             adj.  not mentioned.

             adj.  not merchantable.

             adj.  merciless.  ЬЬunmercifully adv.  unmercifulness n.

   unmerited adj.  not merited.

   unmet     adj.  (of a quota, demand, goal, etc.) not achieved or

             adj.  Brit.  (of a road etc.) not made with road-metal.

             adj.  not methodical.  ЬЬunmethodically adv.

             adj.  not metrical.

             adj.  not military.

   unmindful adj.  (often foll. by of) not mindful.  ЬЬunmindfully adv.
             unmindfulness n.

             adj.  that cannot or should not be missed.

             adj.  that cannot be mistaken or doubted, clear.
             ЬЬunmistakability n.  unmistakableness n.  unmistakably adv.

             adj.  not mistaken; right, correct.

             adj.  1 not mitigated or modified.  2 absolute, unqualified (an
             unmitigated disaster).  ЬЬunmitigatedly adv.

   unmixed   adj.  not mixed.  Ьunmixed blessing a thing having advantages
             and no disadvantages.

             adj.  not modified.

             adj.  not modulated.

             adj.  not molested.

   unmoor    v.tr.  1 (also absol.) release the moorings of (a vessel).  2
             weigh all but one anchor of (a vessel).

   unmoral   adj.  not concerned with morality (cf.  IMMORAL).  ЬЬunmorality
             n.  unmorally adv.

             adj.  not motherly.

             adj.  without motivation; without a motive.

   unmounted adj.  not mounted.

   unmourned adj.  not mourned.

   unmoved   adj.  1 not moved.  2 not changed in one's purpose.  3 not
             affected by emotion.  ЬЬunmovable adj.  (also unmoveable).

   unmown    adj.  not mown.

   unmuffle  v.tr.  1 remove a muffler from (a face, bell, etc.).  2 free of
             something that muffles or conceals.

             adj.  not complaining.  ЬЬunmurmuringly adv.

   unmusical adj.  1 not pleasing to the ear.  2 unskilled in or indifferent
             to music.  ЬЬunmusicality n.  unmusically adv.  unmusicalness n.

             adj.  not mutilated.

   unmuzzle  v.tr.  1 remove a muzzle from.  2 relieve of an obligation to
             remain silent.

   unnail    v.tr.  unfasten by the removal of nails.

             adj.  that cannot be named, esp. too bad to be named.

   unnamed   adj.  not named.

   unnatural adj.  1 contrary to nature or the usual course of nature; not
             normal.  2 a lacking natural feelings.  b extremely cruel or
             wicked.  3 artificial.  4 affected.  ЬЬunnaturally adv.
             unnaturalness n.

             adj.  not navigable.  ЬЬunnavigability n.

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 not necessary.  2 more than is necessary
             (with unnecessary care).  --n.  (pl.  -ies) (usu. in pl.) an
             unnecessary thing.  ЬЬunnecessarily adv.  unnecessariness n.

   unneeded  adj.  not needed.

             adj.  not neighbourly.  ЬЬunneighbourliness n.

   unnerve   v.tr.  deprive of strength or resolution.  ЬЬunnervingly adv.

             adj.  not easily seen or noticed.  ЬЬunnoticeably adv.

   unnoticed adj.  not noticed.

             adj.  1 not marked with a number.  2 not counted.  3 countless.

   UNO       abbr.  United Nations Organization.

             adj.  not objectionable; acceptable.  ЬЬunobjectionableness n.
             unobjectionably adv.

             adj.  not obliging; unhelpful, uncooperative.

             adj.  not obscured.

             adj.  not observable; imperceptible.

             adj.  not observant.  ЬЬunobservantly adv.

             adj.  not observed.  ЬЬunobservedly adv.

             adj.  not obstructed.

             adj.  that cannot be obtained.

             adj.  not making oneself or itself noticed.  ЬЬunobtrusively
             adv.  unobtrusiveness n.

             adj.  not occupied.

             adj.  not offending; harmless, innocent.  ЬЬunoffended adj.

             adj.  1 not officially authorized or confirmed.  2 not
             characteristic of officials.  Ьunofficial strike a strike not
             formally approved by the strikers' trade union.  ЬЬunofficially

   unoiled   adj.  not oiled.

   unopened  adj.  not opened.

   unopposed adj.  not opposed.

             adj.  not ordained.

             adj.  not ordinary.

             adj.  (also -ised) not organized (cf.  DISORGANIZE).

             adj.  lacking originality; derivative.  ЬЬunoriginality n.
             unoriginally adv.

             adj.  not ornamental; plain.

             adj.  not ornamented.

             adj.  not orthodox.  ЬЬunorthodoxly adv.  unorthodoxy n.

             adj.  not ostentatious.  ЬЬunostentatiously adv.
             unostentatiousness n.

   unowned   adj.  1 unacknowledged.  2 having no owner.

   unpack    v.tr.  1 (also absol.) open and remove the contents of (a
             package, luggage, etc.).  2 take (a thing) out from a package
             etc.  ЬЬunpacker n.

   unpaged   adj.  with pages not numbered.

   unpaid    adj.  (of a debt or a person) not paid.

   unpainted adj.  not painted.

   unpaired  adj.  1 not arranged in pairs.  2 not forming one of a pair.

             adj.  1 not pleasant to taste.  2 (of an idea, suggestion, etc.)
             disagreeable, distasteful.  ЬЬunpalatability n.  unpalatableness

             adj.  having no parallel or equal.

             adj.  that cannot be pardoned.  ЬЬunpardonableness n.
             unpardonably adv.

             adj.  contrary to proper parliamentary usage.  Ьunparliamentary
             language oaths or abuse.

             adj.  not pasteurized.

             adj.  not patented.

             adj.  not patriotic.  ЬЬunpatriotically adv.

   unpaved   adj.  not paved.

   unpeeled  adj.  not peeled.

   unpeg     v.tr.  (unpegged, unpegging) 1 unfasten by the removal of pegs.
             2 cease to maintain or stabilize (prices etc.).

   unpeople  v. & n.  --v.tr.  depopulate.  --n.pl.  unpersons.

             adj.  not perceived; unobserved.

             adj.  not perceptive.  ЬЬunperceptively adv.  unperceptiveness

             adj.  not perfected.

             adj.  not perforated.

             adj.  not performed.

             adj.  not perfumed.

   unperson  n.  a person whose name or existence is denied or ignored.

             adj.  not able to be persuaded; obstinate.

             adj.  not persuaded.

             adj.  not persuasive.  ЬЬunpersuasively adv.

             adj.  not perturbed.  ЬЬunperturbedly adv.

             adj.  (also unphilosophic) 1 not according to philosophical
             principles.  2 lacking philosophy.  ЬЬunphilosophically adv.

             adj.  (also unphysiologic) not in accordance with normal
             physiological functioning.  ЬЬunphysiologically adv.

   unpick    v.tr.  undo the sewing of (stitches, a garment, etc.).

   unpicked  adj.  1 not selected.  2 (of a flower) not plucked.

             adj.  not picturesque.

   unpin     v.tr.  (unpinned, unpinning) 1 unfasten or detach by removing a
             pin or pins.  2 Chess release (a piece that has been pinned).

   unpitied  adj.  not pitied.

   unpitying adj.  not pitying.  ЬЬunpityingly adv.

             adj.  that cannot be placed or classified (his accent was

   unplaced  adj.  not placed, esp. not placed as one of the first three
             finishing in a race etc.

   unplanned adj.  not planned.

   unplanted adj.  not planted.

             adj.  not plausible.

             adj.  1 Sport (of a ball) that cannot be struck or returned.  2
             that cannot be played.  ЬЬunplayably adv.

             adj.  not pleasant; displeasing; disagreeable.  ЬЬunpleasantly
             adv.  unpleasantness n.

             adj.  not pleasing.  ЬЬunpleasingly adv.

             adj.  not ploughed.

   unplucked adj.  not plucked.

   unplug    v.tr.  (unplugged, unplugging) 1 disconnect (an electrical
             device) by removing its plug from the socket.  2 unstop.

   unplumbed adj.  1 not plumbed.  2 not fully explored or understood.
             ЬЬunplumbable adj.

   unpoetic  adj.  (also unpoetical) not poetic.

   unpointed adj.  1 having no point or points.  2 a not punctuated.  b (of
             written Hebrew etc.) without vowel points.  3 (of masonry or
             brickwork) not pointed.

             adj.  1 not polished; rough.  2 without refinement; crude.

   unpolitic adj.  impolitic, unwise.

             adj.  not concerned with politics.  ЬЬunpolitically adv.

   unpolled  adj.  1 not having voted at an election.  2 not included in an
             opinion poll.

             adj.  not polluted.

   unpopular adj.  not popular; not liked by the public or by people in
             general.  ЬЬunpopularity n.  unpopularly adv.

             adj.  not populated.

             adj.  1 (foll. by of) not in possession of.  2 not possessed.

             adj.  1 not practical.  2 (of a person) not having practical
             skill.  ЬЬunpracticality n.  unpractically adv.

             adj.  (US unpracticed) 1 not experienced or skilled.  2 not put
             into practice.

             adj.  1 having no precedent; unparalleled.  2 novel.
             ЬЬunprecedentedly adv.

             adj.  that cannot be predicted.  ЬЬunpredictability n.
             unpredictableness n.  unpredictably adv.

             adj.  not predicted or foretold.

             adj.  not prejudiced.

             adj.  not previously thought over, not deliberately planned,
             unintentional.  ЬЬunpremeditatedly adv.

             adj.  not prepared (in advance); not ready.  ЬЬunpreparedly adv.
             unpreparedness n.

             adj.  not prepossessing; unattractive.

             adj.  (esp. of drugs) not prescribed.

             adj.  not presentable.

   unpressed adj.  not pressed, esp. (of clothing) unironed.

             adj.  not presuming; modest.

             adj.  not presumptuous.

             adj.  unpretentious.  ЬЬunpretendingly adv.  unpretendingness n.

             adj.  not making a great display; simple, modest.
             ЬЬunpretentiously adv.  unpretentiousness n.

   unpriced  adj.  not having a price or prices fixed, marked, or stated.

   unprimed  adj.  not primed.

             adj.  lacking or not based on good moral principles.
             ЬЬunprincipledness n.

             adj.  that cannot be printed, esp. because too indecent or
             libellous or blasphemous.  ЬЬunprintably adv.

   unprinted adj.  not printed.

             adj.  not privileged.

             adj.  causing no difficulty.  ЬЬunproblematically adv.

             adj.  not proclaimed.

             adj.  that cannot be procured.

             adj.  not productive.  ЬЬunproductively adv.  unproductiveness

             adj.  1 contrary to professional standards of behaviour etc.  2
             not belonging to a profession; amateur.  ЬЬunprofessionally adv.

             adj.  not profitable.  ЬЬunprofitableness n.  unprofitably adv.

             adj.  not progressive.

             adj.  not likely to turn out well.  ЬЬunpromisingly adv.

             adj.  spontaneous.

             adj.  that cannot be pronounced.  ЬЬunpronounceably adv.

             adj.  not propitious.  ЬЬunpropitiously adv.

             adj.  not prosperous.  ЬЬunprosperously adv.

             adj.  not protected.  ЬЬunprotectedness n.

             adj.  not protesting.  ЬЬunprotestingly adv.

             adj.  that cannot be proved.  ЬЬunprovability n.  unprovableness

   unproved  adj.  (also unproven) not proved.

             adj.  (usu. foll. by with) not furnished, supplied, or equipped.

             adj.  (of a person or act) without provocation.

             adj.  not published.  ЬЬunpublishable adj.

             adj.  not punctual.  ЬЬunpunctuality n.

             adj.  not punctuated.

             adj.  that cannot be punished.

             adj.  not punished.

             adj.  not purified.

             adj.  colloq.  (of a book) so engrossing that one has to go on
             reading it.

             adj.  1 not competent (unqualified to give an answer).  2 not
             legally or officially qualified (an unqualified practitioner).
             3 not modified or restricted; complete (unqualified assent;
             unqualified success).

             adj.  that cannot be quenched.  ЬЬunquenchably adv.

             adj.  not quenched.

             adj.  that cannot be disputed or doubted.  ЬЬunquestionability
             n.  unquestionableness n.  unquestionably adv.

             adj.  1 not disputed or doubted; definite, certain.  2 not

             adj.  1 asking no questions.  2 done etc. without asking
             questions.  ЬЬunquestioningly adv.

   unquiet   adj.  1 restless, agitated, stirring.  2 perturbed, anxious.
             ЬЬunquietly adv.  unquietness n.

             adj.  that cannot be quoted.

   unquote   v.tr.  (as int.) (in dictation, reading aloud, etc.) indicate
             the presence of closing quotation marks (cf.  QUOTE v.  5 b).

   unquoted  adj.  not quoted, esp. on the Stock Exchange.

   unravel   v.  (unravelled, unravelling; US unraveled, unraveling) 1 tr.
             cause to be no longer ravelled, tangled, or intertwined.  2 tr.
             probe and solve (a mystery etc.).  3 tr. undo (a fabric, esp. a
             knitted one).  4 intr. become disentangled or unknitted.

             adj.  that cannot be reached.  ЬЬunreachableness n.  unreachably

   unread    adj.  1 (of a book etc.) not read.  2 (of a person) not

             adj.  1 too dull or too difficult to be worth reading.  2
             illegible.  ЬЬunreadability n.  unreadably adv.

             adj.  1 not ready.  2 not prompt in action.  ЬЬunreadily adv.
             unreadiness n.

             adj.  archaic lacking good advice; rash (Ethelred the Unready).
             [UN-(1) + REDE, assim. to UNREADY(1)]

   unreal    adj.  1 not real.  2 imaginary, illusory.  3 US & Austral.  sl.
             incredible, amazing.  ЬЬunreality n.  unreally adv.

             adj.  not realistic.  ЬЬunrealistically adv.

             adj.  that cannot be realized.

             adj.  not realized.

   unreason  n.  lack of reasonable thought or action.  [ME, = injustice, f.
             UN-(1) + REASON]

             adj.  1 going beyond the limits of what is reasonable or
             equitable (unreasonable demands).  2 not guided by or listening
             to reason.  ЬЬunreasonableness n.  unreasonably adv.

             adj.  not reasoned.

             adj.  not reasoning.  ЬЬunreasoningly adv.

             adj.  not receptive.

             adj.  not reciprocated.

             adj.  not calculated or taken into account.

             adj.  not reclaimed.

             adj.  (also -isable) that cannot be recognized.
             ЬЬunrecognizableness n.  unrecognizably adv.

             adj.  (also -ised) not recognized.

             adj.  not recompensed.

             adj.  not reconciled.

             adj.  1 not reconciled or converted to the current political
             orthodoxy.  2 not rebuilt.

             adj.  not recorded.  ЬЬunrecordable adj.

             adj.  not rectified.

             adj.  that cannot be redeemed.  ЬЬunredeemably adv.

             adj.  not redeemed.

             adj.  not redressed.

   unreel    v.tr. & intr.  unwind from a reel.

   unreeve   v.tr.  (past unrove) withdraw (a rope etc.) from being reeved.

   unrefined adj.  not refined.

             adj.  not thoughtful.  ЬЬunreflectingly adv.  unreflectingness

             adj.  not reformed.

             adj.  not regarded.

             adj.  not regenerate; obstinately wrong or bad.  ЬЬunregeneracy
             n.  unregenerately adv.

             adj.  not registered.

             adj.  not regulated.

             adj.  not rehearsed.

   unrelated adj.  not related.  ЬЬunrelatedness n.

   unrelaxed adj.  not relaxed.

             adj.  1 not relenting or yielding.  2 unmerciful.  3 not abating
             or relaxing.  ЬЬunrelentingly adv.  unrelentingness n.

             adj.  not reliable; erratic.  ЬЬunreliability n.  unreliableness
             n.  unreliably adv.

             adj.  1 lacking the relief given by contrast or variation.  2
             not aided or assisted.  ЬЬunrelievedly adv.

             adj.  1 not concerned with religion.  2 irreligious.

             adj.  not remarkable; uninteresting.  ЬЬunremarkably adv.

             adj.  not remembered; forgotten.

             adj.  never relaxing or slackening, incessant.  ЬЬunremittingly
             adv.  unremittingness n.

             adj.  lacking remorse.  ЬЬunremorsefully adv.

             adj.  that cannot be removed.

             adj.  bringing no, or not enough, profit or income.
             ЬЬunremuneratively adv.  unremunerativeness n.

             adj.  that cannot be renewed.  ЬЬunrenewed adj.

             adj.  not repealed.

             adj.  1 that cannot be done, made, or said again.  2 too
             indecent to be said again.  ЬЬunrepeatability n.

             adj.  not repentant, impenitent.  ЬЬunrepentantly adv.

             adj.  not reported.

             adj.  not representative.  ЬЬunrepresentativeness n.

             adj.  not represented.

             adj.  not reproved.

             adj.  not requested or asked for.

             adj.  (of love etc.) not returned.  ЬЬunrequitedly adv.
             unrequitedness n.

   unreserve n.  lack of reserve; frankness.

             adj.  1 not reserved (unreserved seats).  2 without
             reservations; absolute (unreserved confidence).  3 free from
             reserve (an unreserved nature).  ЬЬunreservedly adv.
             unreservedness n.

             adj.  not resisted.  ЬЬunresistedly adv.

             adj.  not resisting.  ЬЬunresistingly adv.  unresistingness n.

             adj.  (of a problem, conflict, etc.) that cannot be resolved.

             adj.  1 a uncertain how to act, irresolute.  b uncertain in
             opinion, undecided.  2 (of questions etc.) undetermined,
             undecided, unsolved.  3 not broken up or dissolved.
             ЬЬunresolvedly adv.  unresolvedness n.

             adj.  not responsive.  ЬЬunresponsively adv.  unresponsiveness

   unrest    n.  1 lack of rest.  2 restlessness, disturbance, agitation.

   unrested  adj.  not refreshed by rest.

   unrestful adj.  not restful.  ЬЬunrestfully adv.

   unresting adj.  not resting.  ЬЬunrestingly adv.

             adj.  not restored.

             adj.  not restrained.  ЬЬunrestrainedly adv.  unrestrainedness

             adj.  not restricted.  ЬЬunrestrictedly adv.  unrestrictedness

             adj.  1 not reciprocated or responded to.  2 not having returned
             or been returned.

             adj.  not revealed; secret.

             adj.  (esp. of a decision etc.) not reversed.

   unrevised adj.  not revised; in an original form.

   unrevoked adj.  not revoked or annulled; still in force.

             adj.  not rewarded.

             adj.  not rewarding or satisfying.

   unrhymed  adj.  not rhymed.

             adj.  not rhythmical.  ЬЬunrhythmically adv.

   unridable adj.  that cannot be ridden.

   unridden  adj.  not ridden.

   unriddle  v.tr.  solve or explain (a mystery etc.).  ЬЬunriddler n.

   unrig     v.tr.  (unrigged, unrigging) 1 remove the rigging from (a ship).
             2 dial. undress.

             adj.  not righteous; unjust, wicked, dishonest.  ЬЬunrighteously
             adv.  unrighteousness n.  [OE unrihtwis (as UN-(1), RIGHTEOUS)]

   unrip     v.tr.  (unripped, unripping) open by ripping.

   unripe    adj.  not ripe.  ЬЬunripeness n.

   unrisen   adj.  that has not risen.

             adj.  (US unrivaled) having no equal; peerless.

   unrivet   v.tr.  (unriveted, unriveting) 1 undo, unfasten, or detach by
             the removal of rivets.  2 loosen, relax, undo, detach.

   unrobe    v.tr. & intr.  1 disrobe.  2 undress.

   unroll    v.tr. & intr.  1 open out from a rolled-up state.  2 display or
             be displayed in this form.

             adj.  not romantic.  ЬЬunromantically adv.

   unroof    v.tr.  remove the roof of.

   unroofed  adj.  not provided with a roof.

   unroot    v.tr.  1 uproot.  2 eradicate.

   unrope    v.  1 tr. detach by undoing a rope.  2 intr.  Mountaineering
             detach oneself from a rope.

   unrounded adj.  not rounded.

   unrove    past of UNREEVE.

   unroyal   adj.  not royal.

   unruffled adj.  1 not agitated or disturbed; calm.  2 not physically

   unruled   adj.  1 not ruled or governed.  2 not having ruled lines.

   unruly    adj.  (unrulier, unruliest) not easily controlled or
             disciplined, disorderly.  ЬЬunruliness n.  [ME f.  UN-(1) + ruly
             f.  RULE]

   UNRWA     abbr.  United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

   unsaddle  v.tr.  1 remove the saddle from (a horse etc.).  2 dislodge from
             a saddle.

   unsafe    adj.  not safe.  ЬЬunsafely adv.  unsafeness n.

   unsaid(1) adj.  not said or uttered.

   unsaid(2) past and past part. of UNSAY.

             adj.  not salaried.

             adj.  not saleable.  ЬЬunsaleability n.

   unsalted  adj.  not salted.

             adj.  not sanctified.

             adj.  not sanctioned.

             adj.  not sanitary.

             adj.  not satisfactory; poor, unacceptable.  ЬЬunsatisfactorily
             adv.  unsatisfactoriness n.

             adj.  not satisfied.  ЬЬunsatisfiedness n.

             adj.  not satisfying.  ЬЬunsatisfyingly adv.

             adj.  1 Chem. (of a compound, esp. a fat or oil) having double
             or triple bonds in its molecule and therefore capable of further
             reaction.  2 not saturated.  ЬЬunsaturation n.

   unsaved   adj.  not saved.

   unsavoury adj.  (US unsavory) 1 disagreeable to the taste, smell, or
             feelings; disgusting.  2 disagreeable, unpleasant (an unsavoury
             character).  3 morally offensive.  ЬЬunsavourily adv.
             unsavouriness n.

   unsay     v.tr.  (past and past part.  unsaid) retract (a statement).

   unsayable adj.  that cannot be said.

             adj.  that cannot be scaled.

   unscarred adj.  not scarred or damaged.

   unscathed adj.  without suffering any injury.

   unscented adj.  not scented.

             adj.  not scheduled.

             adj.  not scholarly.  ЬЬunscholarliness n.

             adj.  1 uneducated, untaught.  2 not sent to school.  3
             untrained, undisciplined.  4 not made artificial by education.

             adj.  1 not in accordance with scientific principles.  2 not
             familiar with science.  ЬЬunscientifically adv.

             v.tr.  restore from a scrambled state, esp. interpret (a
             scrambled transmission etc.).  ЬЬunscrambler n.

             adj.  1 a (esp. of coal) not passed through a screen or sieve.
             b not investigated or checked, esp. for security or medical
             problems.  2 not provided with a screen.  3 not shown on a

   unscrew   v.  1 tr. & intr. unfasten or be unfastened by turning or
             removing a screw or screws or by twisting like a screw.  2 tr.
             loosen (a screw).

             adj.  (of a speech etc.) delivered without a prepared script.

             adj.  against or not in accordance with Scripture.
             ЬЬunscripturally adv.

             adj.  having no scruples, unprincipled.  ЬЬunscrupulously adv.
             unscrupulousness n.

   unseal    v.tr.  break the seal of; open (a letter, receptacle, etc.).

   unsealed  adj.  not sealed.

             adj.  inscrutable.  ЬЬunsearchableness n.  unsearchably adv.

             adj.  not searched.

             adj.  1 not appropriate to the season.  2 untimely, inopportune.
             ЬЬunseasonableness n.  unseasonably adv.

             adj.  1 not flavoured with salt, herbs, etc.  2 (esp. of timber)
             not matured.  3 not habituated.

   unseat    v.tr.  1 remove from a seat, esp. in an election.  2 dislodge
             from a seat, esp. on horseback.

             adj.  not seaworthy.

   unsecured adj.  not secured.

   unseeable adj.  that cannot be seen.

   unseeded  adj.  Sport (of a player) not seeded.

   unseeing  adj.  1 unobservant.  2 blind.  ЬЬunseeingly adv.

   unseemly  adj.  (unseemlier, unseemliest) 1 indecent.  2 unbecoming.
             ЬЬunseemliness n.

   unseen    adj. & n.  --adj.  1 not seen.  2 invisible.  3 (of a
             translation) to be done without preparation.  --n.  Brit. an
             unseen translation.

             adj.  not segregated.

   unselect  adj.  not select.

             adj.  not selective.

             adj.  not self-conscious.  ЬЬunselfconsciously adv.
             unselfconsciousness n.

   unselfish adj.  mindful of others' interests.  ЬЬunselfishly adv.
             unselfishness n.

             adj.  not sensational.  ЬЬunsensationally adv.

             adj.  not sentimental.  ЬЬunsentimentality n.  unsentimentally

             adj.  not separated.

             adj.  not serviceable; unfit for use.  ЬЬunserviceability n.

   unset     adj.  not set.

   unsettle  v.  1 tr. disturb the settled state or arrangement of;
             discompose.  2 tr. derange.  3 intr. become unsettled.
             ЬЬunsettlement n.

   unsettled adj.  1 not (yet) settled.  2 liable or open to change or
             further discussion.  3 (of a bill etc.) unpaid.  ЬЬunsettledness

   unsewn    adj.  not sewn.  Ьunsewn binding = perfect binding.

   unsex     v.tr.  deprive (a person, esp. a woman) of the qualities of her
             or his sex.

   unsexed   adj.  having no sexual characteristics.

   unshackle v.tr.  1 release from shackles.  2 set free.

   unshaded  adj.  not shaded.

             adj.  that cannot be shaken; firm, obstinate.  ЬЬunshakeability
             unshakeably adv.

   unshaken  adj.  not shaken.  ЬЬunshakenly adv.

   unshapely adj.  not shapely.  ЬЬunshapeliness n.

   unshared  adj.  not shared.

   unsharp   adj.  Photog.  not sharp.  ЬЬunsharpness n.

   unshaved  adj.  not shaved.

   unshaven  adj.  not shaved.

   unsheathe v.tr.  remove (a knife etc.) from a sheath.

   unshed    adj.  not shed.

   unshell   v.tr. (usu. as unshelled adj.) extract from its shell.

             adj.  not sheltered.

             adj.  not shielded or protected.

   unship    v.tr.  (unshipped, unshipping) 1 remove or discharge (a cargo or
             passenger) from a ship.  2 esp. Naut. remove (an object, esp. a
             mast or oar) from a fixed position.

             adj.  that cannot be shocked.  ЬЬunshockability n.  unshockably

   unshod    adj.  not wearing shoes.

   unshorn   adj.  not shorn.

             adj.  (of fabric etc.) not liable to shrink.  ЬЬunshrinkability

             adj.  unhesitating, fearless.  ЬЬunshrinkingly adv.

   unsighted adj.  1 not sighted or seen.  2 prevented from seeing, esp. by
             an obstruction.

   unsightly adj.  unpleasant to look at, ugly.  ЬЬunsightliness n.

   unsigned  adj.  not signed.

             adj.  unable to be sunk.  ЬЬunsinkability n.

             adj.  1 not made to a size.  2 not sorted by size.

             adj.  not treated with size.

   unskilful adj.  (US unskillful) not skilful.  ЬЬunskilfully adv.
             unskilfulness n.

   unskilled adj.  lacking or not needing special skill or training.

   unskimmed adj.  (of milk) not skimmed.

             adj.  (also unslakable) that cannot be slaked or quenched.

             adj.  not or never sleeping.  ЬЬunsleepingly adv.

   unsliced  adj.  (esp. of a loaf of bread when it is bought) not having
             been cut into slices.

   unsling   v.tr.  (past and past part.  unslung) free from being slung or

   unsmiling adj.  not smiling.  ЬЬunsmilingly adv.  unsmilingness n.

   unsmoked  adj.  1 not cured by smoking (unsmoked bacon).  2 not consumed
             by smoking (an unsmoked cigar).

   unsnarl   v.tr.  disentangle.  [UN-(2) + SNARL(2)]

             adj.  not sociable, disliking the company of others.
             ЬЬunsociability n.  unsociableness n.  unsociably adv.

   unsocial  adj.  1 not social; not suitable for, seeking, or conforming to
             society.  2 outside the normal working day (unsocial hours).  3
             antisocial.  ЬЬunsocially adv.

   unsoiled  adj.  not soiled or dirtied.

   unsold    adj.  not sold.

   unsolder  v.tr.  undo the soldering of.

             adj.  not soldierly.

             adj.  not asked for; given or done voluntarily.  ЬЬunsolicitedly

             adj.  that cannot be solved, insoluble.  ЬЬunsolvability n.
             unsolvableness n.

   unsolved  adj.  not solved.

             adj.  1 artless, simple, natural, ingenuous.  2 not adulterated
             or artificial.  ЬЬunsophisticatedly adv.  unsophisticatedness n.
             unsophistication n.

   unsorted  adj.  not sorted.

   unsought  adj.  1 not searched out or sought for.  2 unasked; without
             being requested.

   unsound   adj.  1 unhealthy, diseased.  2 rotten, weak.  3 a ill-founded,
             fallacious.  b unorthodox, heretical.  4 unreliable.  5 wicked.
             Ьof unsound mind insane.  ЬЬunsoundly adv.  unsoundness n.

             adj.  1 not uttered or pronounced.  2 not made to sound.

             adj.  unfathomed.

   unsoured  adj.  not soured.

   unsown    adj.  not sown.

   unsparing adj.  1 lavish, profuse.  2 merciless.  ЬЬunsparingly adv.
             unsparingness n.

             adj.  1 that cannot be expressed in words.  2 indescribably bad
             or objectionable.  ЬЬunspeakableness n.  unspeakably adv.

             adj.  not specialized.

             adj.  not specified.

             adj.  not spectacular; dull.  ЬЬunspectacularly adv.

   unspent   adj.  1 not expended or used.  2 not exhausted or used up.

   unspilled adj.  not spilt.

   unspilt   adj.  not spilt.

             adj.  not spiritual; earthly, worldly.  ЬЬunspirituality n.
             unspiritually adv.  unspiritualness n.

   unspoiled adj.  1 unspoilt.  2 not plundered.

   unspoilt  adj.  not spoilt.

   unspoken  adj.  1 not expressed in speech.  2 not uttered as speech.

             adj.  not sportsmanlike; not fair or generous.  ЬЬunsportingly
             adv.  unsportingness n.

             adj.  unsporting.

   unspotted adj.  1 a not marked with a spot or spots.  b morally pure.  2

   unsprung  adj.  not provided with a spring or springs; not resilient.

   unstable  adj.  (unstabler, unstablest) 1 not stable.  2 changeable.  3
             showing a tendency to sudden mental or emotional changes.
             Ьunstable equilibrium a state in which a body when disturbed
             tends to move farther from equilibrium.  ЬЬunstableness n.
             unstably adv.

   unstained adj.  not stained.

   unstamped adj.  1 not marked by stamping.  2 not having a stamp affixed.

             adj.  not starched.

   unstated  adj.  not stated or declared.

             adj.  not statesmanlike.

             adj.  contrary to a statute or statutes.  ЬЬunstatutably adv.

             adj.  not steadfast.

   unsteady  adj.  (unsteadier, unsteadiest) 1 not steady or firm.  2
             changeable, fluctuating.  3 not uniform or regular.
             ЬЬunsteadily adv.  unsteadiness n.

   unstick   v. & n.  --v.  (past and past part.  unstuck) 1 tr. separate (a
             thing stuck to another).  2 Aeron.  colloq.  a intr. take off.
             b tr. cause (an aircraft) to take off.  --n.  Aeron.  colloq.
             the moment of take-off.  Ьcome unstuck colloq.  come to grief,

   unstinted adj.  not stinted.  ЬЬunstintedly adv.

             adj.  ungrudging, lavish.  ЬЬunstintingly adv.

   unstirred adj.  not stirred.

   unstitch  v.tr.  undo the stitches of.

   unstop    v.tr.  (unstopped, unstopping) 1 free from obstruction.  2
             remove the stopper from.

             adj.  that cannot be stopped or prevented.  ЬЬunstoppability n.
             unstoppably adv.

   unstopper v.tr.  remove the stopper from.

             adj.  1 not subjected to straining or stretching.  2 not injured
             by overuse or excessive demands.  3 not forced or produced by
             effort.  4 not passed through a strainer.

   unstrap   v.tr.  (unstrapped, unstrapping) undo the strap or straps of.

             adj.  Brit.  (of schoolchildren) not arranged in streams.

             adj.  1 (of a word, syllable, etc.) not pronounced with stress.
             2 not subjected to stress.

   unstring  v.tr.  (past and past part.  unstrung) 1 remove or relax the
             string or strings of (a bow, harp, etc.).  2 remove from a
             string.  3 (esp. as unstrung adj.) unnerve.

             adj.  1 not structured.  2 informal.

   unstuck   past and past part. of UNSTICK.

   unstudied adj.  easy, natural, spontaneous.  ЬЬunstudiedly adv.

   unstuffed adj.  not stuffed.

   unstuffy  adj.  1 informal, casual.  2 not stuffy.

   unsubdued adj.  not subdued.

             adj.  not subjugated.

             adj.  having little or no solidity, reality, or factual basis.
             ЬЬunsubstantiality n.  unsubstantially adv.

             adj.  not substantiated.

   unsuccess n.  1 lack of success; failure.  2 an instance of this.

             adj.  not successful.  ЬЬunsuccessfully adv.  unsuccessfulness

   unsugared adj.  not sugared.

             adj.  not suggestive.

             adj.  not suitable.  ЬЬunsuitability n.  unsuitableness n.
             unsuitably adv.

   unsuited  adj.  1 (usu. foll. by for) not fit for a purpose.  2 (usu.
             foll. by to) not adapted.

   unsullied adj.  not sullied.

             adj.  not summoned.

   unsung    adj.  1 not celebrated in song; unknown.  2 not sung.

             adj.  not supervised.

             adj.  1 that cannot be endured.  2 indefensible.
             ЬЬunsupportably adv.

             adj.  not supported.  ЬЬunsupportedly adv.

   unsure    adj.  not sure.  ЬЬunsurely adv.  unsureness n.

             adj.  that cannot be surpassed.  ЬЬunsurpassably adv.

             adj.  not surpassed.

             adj.  not surprising.  ЬЬunsurprisingly adv.

             adj.  not susceptible.  ЬЬunsusceptibility n.

             adj.  not suspected.  ЬЬunsuspectedly adv.

             adj.  not suspecting.  ЬЬunsuspectingly adv.  unsuspectingness

             adj.  not suspicious.  ЬЬunsuspiciously adv.  unsuspiciousness

             adj.  not sustained.

   unswathe  v.tr.  free from being swathed.

   unswayed  adj.  uninfluenced, unaffected.

             adj.  not sweetened.

   unswept   adj.  not swept.

             adj.  1 steady, constant.  2 not turning aside.  ЬЬunswervingly

   unsworn   adj.  1 (of a person) not subjected to or bound by an oath.  2
             not confirmed by an oath.

             adj.  not symmetrical.  ЬЬunsymmetrically adv.

             adj.  not sympathetic.  ЬЬunsympathetically adv.

             adj.  not systematic.  ЬЬunsystematically adv.

   untack    v.tr.  detach, esp. by removing tacks.

   untainted adj.  not tainted.

             adj.  not talented.

             adj.  that cannot be tamed.

   untamed   adj.  not tamed, wild.

   untangle  v.tr.  1 free from a tangled state.  2 free from entanglement.

   untanned  adj.  not tanned.

   untapped  adj.  not (yet) tapped or wired (untapped resources).

             adj.  not tarnished.

   untasted  adj.  not tasted.

   untaught  adj.  1 not instructed by teaching; ignorant.  2 not acquired by
             teaching; natural, spontaneous.

   untaxed   adj.  not required to pay or not attracting taxes.

   unteach   v.tr.  (past and past part.  untaught) 1 cause (a person) to
             forget or discard previous knowledge.  2 remove from the mind
             (something known or taught) by different teaching.

             adj.  1 incapable of being instructed.  2 that cannot be
             imparted by teaching.

             adj.  that cannot be torn.

             adj.  not technical.  ЬЬuntechnically adv.

             adj.  (of metal etc.) not brought to the proper hardness or

   untenable adj.  not tenable; that cannot be defended.  ЬЬuntenability n.
             untenableness n.  untenably adv.

   untended  adj.  not tended; neglected.

   untested  adj.  not tested or proved.

   untether  v.tr.  release (an animal) from a tether.

             adj.  not tethered.

   unthanked adj.  not thanked.

             adj.  not thankful.  ЬЬunthankfully adv.  unthankfulness n.

             adj.  1 that cannot be imagined or grasped by the mind.  2
             colloq. highly unlikely or undesirable.  ЬЬunthinkability n.
             unthinkableness n.  unthinkably adv.

             adj.  1 thoughtless.  2 unintentional, inadvertent.
             ЬЬunthinkingly adv.  unthinkingness n.

   unthought adj.  (often foll. by of) not thought of.

             adj.  unthinking, unmindful; thoughtless.  ЬЬunthoughtfully adv.
             unthoughtfulness n.

   unthread  v.tr.  1 take the thread out of (a needle etc.).  2 find one's
             way out of (a maze).

   unthrifty adj.  1 wasteful, extravagant, prodigal.  2 not thriving or
             flourishing.  ЬЬunthriftily adv.  unthriftiness n.

   unthrone  v.tr.  dethrone.

   untidy    adj.  (untidier, untidiest) not neat or orderly.  ЬЬuntidily
             adv.  untidiness n.

   untie     v.tr.  (pres. part.  untying) 1 undo (a knot etc.).  2 unfasten
             the cords etc. of (a package etc.).  3 release from bonds or
             attachment.  [OE untigan (as UN-(2), TIE)]

   untied    adj.  not tied.

   until     prep. & conj.  = TILL(1).  °Used esp. when beginning a sentence
             and in formal style, e.g.  until you told me, I had no idea; he
             resided there until his decease.  [orig. northern ME untill f.
             ON und as far as + TILL(1)]

   untilled  adj.  not tilled.

   untimely  adj. & adv.  --adj.  1 inopportune.  2 (of death) premature.
             --adv.  archaic 1 inopportunely.  2 prematurely.  ЬЬuntimeliness

   untinged  adj.  not tinged.

   untiring  adj.  tireless.  ЬЬuntiringly adv.

   untitled  adj.  having no title.

   unto      prep.  archaic = TO prep.  (in all uses except as the sign of
             the infinitive); (do unto others; faithful unto death; take unto
             oneself).  [ME f.  UNTIL, with TO replacing northern TILL(1)]

   untold    adj.  1 not told.  2 not (able to be) counted or measured
             (untold misery).  [OE unteald (as UN-(1), TOLD)]

             adj. & n.  --adj. that may not or cannot be touched.  --n. a
             member of a hereditary Hindu group held to defile members of
             higher castes on contact.  °Use of the term, and social
             restrictions accompanying it, were declared illegal under the
             Indian constitution in 1949.  ЬЬuntouchability n.
             untouchableness n.

   untouched adj.  1 not touched.  2 not affected physically, not harmed,
             modified, used, or tasted.  3 not affected by emotion.  4 not

   untoward  adj.  1 inconvenient, unlucky.  2 awkward.  3 perverse,
             refractory.  4 unseemly.  ЬЬuntowardly adv.  untowardness n.

             adj.  that cannot be traced.  ЬЬuntraceably adv.

   untraced  adj.  not traced.

   untrained adj.  not trained.

             adj.  not trammelled, unhampered.

             adj.  not transferable.

             adj.  that cannot be translated satisfactorily.
             ЬЬuntranslatability n.  untranslatably adv.

             adj.  that cannot be transported.

             adj.  (US untraveled) 1 that has not travelled.  2 that has not
             been travelled over or through.

             adj.  (of a disease etc.) that cannot be treated.

   untreated adj.  not treated.

   untried   adj.  1 not tried or tested.  2 inexperienced.  3 not yet tried
             by a judge.

   untrodden adj.  not trodden, stepped on, or traversed.

             adj.  not troubled; calm, tranquil.

   untrue    adj.  1 not true, contrary to what is the fact.  2 (often foll.
             by to) not faithful or loyal.  3 deviating from an accepted
             standard.  ЬЬuntruly adv.  [OE untreowe etc. (as UN-(1), TRUE)]

   untruss   v.tr.  unfasten (a trussed fowl).

             adj.  not trustworthy.  ЬЬuntrustworthiness n.

   untruth   n.  (pl.  untruths) 1 the state of being untrue, falsehood.  2 a
             false statement (told me an untruth).  [OE untreowth etc. (as
             UN-(1), TRUTH)]

             adj.  not truthful.  ЬЬuntruthfully adv.  untruthfulness n.

   untuck    v.tr.  free (bedclothes etc.) from being tucked in or up.

   untunable adj.  (of a piano etc.) that cannot be tuned.

   untuned   adj.  1 not in tune, not made tuneful.  2 (of a radio receiver
             etc.) not tuned to any one frequency.  3 not in harmony or
             concord, disordered.

   untuneful adj.  not tuneful.  ЬЬuntunefully adv.  untunefulness n.

   unturned  adj.  1 not turned over, round, away, etc.  2 not shaped by

   untutored adj.  uneducated, untaught.

   untwine   v.tr. & intr.  untwist, unwind.

   untwist   v.tr. & intr.  open from a twisted or spiralled state.

   untying   pres. part. of UNTIE.

   unusable  adj.  not usable.

   unused    adj.  1 a not in use.  b never having been used.  2 (foll. by
             to) not accustomed.

   unusual   adj.  1 not usual.  2 exceptional, remarkable.  ЬЬunusually adv.
             unusualness n.

             adj.  inexpressible; beyond description (unutterable torment; an
             unutterable fool).  ЬЬunutterableness n.  unutterably adv.

   unuttered adj.  not uttered or expressed.

             adj.  not vaccinated.

   unvalued  adj.  1 not regarded as valuable.  2 not having been valued.

             adj.  not vanquished.

   unvaried  adj.  not varied.

             adj.  1 not varnished.  2 (of a statement or person) plain and
             straightforward (the unvarnished truth).

   unvarying adj.  not varying.  ЬЬunvaryingly adv.  unvaryingness n.

   unveil    v.  1 tr. remove a veil from.  2 tr. remove a covering from (a
             statue, plaque, etc.) as part of the ceremony of the first
             public display.  3 tr. disclose, reveal, make publicly known.  4
             intr. remove one's veil.

             adj.  1 not provided with a means of ventilation.  2 not

             adj.  that cannot be verified.

             adj.  not verified.

   unversed  adj.  (usu. foll. by in) not experienced or skilled.

   unviable  adj.  not viable.  ЬЬunviability n.

             adj.  not violated.

   unvisited adj.  not visited.

             adj.  not vitiated.

   unvoiced  adj.  1 not spoken.  2 Phonet. not voiced.

   unwaged   adj.  not receiving a wage; out of work.

   unwanted  adj.  not wanted.

   unwarlike adj.  not warlike.

   unwarmed  adj.  not warmed.

   unwarned  adj.  not warned or forewarned.

             adj.  indefensible, unjustifiable.  ЬЬunwarrantableness n.
             unwarrantably adv.

             adj.  1 unauthorized.  2 unjustified.

   unwary    adj.  1 not cautious.  2 (often foll. by of) not aware of
             possible danger etc.  ЬЬunwarily adv.  unwariness n.

   unwashed  adj.  1 not washed.  2 not usually washed or clean.  Ьthe great
             unwashed colloq.  the rabble.

   unwatched adj.  not watched.

             adj.  not watchful.

   unwatered adj.  not watered.

             adj.  not wavering.  ЬЬunwaveringly adv.

   unweaned  adj.  not weaned.

             adj.  that cannot be worn.

   unwearied adj.  1 not wearied or tired.  2 never becoming weary,
             indefatigable.  3 unremitting.  ЬЬunweariedly adv.
             unweariedness n.

   unweary   adj.  not weary.

             adj.  1 persistent.  2 not causing or producing weariness.
             ЬЬunwearyingly adv.

   unwed     adj.  unmarried.

   unwedded  adj.  unmarried.  ЬЬunweddedness n.

   unweeded  adj.  not cleared of weeds.

   unweighed adj.  1 not considered; hasty.  2 (of goods) not weighed.

   unwelcome adj.  not welcome or acceptable.  ЬЬunwelcomely adv.
             unwelcomeness n.

   unwell    adj.  1 not in good health; (somewhat) ill.  2 indisposed.

   unwept    adj.  1 not wept for.  2 (of tears) not wept.

   unwetted  adj.  not wetted.

   unwhipped adj.  1 not punished by or as by whipping.  2 Brit. not subject
             to a party whip.

             adj.  1 not promoting, or detrimental to, physical or moral
             health.  2 unhealthy, insalubrious.  3 unhealthy-looking.
             ЬЬunwholesomely adv.  unwholesomeness n.

   unwieldy  adj.  (unwieldier, unwieldiest) cumbersome, clumsy, or hard to
             manage, owing to size, shape, or weight.  ЬЬunwieldily adv.
             unwieldiness n.  [ME f.  UN-(1) + wieldy active (now dial.) f.

   unwilling adj.  not willing or inclined; reluctant.  ЬЬunwillingly adv.
             unwillingness n.  [OE unwillende (as UN-(1), WILLING)]

   unwind    v.  (past and past part.  unwound) 1 a tr. draw out (a thing
             that has been wound).  b intr. become drawn out after having
             been wound.  2 intr. & tr.  colloq. relax.

   unwinking adj.  1 not winking.  2 watchful, vigilant.  ЬЬunwinkingly adv.

             adj.  that cannot be won.

   unwisdom  n.  lack of wisdom, folly, imprudence.  [OE unwisdom (as UN-(1),

   unwise    adj.  1 foolish, imprudent.  2 injudicious.  ЬЬunwisely adv.
             [OE unwis (as UN-(1), WISE(1))]

   unwished  adj.  (usu. foll. by for) not wished for.

             adj.  not withered; still vigorous or fresh.

             adj.  not witnessed.

   unwitting adj.  1 unaware of the state of the case (an unwitting
             offender).  2 unintentional.  ЬЬunwittingly adv.  unwittingness
             n.  [OE unwitende (as UN-(1), WIT(2))]

   unwomanly adj.  not womanly; not befitting a woman.  ЬЬunwomanliness n.

   unwonted  adj.  not customary or usual.  ЬЬunwontedly adv.  unwontedness

   unwooded  adj.  not wooded, treeless.

             adj.  not workable; impracticable.  ЬЬunworkability n.
             unworkableness n.  unworkably adv.

   unworked  adj.  1 not wrought into shape.  2 not exploited or turned to

             adj.  badly done or made.

   unworldly adj.  1 spiritually-minded.  2 spiritual.  ЬЬunworldliness n.

   unworn    adj.  not worn or impaired by wear.

   unworried adj.  not worried; calm.

   unworthy  adj.  (unworthier, unworthiest) 1 (often foll. by of) not worthy
             or befitting the character of a person etc.  2 discreditable,
             unseemly.  3 contemptible, base.  ЬЬunworthily adv.
             unworthiness n.

             adj.  not wound or wound up.

             past and past part. of UNWIND.

   unwounded adj.  not wounded, unhurt.

   unwoven   adj.  not woven.

   unwrap    v.  (unwrapped, unwrapping) 1 tr. remove the wrapping from.  2
             tr. open or unfold.  3 intr. become unwrapped.

             adj.  free from wrinkles, smooth.

             adj.  that cannot be written.

   unwritten adj.  1 not written.  2 (of a law etc.) resting originally on
             custom or judicial decision, not on statute.

   unwrought adj.  (of metals) not hammered into shape or worked into a
             finished condition.

             adj.  1 not yielding to pressure etc.  2 firm, obstinate.
             ЬЬunyieldingly adv.  unyieldingness n.

   unyoke    v.  1 tr. release from a yoke.  2 intr. cease work.

   unzip     v.tr.  (unzipped, unzipping) unfasten the zip of.

15.0 up...

   up        adv., prep., adj., n., & v.  --adv.  1 at, in, or towards a
             higher place or position (jumped up in the air; what are they
             doing up there?).  2 to or in a place regarded as higher, esp.:
             a northwards (up in Scotland).  b Brit. towards a major city or
             a university (went up to London).  3 colloq. ahead etc. as
             indicated (went up front).  4 a to or in an erect position or
             condition (stood it up).  b to or in a prepared or required
             position (wound up the watch).  c in or into a condition of
             efficiency, activity, or progress (stirred up trouble; the house
             is up for sale; the hunt is up).  5 Brit. in a stronger or
             winning position or condition (our team was three goals up; am
             њ10 up on the transaction).  6 (of a computer) running and
             available for use.  7 to the place or time in question or where
             the speaker etc.  is (a child came up to me; went straight up to
             the door; has been fine up till now).  8 at or to a higher price
             or value (our costs are up; shares are up).  9 a completely or
             effectually (burn up; eat up; tear up; use up).  b more loudly
             or clearly (speak up).  10 in a state of completion; denoting
             the end of availability, supply, etc. (time is up).  11 into a
             compact, accumulated, or secure state (pack up; save up; tie
             up).  12 out of bed (are you up yet?).  13 (of the sun etc.)
             having risen.  14 happening, esp. unusually or unexpectedly
             (something is up).  15 taught or informed (is well up in
             French).  16 (usu. foll. by before) appearing for trial etc.
             (was up before the magistrate).  17 (of a road etc.) being
             repaired.  18 (of a jockey) in the saddle.  19 towards the
             source of a river.  20 inland.  21 (of the points etc. in a
             game): a registered on the scoreboard.  b forming the total
             score for the time being.  22 upstairs, esp. to bed (are you
             going up yet?).  23 (of a theatre-curtain) raised etc. to reveal
             the stage.  24 (as int.) get up.  25 (of a ship's helm) with
             rudder to leeward.  26 in rebellion.  --prep.  1 upwards along,
             through, or into (climbed up the ladder).  2 from the bottom to
             the top of.  3 along (walked up the road).  4 a at or in a
             higher part of (is situated up the street).  b towards the
             source of (a river).  --adj.  1 directed upwards (up stroke).  2
             Brit. of travel towards a capital or centre (the up train; the
             up platform).  3 (of beer etc.) effervescent, frothy.  --n. a
             spell of good fortune.  --v.  (upped, upping) 1 intr.  colloq.
             start up; begin abruptly to say or do something (upped and hit
             him).  2 intr. (foll. by with) raise; pick up (upped with his
             stick).  3 tr. increase or raise, esp. abruptly (upped all their
             prices).  Ьbe all up with be disastrous or hopeless for (a
             person).  on the up and up colloq.  1 Brit. steadily improving.
             2 esp.  US honest(ly); on the level.  something is up colloq.
             something unusual or undesirable is afoot or happening.  up
             against 1 close to.  2 in or into contact with.  3 colloq.
             confronted with (up against a problem).  up against it colloq.
             in great difficulties.  up-anchor Naut.  weigh anchor.  up and
             about (or doing) having risen from bed; active.  up-and-coming
             colloq.  (of a person) making good progress and likely to
             succeed.  up and down 1 to and fro (along).  2 in every
             direction.  3 colloq. in varying health or spirits.  up-and-over
             (of a door) opened by being raised and pushed back into a
             horizontal position.  up draught an upward draught, esp. in a
             chimney.  up for available for or being considered for (office
             etc.).  up hill and down dale up and down hills on an arduous
             journey.  up in arms see ARM(2).  up-market adj. & adv.  towards
             or relating to the dearer or more affluent sector of the market.
             up the pole see POLE(1).  ups and downs 1 rises and falls.  2
             alternate good and bad fortune.  up the spout see SPOUT.  up
             stage at or to the back of a theatre stage.  up sticks see
             STICK(1).  up-stroke a stroke made or written upwards.  up to 1
             until (up to the present).  2 not more than (you can have up to
             five).  3 less than or equal to (sums up to њ10).  4 incumbent
             on (it is up to you to say).  5 capable of or fit for (am not up
             to a long walk).  6 occupied or busy with (what have you been up
             to?).  up to date see DATE(1).  up to the mark see MARK(1).  up
             to the minute see MINUTE(1).  up to snuff see SNUFF(2).  up to
             one's tricks see TRICK.  up to a person's tricks see TRICK.  up
             with int.  expressing support for a stated person or thing.
             what's up?  colloq.  1 what is going on?  2 what is the matter?
             [OE up(p), uppe, rel. to OHG uf]

   up-       prefix in senses of UP, added: 1 as an adverb to verbs and
             verbal derivations, = 'upwards' (upcurved; update).  2 as a
             preposition to nouns forming adverbs and adjectives (up-country;
             uphill).  3 as an adjective to nouns (upland; up-stroke).  [OE
             up(p)-, = UP]

   Upanishad n.  each of a series of philosophical compositions concluding
             the exposition of the Vedas.  [Skr. f.  upa near + ni-sad sit

   upas      n.  1 (in full upas-tree) a a Javanese tree, Antiaris toxicaria,
             yielding a milky sap used as arrow-poison.  b Mythol. a Javanese
             tree thought to be fatal to whatever came near it.  c a
             pernicious influence, practice, etc.  2 the poisonous sap of
             upas and other trees.  [Malay upas poison]

   upbeat    n. & v.  --n. an unaccented beat in music.  --adj.  colloq.
             optimistic or cheerful.

   upbraid   v.tr.  (often foll. by with, for) chide or reproach (a person).
             ЬЬupbraiding n.  [OE upbredan (as UP-, bredan = bregdan BRAID in
             obs. sense 'brandish')]

             n.  the bringing up of a child; education.  [obs.  upbring to
             rear (as UP-, BRING)]

   upcast    n. & v.  --n.  1 the act of casting up; an upward throw.  2
             Mining a shaft through which air leaves a mine.  3 Geol. =
             UPTHROW.  --v.tr.  (past and past part.  upcast) cast up.

   upcoming  adj.  esp.  US forthcoming; about to happen.

             adv. & adj.  inland; towards the interior of a country.

   update    v. & n.  --v.tr.  bring up to date.  --n.  1 the act or an
             instance of updating.  2 an updated version; a set of updated
             information.  ЬЬupdater n.

   up-end    v.tr. & intr.  set or rise up on end.

   upfield   adv.  in or to a position nearer to the opponents' end of a
             football etc. field.

   upfold    n.  Geol.  an anticline.

   upfront   adv. & adj.  colloq.  --adv. (usu.  up front) 1 at the front; in
             front.  2 (of payments) in advance.  --adj.  1 honest, open,
             frank.  2 (of payments) made in advance.  3 at the front or most

   upgrade   v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 raise in rank etc.  2 improve (equipment,
             machinery, etc.) esp. by replacing components.  --n.  1 the act
             or an instance of upgrading.  2 an upgraded piece of equipment
             etc.  Ьon the upgrade 1 improving in health etc.  2 advancing,
             progressing.  ЬЬupgrader n.

   upgrowth  n.  the process or result of growing upwards.

   upheaval  n.  1 a violent or sudden change or disruption.  2 Geol. an
             upward displacement of part of the earth's crust.  3 the act or
             an instance of heaving up.

   upheave   v.  1 tr. heave or lift up, esp. forcibly.  2 intr. rise up.

   uphill    adv., adj., & n.  --adv.  in an ascending direction up a hill,
             slope, etc.  --adj.  1 sloping up; ascending.  2 arduous,
             difficult (an uphill task).  --n.  an upward slope.

   uphold    v.tr.  (past and past part.  upheld) 1 confirm or maintain (a
             decision etc., esp. of another).  2 give support or countenance
             to (a person, practice, etc.).  ЬЬupholder n.

   upholster v.tr.  1 provide (furniture) with upholstery.  2 furnish (a room
             etc.) with furniture, carpets, etc.  Ьwell-upholstered joc.  (of
             a person) fat.  [back-form. f.  UPHOLSTERER]

             n.  a person who upholsters furniture, esp. professionally.
             [obs.  upholster (n.) f.  UPHOLD (in obs. sense 'keep in
             repair') + -STER]

             n.  1 textile covering, padding, springs, etc., for furniture.
             2 an upholsterer's work.

   upkeep    n.  1 maintenance in good condition.  2 the cost or means of

   upland    n. & adj.  --n. the higher or inland parts of a country.  --adj.
             of or relating to these parts.

   uplift    v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 raise; lift up.  2 elevate or stimulate
             morally or spiritually.  --n.  1 the act or an instance of being
             raised.  2 Geol. the raising of part of the earth's surface.  3
             colloq. a morally or spiritually elevating influence.  4 support
             for the bust etc. from a garment.  ЬЬuplifter n.  uplifting adj.
             (esp. in sense 2 of v.).

   upmost    var. of UPPERMOST.

   upon      prep.  = ON.  °  Upon is sometimes more formal, and is preferred
             in once upon a time and upon my word, and in uses such as row
             upon row of seats and Christmas is almost upon us.  [ME f.  UP +
             ON prep., after ON upp  ]

   upper(1)  adj. & n.  --adj.  1 higher in place; situated above another
             part (the upper atmosphere; the upper lip).  2 higher in rank or
             dignity etc. (the upper class).  3 situated on higher ground
             (Upper Egypt).  --n. the part of a boot or shoe above the sole.
             Ьon one's uppers colloq.  extremely short of money.  upper case
             see CASE(2).  upper class the highest class of society, esp. the
             aristocracy.  upper-class adj.  of the upper class.  the upper
             crust colloq.  the aristocracy.  upper-cut n.  an upwards blow
             delivered with the arm bent.  --v.tr. hit with an upper-cut.
             the upper hand dominance or control.  Upper House the higher
             house in a legislature, esp. the House of Lords.  the upper
             regions 1 the sky.  2 heaven.  upper works the part of a ship
             that is above the water when fully laden.  [ME f.  UP + -ER(2)]

   upper(2)  n.  sl.  a stimulant drug, esp. an amphetamine.  [UP v. +

   uppermost adj. & adv.  --adj.  (also upmost) 1 highest in place or rank.
             2 predominant.  --adv. at or to the highest or most prominent

   uppish    adj.  esp.  Brit.  colloq.  self-assertive or arrogant.
             ЬЬuppishly adv.  uppishness n.

   uppity    adj.  colloq.  uppish, snobbish.  [fanciful f.  UP]

   upraise   v.tr.  raise to a higher level.

   upright   adj. & n.  --adj.  1 erect, vertical (an upright posture; stood
             upright).  2 (of a piano) with vertical strings.  3 (of a person
             or behaviour) righteous; strictly honourable or honest.  4 (of a
             picture, book, etc.) greater in height than breadth.  --n.  1 a
             post or rod fixed upright esp. as a structural support.  2 an
             upright piano.  ЬЬuprightly adv.  uprightness n.  [OE upriht (as
             UP, RIGHT)]

   uprise    v.intr.  (uprose, uprisen) rise (to a standing position, etc.).

   uprising  n.  a rebellion or revolt.

   uproar    n.  a tumult; a violent disturbance.  [Du.  oproer f.  op up +
             roer confusion, assoc. with ROAR]

             adj.  1 very noisy.  2 provoking loud laughter.  ЬЬuproariously
             adv.  uproariousness n.

   uproot    v.tr.  1 pull (a plant etc.) up from the ground.  2 displace (a
             person) from an accustomed location.  3 eradicate, destroy.
             ЬЬuprooter n.

   uprose    past of UPRISE.

   uprush    n.  an upward rush, esp.  Psychol. from the subconscious.

             var. of UPSY-DAISY.

   upset     v., n., & adj.  --v.  (upsetting; past and past part.  upset) 1
             tr. & intr. overturn or be overturned.  2 tr. disturb the
             composure or digestion of (was very upset by the news; ate
             something that upset me).  3 tr. disrupt.  4 tr. shorten and
             thicken (metal, esp. a tire) by hammering or pressure.  --n.  1
             a condition of upsetting or being upset (a stomach upset).  2 a
             surprising result in a game etc.  --adj.  disturbed (an upset
             stomach).  Ьupset price the lowest acceptable selling price of a
             property in an auction etc.; a reserve price.  ЬЬupsetter n.
             upsettingly adv.

   upshot    n.  the final or eventual outcome or conclusion.

   upside down
             adv. & adj.  --adv.  1 with the upper part where the lower part
             should be; in an inverted position.  2 in or into total disorder
             (everything was turned upside down).  --adj.  (also upside-down
             attrib.) that is positioned upside down; inverted.  Ьupside-down
             cake a sponge cake baked with fruit in a syrup at the bottom,
             and inverted for serving.  [ME, orig.  up so down, perh. = 'up
             as if down']

   upsides   adv.  Brit.  colloq. (foll. by with) equal with (a person) by
             revenge, retaliation, etc.  [upside = top part]

   upsilon   n.  the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet.  [Gk, = slender U
             f.  psilos slender, with ref. to its later coincidence in sound
             with Gk oi]

   upstage   adj., adv., & v.  --adj. & adv.  1 nearer the back of a theatre
             stage.  2 snobbish(ly).  --v.tr.  1 (of an actor) move upstage
             to make (another actor) face away from the audience.  2 divert
             attention from (a person) to oneself; outshine.

   upstairs  adv., adj., & n.  --adv.  to or on an upper floor.  --adj.
             (also upstair) situated upstairs.  --n.  an upper floor.

             adj.  1 standing up.  2 strong and healthy.  3 honest or

   upstart   n. & adj.  --n. a person who has risen suddenly to prominence,
             esp. one who behaves arrogantly.  --adj.  1 that is an upstart.
             2 of or characteristic of an upstart.

   upstate   n., adj., & adv.  US --n. part of a State remote from its large
             cities, esp. the northern part.  --adj. of or relating to this
             part.  --adv. in or to this part.  ЬЬupstater n.

   upstream  adv. & adj.  --adv. against the flow of a stream etc.  --adj.
             moving upstream.

   upsurge   n.  an upward surge; a rise (esp. in feelings etc.).

   upswept   adj.  1 (of the hair) combed to the top of the head.  2 curved
             or sloped upwards.

   upswing   n.  an upward movement or trend.

             int.  (also ups-a-daisy) expressing encouragement to a child who
             is being lifted or has fallen.  [earlier up-a-daisy: cf.

   uptake    n.  1 colloq. understanding; comprehension (esp.  quick or slow
             on the uptake).  2 the act or an instance of taking up.

   upthrow   n.  1 the act or an instance of throwing upwards.  2 Geol. an
             upward dislocation of strata.

   upthrust  n.  1 upward thrust, e.g. of a fluid on an immersed body.  2
             Geol. = UPHEAVAL.

   uptight   adj.  colloq.  1 nervously tense or angry.  2 US rigidly

   uptown    adj., adv., & n.  US --adj. of or in the residential part of a
             town or city.  --adv. in or into this part.  --n. this part.
             ЬЬuptowner n.

   upturn    n. & v.  --n.  1 an upward trend; an improvement.  2 an
             upheaval.  --v.tr.  turn up or upside down.

   UPU       abbr.  Universal Postal Union.

   upward    adv. & adj.  --adv.  (also upwards) towards what is higher,
             superior, larger in amount, more important, or earlier.  --adj.
             moving, extending, pointing, or leading upward.  Ьupwards of
             more than (found upwards of forty specimens).  [OE upweard(es)
             (as UP, -WARD)]

   upwardly  adv.  in an upward direction.  Ьupwardly mobile able or aspiring
             to advance socially or professionally.

   upwarp    n.  Geol.  a broad surface elevation; an anticline.

   upwind    adj. & adv.  against the direction of the wind.

16.0 ur...

   ur-       comb. form primitive, original, earliest.  [G]

   uracil    n.  Biochem.  a pyrimidine derivative found in living tissue as
             a component base of RNA.  [UREA + ACETIC]

   uraemia   n.  (US uremia) Med.  a morbid condition due to the presence in
             the blood of urinary matter normally eliminated by the kidneys.
             ЬЬuraemic adj.  [Gk ouron urine + haima blood]

   uraeus    n.  the sacred serpent as an emblem of power represented on the
             head-dress of Egyptian divinities and sovereigns.  [mod.L f. Gk
             ouraios, repr. the Egypt. word for 'cobra']

             n. & adj.  --n.  Philol. a family of Finno-Ugric, Turkic,
             Mongolian, and other agglutinative languages of N. Europe and
             Asia.  --adj.  1 of or relating to this family of languages.  2
             of or relating to the Ural and Altaic mountain ranges in the
             USSR and central Asia.

   uranium   n.  Chem.  a radioactive grey dense metallic element occurring
             naturally in pitchblende, and capable of nuclear fission and
             therefore used as a source of nuclear energy.  °Symb.: U.
             ЬЬuranic adj.  [mod.L, f.  URANUS: cf.  tellurium]

   urano-(1) comb. form the heavens.  [Gk ouranos heaven(s)]

   urano-(2) comb. form uranium.

             n.  the branch of astronomy concerned with describing and
             mapping the stars, planets, etc.  ЬЬuranographer n.
             uranographic adj.

   Uranus    n.  a planet discovered by Herschel in 1781, the outermost of
             the solar system except Neptune and Pluto.  [L f. Gk Ouranos
             heaven, Uranus, in Gk Mythol. the son of Gaea (Earth) and father
             of Kronos (Saturn), the Titans, etc.]

   urban     adj.  of, living in, or situated in a town or city (an urban
             population) (opp.  RURAL).  Ьurban district Brit.  hist.  a
             group of urban communities governed by an elected council.
             urban guerrilla a terrorist operating in an urban area.  urban
             renewal slum clearance and redevelopment in a city or town.
             urban sprawl the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.  [L
             urbanus f.  urbs urbis city]

   urbane    adj.  courteous; suave; elegant and refined in manner.
             ЬЬurbanely adv.  urbaneness n.  [F urbain or L urbanus: see

   urbanism  n.  1 urban character or way of life.  2 a study of urban life.
             ЬЬurbanist n.

   urbanite  n.  a dweller in a city or town.

   urbanity  n.  1 an urbane quality; refinement of manner.  2 urban life.
             [F urbanit‚ or L urbanitas (as URBAN)]

   urbanize  v.tr.  (also -ise) 1 make urban.  2 destroy the rural quality of
             (a district).  ЬЬurbanization n.  [F urbaniser (as URBAN)]

   urceolate adj.  Bot.  having the shape of a pitcher, with a large body and
             small mouth.  [L urceolus dimin. of urceus pitcher]

   urchin    n.  1 a mischievous child, esp. young and raggedly dressed.  2 =
             sea urchin.  3 archaic a a hedgehog.  b a goblin.  [ME hirchon,
             urcheon f. ONF herichon, OF heri‡on ult. f. L (h)ericius

   Urdu      n.  a language related to Hindi but with many Persian words, an
             official language of Pakistan and also used in India.  [Hind.
             (zaban i) urdu (language of the) camp, f. Pers.  urdu f. Turki
             ordu: see HORDE]

   -ure      suffix forming: 1 nouns of action or process (censure; closure;
             seizure).  2 nouns of result (creature; scripture).  3
             collective nouns (legislature; nature).  4 nouns of function
             (judicature; ligature).  [from or after OF -ure f. L -ura]

   urea      n.  Biochem.  a soluble colourless crystalline nitrogenous
             compound contained esp. in the urine of mammals.  ЬЬureal adj.
             [mod.L f. F ur‚e f. Gk ouron urine]

   uremia    US var. of URAEMIA.

   ureter    n.  the duct by which urine passes from the kidney to the
             bladder or cloaca.  ЬЬureteral adj.  ureteric adj.  ureteritis
             n.  [F uretЉre or mod.L ureter f. Gk oureter f.  oureo urinate]

   urethane  n.  Chem.  a crystalline amide, ethyl carbamate, used in
             plastics and paints.  [F ur‚thane (as UREA, ETHANE)]

   urethra   n.  (pl.  urethrae or urethras) the duct by which urine is
             discharged from the bladder.  ЬЬurethral adj.  urethritis n.
             [LL f. Gk ourethra (as URETER)]

   urge      v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 (often foll. by on) drive forcibly; impel;
             hasten (urged them on; urged the horses forward).  2 (often
             foll. by to + infin. or that + clause) encourage or entreat
             earnestly or persistently (urged them to go; urged them to
             action; urged that they should go).  3 (often foll. by on, upon)
             advocate (an action or argument etc.) pressingly or emphatically
             (to a person).  4 adduce forcefully as a reason or justification
             (urged the seriousness of the problem).  5 ply (a person etc.)
             hard with argument or entreaty.  --n.  1 an urging impulse or
             tendency.  2 a strong desire.  ЬЬurger n.  [L urgere press,

   urgent    adj.  1 requiring immediate action or attention (an urgent need
             for help).  2 importunate; earnest and persistent in demand.
             ЬЬurgency n.  urgently adv.  [ME f. F (as URGE)]

   URI       abbr.  upper respiratory infection.

   -uria     comb. form forming nouns denoting that a substance is (esp.
             excessively) present in the urine.  [mod.L f. Gk -ouria (as

   uric      adj.  of or relating to urine.  Ьuric acid a crystalline acid
             forming a constituent of urine.  [F urique (as URINE)]

   urinal    n.  1 a sanitary fitting, usu. against a wall, for men to
             urinate into.  2 a place or receptacle for urination.  [ME f. OF
             f. LL urinal neut. of urinalis (as URINE)]

             n.  (pl.  urinalyses) the chemical analysis of urine esp. for
             diagnostic purposes.

   urinary   adj.  1 of or relating to urine.  2 affecting or occurring in
             the urinary system (urinary diseases).

   urinate   v.intr.  discharge urine.  ЬЬurination n.  [med.L urinare (as

   urine     n.  a pale-yellow fluid secreted as waste from the blood by the
             kidneys, stored in the bladder, and discharged through the
             urethra.  ЬЬurinous adj.  [ME f. OF f. L urina]

   urn       n. & v.  --n.  1 a vase with a foot and usu. a rounded body,
             esp. for storing the ashes of the cremated dead or as a vessel
             or measure.  2 a large vessel with a tap, in which tea or coffee
             etc. is made or kept hot.  3 poet. anything in which a dead body
             or its remains are preserved, e.g. a grave.  --v.tr. enclose in
             an urn.  ЬЬurnful n.  (pl.  -fuls).  [ME f. L urna, rel. to
             urceus pitcher]

   uro-(1)   comb. form urine.  [Gk ouron urine]

   uro-(2)   comb. form tail.  [Gk oura tail]

   urochord  n.  the notochord of a tunicate.

   urodele   n.  any amphibian of the order Urodela, having a tail when in
             the adult form, including newts and salamanders.  [URO-(2) + Gk
             delos evident]

             adj.  of or relating to urinary and genital products or organs.

   urology   n.  the scientific study of the urinary system.  ЬЬurologic adj.
             urologist n.

   uropygium n.  the rump of a bird.  [med.L f. Gk ouropugion]

   uroscopy  n.  Med.  hist.  the examination of urine, esp. in diagnosis.

   Ursa Major
             n.  = the Great Bear (see BEAR(2)).  [L, = greater bear]

   Ursa Minor
             n.  = the Little Bear (see BEAR(2)).  [L, = lesser bear]

   ursine    adj.  of or like a bear.  [L ursinus f.  ursus bear]

   Ursuline  n. & adj.  --n. a nun of an order founded by St Angela in 1535
             for nursing the sick and teaching girls.  --adj. of or relating
             to this order.  [St Ursula, the founder's patron saint]

   urticaria n.  Med.  nettle-rash.  [mod.L f. L urtica nettle f.  urere

   urticate  v.tr.  sting like a nettle.  ЬЬurtication n.  [med.L urticare f.
             L urtica: see URTICARIA]

   urus      n.  = AUROCHS.  [L f. Gmc]

17.0 US...

   US        abbr.  1 United States (of America).  2 Under-Secretary.  3

   us        pron.  1 objective case of WE (they saw us).  2 colloq. = WE
             (it's us again).  3 colloq. = ME(1) (give us a kiss).  [OE us f.

   USA       abbr.  1 United States of America.  2 US United States Army.

   usable    adj.  that can be used.  ЬЬusability n.  usableness n.

   USAF      abbr.  United States Air Force.

   usage     n.  1 a manner of using or treating; treatment (damaged by rough
             usage).  2 habitual or customary practice, esp. as creating a
             right, obligation, or standard.  [ME f. OF f.  us USE n.]

   usance    n.  the time allowed by commercial usage for the payment of
             foreign bills of exchange.  [ME f. OF (as USE)]

   USDAW     abbr.  (in the UK) Union of Shop, Distributive, and Allied

   use       v. & n.  --v.tr.  1 cause to act or serve for a purpose; bring
             into service; avail oneself of (rarely uses the car; use your
             discretion).  2 treat (a person) in a specified manner (they
             used him shamefully).  3 exploit for one's own ends (they are
             just using you).  4 (in past; foll. by to + infin.) did or had
             in the past (but no longer) as a customary practice or state (I
             used to be an archaeologist; it used not (or did not use) to
             rain so often).  5 (as used adj.) second-hand.  6 (as used
             predic. adj.) (foll. by to) familiar by habit; accustomed (not
             used to hard work).  7 apply (a name or title etc.) to oneself.
             --n.  1 the act of using or the state of being used; application
             to a purpose (put it to good use; is in daily use; worn and
             polished with use).  2 the right or power of using (lost the use
             of my right arm).  3 a the ability to be used (a torch would be
             of use).  b the purpose for which a thing can be used (it's no
             use talking).  4 custom or usage (long use has reconciled me to
             it).  5 the characteristic ritual and liturgy of a church or
             diocese etc.  6 Law hist. the benefit or profit of lands, esp.
             in the possession of another who holds them solely for the
             beneficiary.  Ьcould use colloq.  would be glad to have; would
             be improved by having.  have no use for 1 be unable to find a
             use for.  2 dislike or be impatient with.  make use of 1 employ,
             apply.  2 benefit from.  use and wont established custom.  use a
             person's name quote a person as an authority or reference etc.
             use up 1 consume completely, use the whole of.  2 find a use for
             (something remaining).  3 exhaust or wear out e.g. with
             overwork.  [ME f. OF us, user, ult. f. L uti us- use]

   useful    adj.  1 a of use; serviceable.  b producing or able to produce
             good results (gave me some useful hints).  2 colloq. highly
             creditable or efficient (a useful performance).  Ьmake oneself
             useful perform useful services.  useful load the load carried by
             an aircraft etc. in addition to its own weight.  ЬЬusefully adv.
             usefulness n.

   useless   adj.  1 serving no purpose; unavailing (the contents were made
             useless by damp; protest is useless).  2 colloq. feeble or
             ineffectual (am useless at swimming).  ЬЬuselessly adv.
             uselessness n.

   user      n.  1 a person who uses (esp. a particular commodity or service,
             or a computer).  2 colloq. a drug addict.  3 Law the continued
             use or enjoyment of a right etc.  Ьright of user Law 1 a right
             to use.  2 a presumptive right arising from the user.
             user-friendly esp. Computing (of a machine or system) designed
             to be easy to use.

   usher     n. & v.  --n.  1 a person who shows people to their seats in a
             hall or theatre etc.  2 a doorkeeper at a court etc.  3 Brit. an
             officer walking before a person of rank.  4 archaic or joc. an
             assistant teacher.  --v.tr.  1 act as usher to.  2 (usu. foll.
             by in) announce or show in etc. (ushered us into the room;
             ushered in a new era).  ЬЬushership n.  [ME f. AF usser, OF
             uissier, var. of huissier f. med.L ustiarius for L ostiarius f.
             ostium door]

   usherette n.  a female usher esp. in a cinema.

   USM       abbr.  Stock Exch.  Unlisted Securities Market.

   USN       abbr.  United States Navy.

             n.  esp.  Ir. & Sc.  whisky.  [Ir. & Sc. Gael.  uisge beatha
             water of life: cf.  WHISKY]

   USS       abbr.  United States Ship.

   USSR      abbr.  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

   usual     adj.  1 such as commonly occurs, or is observed or done;
             customary, habitual (the usual formalities; it is usual to tip
             them; forgot my keys as usual).  2 (prec. by the, my, etc.)
             colloq. a person's usual drink etc.  ЬЬusually adv.  usualness
             n.  [ME f. OF usual, usuel or LL usualis (as USE)]

             n.  (also usucapion) (in Roman and Scots law) the acquisition of
             a title or right to property by uninterrupted and undisputed
             possession for a prescribed term.  [OF usucap(t)ion or L
             usucap(t)io f.  usucapere acquire by prescription f.  usu by use
             + capere capt- take]

   usufruct  n. & v.  --n. (in Roman and Scots law) the right of enjoying the
             use and advantages of another's property short of the
             destruction or waste of its substance.  --v.tr. hold in
             usufruct.  ЬЬusufructuary adj. & n.  [med.L usufructus f. L usus
             (et) fructus f.  usus USE + fructus FRUIT]

   usurer    n.  a person who practises usury.  [ME f. AF usurer, OF usureor
             f.  usure f. L usura: see USURY]

   usurious  adj.  of, involving, or practising usury.  ЬЬusuriously adv.

   usurp     v.  1 tr. seize or assume (a throne or power etc.) wrongfully.
             2 intr. (foll. by on, upon) encroach.  ЬЬusurpation n.  usurper
             n.  [ME f. OF usurper f. L usurpare seize for use]

   usury     n.  1 the act or practice of lending money at interest, esp.
             Law at an exorbitant rate.  2 interest at this rate.  Ьwith
             usury rhet. or poet.  with increased force etc.  [ME f. med.L
             usuria f. L usura (as USE)]

18.0 UT...

   UT        abbr.  1 universal time.  2 US Utah (in official postal use).

   ute       n.  Austral. & NZ sl.  a utility truck.  [abbr.]

   utensil   n.  an implement or vessel, esp. for domestic use (cooking
             utensils).  [ME f. OF utensile f. med.L, neut. of L utensilis
             usable (as USE)]

   uterine   adj.  1 of or relating to the uterus.  2 born of the same mother
             but not the same father (sister uterine).  [ME f. LL uterinus
             (as UTERUS)]

   uterus    n.  (pl.  uteri) the womb.  ЬЬuteritis n.  [L]

   utile     adj.  useful; having utility.  [ME f. OF f. L utilis f.  uti

             adj. & n.  --adj.  1 designed to be useful for a purpose rather
             than attractive; severely practical.  2 of utilitarianism.  --n.
             an adherent of utilitarianism.

             n.  1 the doctrine that actions are right if they are useful or
             for the benefit of a majority.  2 the doctrine that the greatest
             happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle
             of conduct.

   utility   n.  (pl.  -ies) 1 the condition of being useful or profitable.
             2 a useful thing.  3 = public utility.  4 (attrib.) a severely
             practical and standardized (utility furniture).  b made or
             serving for utility.  Ьutility room a room equipped with
             appliances for washing, ironing, and other domestic work.
             utility vehicle (or truck etc.) a vehicle capable of serving
             various functions.  [ME f. OF utilit‚ f. L utilitas -tatis (as

   utilize   v.tr.  (also -ise) make practical use of; turn to account; use
             effectively.  ЬЬutilizable adj.  utilization n.  utilizer n.  [F
             utiliser f. It.  utilizzare (as UTILE)]

   -ution    suffix forming nouns, = -ATION (solution).  [F f. L -utio]

   utmost    adj. & n.  furthest, extreme, or greatest (the utmost limits;
             showed the utmost reluctance).  --n. (prec. by the) the utmost
             point or degree etc.  Ьdo one's utmost do all that one can.  [OE
             ut(e)mest (as OUT, -MOST)]

   Utopia    n.  an imagined perfect place or state of things.  [title of a
             book (1516) by Thomas More: mod.L f. Gk ou not + topos place]

   Utopian   adj. & n. (also utopian) --adj. characteristic of Utopia;
             idealistic.  --n. an idealistic reformer.  ЬЬUtopianism n.

   utricle   n.  a small cell or sac in an animal or plant, esp. one in the
             inner ear.  ЬЬutricular adj.  [F utricule or L utriculus dimin.
             of uter leather bag]

   utter(1)  attrib.adj.  complete, total, absolute (utter misery; saw the
             utter absurdity of it).  ЬЬutterly adv.  utterness n.  [OE
             utera, uttra, compar. adj. f.  ut OUT: cf.  OUTER]

   utter(2)  v.tr.  1 emit audibly (uttered a startled cry).  2 express in
             spoken or written words.  3 Law put (esp. forged money) into
             circulation.  ЬЬutterable adj.  utterer n.  [ME f. MDu.  uteren
             make known, assim. to UTTER(1)]

   utterance n.  1 the act or an instance of uttering.  2 a thing spoken.  3
             a the power of speaking.  b a manner of speaking.  4 Linguistics
             an uninterrupted chain of spoken or written words not
             necessarily corresponding to a single or complete grammatical

   uttermost adj.  furthest, extreme.

   U-turn    n.  1 the turning of a vehicle in a U-shaped course so as to
             face in the opposite direction.  2 a reversal of policy.

19.0 UV...

   UV        abbr.  ultraviolet.

   uvea      n.  the pigmented layer of the eye, lying beneath the outer
             layer.  [med.L f. L uva grape]

   uvula     n.  (pl.  uvulae) 1 a fleshy extension of the soft palate
             hanging above the throat.  2 a similar process in the bladder or
             cerebellum.  [ME f. LL, dimin. of L uva grape]

   uvular    adj. & n.  --adj.  1 of or relating to the uvula.  2 articulated
             with the back of the tongue and the uvula, as in r in French.
             --n. a uvular consonant.

20.0 uxorial...

   uxorial   adj.  of or relating to a wife.

   uxoricide n.  1 the killing of one's wife.  2 a person who does this.
             ЬЬuxoricidal adj.  [L uxor wife + -CIDE]

   uxorious  adj.  1 greatly or excessively fond of one's wife.  2 (of
             behaviour etc.) showing such fondness.  ЬЬuxoriously adv.
             uxoriousness n.  [L uxoriosus f.  uxor wife]

21.0 Uzbek...

   Uzbek     n.  (also Uzbeg) 1 a member of a Turkic people living mainly in
             Uzbekistan in the USSR.  2 the language of this people.  [Uzbek]


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